Diary of the Watterson – Episode 72

Loveswept To You


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel


✿❀ ❀✿

They both gasped at the same time…

Blood slowly gushed out of Jayce’s mouth. Stephanie plunged the knife deeper into his stomach..

“I’m sorry big brother…” Stephanie said in tears.

Jayce looked at her with wide eyes. He slowly fell on the ground with the knife still stuck on his tummy.

Stephanie raised his head and placed it on her thigh, rubbing his cheek as tears streamed down her cheek..

“Steph… Stephanie… Sis” Jayce stuttered..

“You’ve suffered a lot big brother… It must have really been heartbreaking watching our parents díe…” Stephanie cried..

Jayce smiled weakly and raised his hand to her cheek.

“I love you sis… And tell Scarlett…that I’m sorry… and I love her too,…her and our family…” Jayce said and coughed out blood.

“I’m happy you didn’t turn out to be like me” he said weakly.

“I love you too brother” Stephanie said and kissed his forehead.

Jayce smiled and closed his eyes. His hands dropped down to his side.

Stephanie closed her eyes as she teared up loudly. Her body shook in tears as she hugged his body…

“Love… Hang in there, help is coming…” Scarlett cried as she rubbed Raymond’s cheek.

Raymond smiled and rubbed her cheek..

“If I don’t make it alive, I’m happy I fulfilled my promise… You didnt get hurt” Raymond smiled weakly.

“No,, you’ll make it… We need you Raymond” Scarlett said.

Soon the sound of the ambulance was heard.. Raymond coughed as more blood oozed out of his wound..

He slowly closed his eyes..

“Love? Love!! Love no!! Raymond!! Ray!!” Scarlett screamed.

Raymond’s men took her away from him as they carried him down.. Jayce’s body was also taken away..

“Raymond!!!” Scarlett screamed in tears.

Stephanie just came and hugged her, rubbing her back. She hugged her bag as they both cried in each other’s arms.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

The Kendall’s**

“No!! He can’t be déath…” Tony said in shock as she watched the news.

“I need to get out of here”

She immediately stood up from her seat and went to her room. She packed all the necessary things in a huge suitcase which she dragged downstairs.

Suddenly the door of her house was kicked open and four police men came in. They pointed their guns at Tony..

Tara and Jackson came in afterwards..

“You’re under arrest for associating with Jayce Watterson aka the masked man… You have the right to remain quiet and if you don’t have a lawyer, the law will provide one for you” The cop said as they handcuffed her.

“What? Tara? You ratted out on me?” Tony said when she saw Tara.

“It’s for your own good sis” Tara said sadly.

Well immediately they heard the news, Tara and Jackson headed to the police station and Tara told them all what she knew

“No?!! Let me go!! How could you Tara?? After all what I did for you… I hate you!!! Dàmn you!!” She ranted as she was being dragged out of the house.

Tara immediately bursted into fits of tears. Jackson sighed and pulled her in for a warm hug..

“Its okay…” He comforted her.

“My sister hàtes me…” Tara cried.

“You did what was right… It’s alright” Jackson said soothingly..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Ingrid’s Hospital**

Scarlett sat down on a seat, deep in thoughts. She rubbed her tummy as she fought back her tears.

“Scar…” A voice called.

Scarlett looked up to see it was Angelo and her family.

“Bro..” Scarlett teared up and rushed to hug him.

“We heard about everything.. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” Angelo rubbed her back..

Nathan went to Stephanie and hugged her tightly. He kissed her forehead afterwards.

“It was for the better love,,” Nathan muttered and Stephanie nodded..

Julia just stood aside, crying silently. Arnold came to her

“My love, is it a crime to be kind.. Was it a crime that we adopted Jayce and Stephanie in the first place?” Julia asked.

“Don’t say that my love. Everything happens for a reason..” Arnold said and kissed her forehead.

Few moments later, the doctor came out of operating room. Scarlett immediately stood up..

“Doc… How’s he fairing?” She asked.

“Well if you brought him here just few minutes late, we could have lost him. Thankfully, the bullets were extracted from his body and he’s currently being transfused with blood since he lost so much” The doctor said.

Scarlett fell back on her seat in relief.. The others looked really relieved too..

“Thank goodness”

“Can we see him?” Scarlett asked but the doctor shook his head.

“He needs to rest. You can see him when he wakes up” He said.

“Okay doc. Thank you so much…”

“Now, can you go back home and freshen up…” Angelo asked her.

Scarlett nodded and left with Stephanie..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Hours Later**

Raymond’s eyes flew open and he gasped loudly. He found himself staring at the white ceiling..

“Where I’m I?” He whispered and made to sit up but pain gripped him so he laid back down.

He looked to his side and smiled when he saw Scarlett. She placed her head on the bed as she slept soundly.

“I’m alive” He muttered and brought his hands to Scarlett’s head, he began patting it while smiling fondly.

Looks like they were in the middle of the night…

He didn’t sleep a wink during the night. What he did was stroking Scarlett’s hair as he watched her sleep.


Scarlett slowly opened her eyes and sat up, rubbing her eyes as she yawned. She looked at Raymond and sighed when she saw he was unconscious.

Scarlett took his hand and kissed it.

“Wake up already love… I and the baby need you” She pouted and kissed his hand again.

“Baby?” Raymond’s eyes immediately flew open.

“Love!!” Scarlett said shockingly but happily.

“You’re awake!!” She smiled so wide..

“Did you say baby? Which baby?” Raymond asked.

Scarlett smiled and took his hand then kissed it again.

“Yeah… I was waiting to the perfect time to tell you that but guess the surprise is ruined” Scarlett said and took his hand and placed it on her stomach..

“There’s a cute baby or babies living in here… Three weeks old” Scarlett said.

Raymond stared at her in shock, feeling speechless.

“I was feeling not well last week so I went for some tests and I was tested positive for pregnancy” Scarlett said..

“Wait… You aren’t kidding?” Raymond said and Scarlett.

“Oh f*ck!!!” He exclaimed and made to sit up again but pain gripped him.

“Careful…” Scarlett said and helped him sit up.

“You… You are pregnant? There’s a life living in there?” Raymond pointed at her tummy.

“Yeah” Scarlett chuckled.

Raymond pulled her in for a hug. He made her sit on his thigh..

“Careful… You’re wounded” Scarlett chuckled..

He broke the hug and cupped her cheek, kissing her face all round.

“Raymond…” Scarlett laughed..

“Thank you… Thank you my love… Thank you!!” Raymond said and kissed her forehead.

Scarlett smiled widely.. She’s never seen him this happy before and it also made her happy.

“I promise as soon as I get out of this hospital I’ll pet you like a baby. I’ll be the best father of the world… I promise” Raymond said, smiling widely.

Scarlett cupped his cheek

“I know you will…” She smiled.

“Finally all the nights I spent f*cking you wasn’t in vain. I thought my waist will bend but I pushed forward making sure I hit that womb so that…”

“Ray!! Gosh!!” Scarlett his his stomach.


“Sorry… But you deserve it” Scarlett said.

Raymond smiled and rubbed her cheek.

“I love you” He said affectionately.

“I love you too” She replied.

She closed her eyes as their lips met in the sweetest way.

The door to their ward opened and Angelo smiled at what he saw.

“You see I told you that they will be kissing” Angelo said to Melody who laughed lightly.

“Bro, you just escaped from the churns of déath.. Calm down” Nathan laughed.

Raymond broke the kiss and faced him..

“I didn’t kiss those lips for like more than 5 hours do you know how it feels?” Raymond frowned.

Scarlett got down his thigh..

“Careful… Don’t hurt the baby” Raymond said.

“I’m fine… Besides you’re the one hurt here” Scarlett chuckled..

“Baby? Is it what I’m thinking?” Stephanie said already smiling.

“Yeah.. We’re expecting a baby soon” Raymond said.

“Gosh!!” Stephanie exclaimed happily..

“You seem more happy today” Scarlett said.

“Well she just needed some good f*cking to be back on her feet” Nathan said.

“Nathan!!” Stephanie said.

The rest laughed..

“Thank goodness mom and dad didnt come with us… Hearing these unholy words would have traumatized them” Angelo said and intertwined his hands with Melody’s.

“Says the non virgin boy. He tasted p**sy and he thinks he’s a man… You’re still our baby bro” Scarlett smirked.

They began mocking him..

“What did I ever do to you guys…” Angelo said loudly.


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