Diary of the Watterson � Episode 45

Loveswept to you


Loveswept to you


By: Ariel Mirabel



Scarlett ran into her room and fell on her bed, crying her eyes out. She sat up, hiccuping loudly when she heard her door open.

“Who’s it?” She asked.

The person walked closer, revealing Jayce.

“Scar, what’s wrong? Why the tears?” Jayce cupped her cheek, wiping off her tears.

Scarlett looked down and hugged her knees. Jayce went and sat down next to her..

“It’s Raymond” Scarlett muttered.

Jayce sighed.

“Mom told me about him. Why don’t you just forget about him, he doesn’t deserve your tears..” Jayce frowned.

“You can’t understand. I love him so damn much..” Scarlett said.

Jayce frowned..

“So you’ll continue suffering like this for who knows when right?” Jayce asked.

Scarlett just shrugged. Jayce sighed and pulled her closer for a hug..

? ? ? ? ?

A week later, Ingrid’s hospital**

“Slowly…slowly..” Angelo said as Melody took slow steps out of her ward.

He released her and she began shaking on her spot and almost fell but Angelo caught her.

“Feels weird walking again.. After so many weeks sitting on that bed” Melody chuckled.

Angelo just smiled and brushed her hair behind her ear. Melody pouted and looked away, frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Angelo asked.

“You haven’t even kissed me for like three days” Melody said.

Angelo chuckled..

“Thought you said you wanted me to go to school. How was I possibly going to kiss when I come back late” Angelo said.

Melody rolled her eyes and pushed him off. She slowly began walking away.


“C’mon babe!”

“Wait up!”

Angelo called walking behind her. He caught her wrist and turned her to him before slamming his lips against her right there, not caring about the eyes that looked at them.

He broke the kiss for a while and smiled when he saw her blush.

“Happy now..” He asked.

Melody smiled and hugged him. He hugged her back.

“Come let’s go back to your ward so you can change. Mrs Parker and my mom are coming soon so they can discharge you from hospital” He said.

“Finally! I’ll be able to go back home…yay!!”

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

“Stop that!!” Scarlett hit Jayce’s arm playfully.

“Stop that!!” Jayce mimicked her, making Scarlett laugh.

Scarlett looked behind and smiled when she saw Stephanie discussing with Nathan and laughing.

“Seems like Steph is catching feelings for that hot dude” Jayce said, hanging his hand on Scarlett’s shoulder.

“Hot dude… Don’t tell you’re a g-”


Scarlett laughed loudly as they both walked out of the company.

Opposite the company stood a black car with black tinted windows. The window was swiped down, revealing Raymond.

He furrowed his brows as he stared at the guy that was holding Scarlett’s shoulder. He frowned when he saw that Scarlett laughed at what he said.

“Who’s he?” Raymond asked the driver..

“I don’t know sir, this is my first time seeing him” The driver replied.

Raymond looked at him one last time before winding the window up. He slowly drove off..

Jayce watched as the car drove off. He has been noticing that car was following Scarlett these days.

“So where should we go next?” Jayce asked Scarlett.

“Need to meet up with my best friend,, Lucy in few minutes. Bye!” Scarlett pecked his cheek and entered her car, she drove off.

Jayce smiled. At least she’s not that sad like last week.. Jayce turned and began going to Stephanie and Nathan, to disturb them..

? ? ? ? ?

Mimi’s restaurant**

“You’re fo�lish! St�pid! In fact you’re a m�ron! How could you!” Lucy scolded Raymond who was looking at his left side.

Well Lucy asked him to come over. Looks like she hears that he ended the marriage with Scarlett.

“I told you not hurt her and you went ahead and shattered her… @sswipe!” Lucy yelled.

“I know I’m all what you just said but what do you expect me to do?! I don’t want her to end up like Aurora” Raymond said and picked up his glad of wine then sipped on it.

“I can’t let her get closer to me when I don’t even know who k�lled Aurora. What if the person strikes again” Raymond said.

Lucy leaned on her seat too.

“Now I understand your point, you need to at least explain things to her. Think she’ll even be here in few minutes” Lucy said.

“Wait what!” Raymond exclaimed.

Lucy just smiled innocently.

? Look it’s Miss Watterson
? Heard she divorced Mr Donovan
? That’s sad I really loved their couple.

Scarlett ignored the comments. Well she was used to it ever since the news of her and Raymond went public.

She smiled when she saw Lucy sitting on a table with a man she could only see the back.

“Hey Lucy!” Scarlett waved with a smile.

Her smile fell when the man turned to her. It was none other than Raymond..

“All you need to do is protect her with all you have. You both deserve to happy and there’s no happiness without risk… Beside you can’t change fate Raymond. If fate says she’ll d�e then you can’t stop no matter how much you shun her away you can’t change it… sh00t your shot bro” Lucy whispered to Raymond as he stared at Scarlett.

? ? ? ? ?

“That’s it!” Jackson said to Monica who kept posing for her pictures.

Once she was through she walked to Jackson with a smile on her face.

“High five!” Jackson said.

“High five” Monica slapped his palms.

“Can’t believe I’ll feature for the first time in a magazine!” Monica squealed.

“I’m happy for you” Jackson smiled.

“Thanks” Monica replied.

“So you’re no longer mad at me right?” Jackson said.

“I’ll think about it” Monica shrugged and made to leave for the dressing room but Jackson caught her wrist.

She turned to him.

“Uhm Monica… I’m sorry about how I treated you years ago. It wasn’t cool at all..” Jackson said, looking down.

“It’s cool. I’ve forgiven you and Tara though I doubt she has..” Monica sighed.

“You really have a heart of gold” Jackson said, patting her hair.

“And the cuteness of a baby bunny” Monica winked and left

Jackson just chuckled.

Skye and Tara were standing at the entrance, watching them.

“I told you, you have no hopes…” Tara said

Skye hissed and walked away. Tara smirked and crossed her arms under her b**bs.

? ? ? ? ?

Mimi’s restaurant**

“We need to talk…” Raymond said when he got to Scarlett.

“What if I don’t want to talk” Scarlett rolled eyes.

“You’ll still talk anyways” Raymond caught her arm and pulled her away

“Let me go!” Scarlett snapped but he paid deaf ears.

“Raymond I’m warning you, let me go!” Scarlett said.

Raymond released her and pinned her against the wall. He just stared at her, somehow he feels really happy seeing her this close after a full week.

Scarlett on the other hand glared at him. She was angry, angry at herself. No matter how hard she tries, her heart keeps beating fast when she’s close to him.

“What do-”

“Who’s that guy I saw you with earlier?” Raymond asked.

“What’s your business in it. Just let me go Raymond” Scarlett said.

“Who’s he?”

“What?! Are you jealous?” Scarlett snapped.

“Yes” Raymond replied plainly.

Scarlett gasped lightly, feeling speechless..

He looked at those red tempting lips of hers and that made him bring up his hand to her lips, caressing it.

“I can’t stand the sight of another guy being close to you. I don’t like seeing you smiling at any other guy and seeing another guy touching you, that gives me gun in my head” Raymond said..

Scarlett just stared at him.

Raymond released her lips and now went for her cheek. He gently rubbed her cheek.

“I miss you… God and I knows how lonely I feel these days without you at home. There’s no longer a reason that makes me come home early, no reason to smile…nothing at all” Raymond said sadly.

“You.. You miss me?” Scarlett stuttered.

Raymond simply nodded.

“I’m sorry… I h�te saying sorry but ever since I met you, the word became natural to me. I’m sorry for everything, sorry for kissing you last time, I was drunk. Sorry for hurting your feelings, sorry for making you cry.. I’m sorry”

Scarlett swallowed nothing. She just felt like she was dreaming..

“In my whole life, I’m scared of two things. I’m scared of loosing what is left of my family… And I’m scared of loosing you” Raymond said.

“I don’t want to loose you just like Aurora, I won’t be able to survive it again… That’s why I decided to go for a divorce, at least you’re safe and sound but that’s not just it…”

Scarlett just stared at him in surprise. Raymond has never talked this much before since she knew.

“This past week made me realize that without knowing, you became part of my family. A family I can’t let go…”

Scarlett looked down trying not to blush. Raymond lifted her head up by the chin.

“I know I ain’t perfect, I can sometimes be a jerk and an id�ot but I promise that I won’t let anything happen to you… I’ll protect you with my life Scarlett” Raymond said with a serious look on his face as he stared intently at Scarlett who mirrored his stare.

“Scarlett, I.. I love you”

Scarlett’s eyes widened and won’t refuse. Her heart beating just multiplied upon hearing those words

“Let’s start back afresh. Scarlett, will you be my girlfriend?”

Scarlett was at the verge of fainting…



  1. Awnnn…. Raymond finally admitted his love and confess it to Scarlett. I pray his enemy won't strike again, though I believe he will be ready for them this time
    Next please

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