The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 14

�I will make sure that the culprit get locked behind bars� Eric gritted

�That�.might be a bad idea, you know. Fighting for a girl who doesn�t belong to you� A voice said huskily, as its presence freeze the temperature of the room. Shaking to his bones, Eric sighted the owner of the voice.

A figure of a man, which looks more like a shadow; with a huge muscular body and fierce eyes, standing just beside the window. He moved side by side with a mighty aura, as the whole light went off, causing the house to be pitched dark. Only his fierce eyes which held fury, stating danger as it sparkles, could be seen in the darkness. With shaky voice, Eric asked

�Who are you, and what do you want from me� He stated in fright, as a long shiver ran down his spine.

�You have what I want�I don�t need to introduce myself� the figure said, walking steadily to face Eric until they were just an inch away from each other. Eric�s legs seem glued to the floor, he couldn�t find himself running or moving at all

�What do you want from me� Eric screamed trying to break loose from the spiritual grip which seem futile

�Hahhahha� The figure laughed, causing different objects to ooze in the air. First, it was the TV which came crashing on the floor, the couch followed, shifting to different direction. The light flickers as the electrical wires sparks, causing a transparent fog.

Other items came floating in the air from the bedroom and kitchen; clothes, shoes, plates, cups, knives, pots cam clattering on the floor, causing a big mess.

A mighty wind blew from nowhere, as papers from documents littered the whole floor. He kept on laughing with a loud voice as more items came, hitting Eric. He screamed as he couldn�t take it any longer.

�No, leave me alone� he yelled as a heavy stool came his direction and hit him heavily on his head. He fell down to the floor, losing consciousness

�Bring back Elizabeth to me��.she is mine�.� It yelled and vanished into this air.

Everywhere became calm immediately it left, except for the damages.

Eric groans as he tried to move his body but ended up falling back. He hissed loudly in pains as he drifts into unconsciousness. Black out


�Elizabeth will be fine okay, just take this, it might help calm your nerves� Dominick said, handling a cup of tea to Cassandra as they sat in the dining room. She collected it and took a sip of it.

�Huuhnn� she coughed while Dominick chuckled at her expression
�What�s this� she asked �It�s hot�
�It�s ginger tea, I added a little sugar just to make it sweet� he said

�Thank you� she muttered staring at him as she takes another sip
�So how do you feel now� he smiled
�I feel better� she mumbled while he nodded

�I�m glad you are fine now� he smiled as butterflies tingle in her stomach. This is the first time she will see him smile this close, it makes him look cute. But why does she feel this way around him?� She thought
�So are you ready to sleep now or you�..wanna stay here a bit� he asked

�Ermmm, I wanna stay her for a while� she said, he nodded
�Cassie�I�don�t know why you decided to come with me, but can you tell me why you do not wanna go home� he asked

�I will feel bored, well I can�t stay alone too� she mumbled
�Are you scared� he teased

�Hey stop that, I�m not scared of staying alone� she muttered trying to control the blush which was already showing on her cheek

�Well you need to rest now, let me take you to the guest room���.

After walking for about a mile they both decided to stop and rest. Tired from running and escaping death, with pains all over their body as it aches from thorns which pierced them while they were running� they struggled to find a suitable place to sir and rest.

�Hahhhaaahaha� Dave laughed hilariously
�Why are you laughing� Dorothy asked trying to catch her breathe

�That was one hell of a race, thank God I didn�t get eaten by that animal� Dave chuckled

�Remember that we are still in the wood, how sure are you that we are gonna get outta here alive. We are really far away from home you know, this place is dangerous. God I wanna go home� Dorothy pouted and sobs

�Hey, we are gonna get out of here alive, okay, trust me� He said softly as she nodded and cleaned her tears

�Fine let�s get a suitable place to rest for the night, it will be dawn soon, this part of the forest is a bit scary� he stated, taking hand and pulling her up from the ground

Stepping out of a mystic cave, Eliza found herself in n environment, beyond human imagination. The temperature is bit cool and the weather seems cloudy, with a thick fog beneath her feet.

�Hello, can anybody hear me� she yelled as her voice echoed countless times

�Oh Gosh, where am I� she thought, trying hard to recollect the past events, but all seem futile.

�Welcome to the spiritual world darling, it�s been a while� Nena smirk coming out from nowhere. Her dressing seems different from the normal priestess cloths she puts on. She was wearing a white long shapeless gown, with colourful embroidery, looking younger than before.

Most times, Eliza wonders if this is truly her grandmother, she hasn�t age a bit. Many people in her village see her as a witch who feeds on human blood to look younger. But now that she is dead, why is her soul not groaning in hell? Eliza thought

�Nena, why am I here� Eliza snarled
�Nena?? Huh� Nena scoff �You now feel like its right to call me by my name, what happened to �grandmother�� she snapped

�You don�t deserve being called a grandmother, you are a witch� Eliza resorted

�Ha..hahahahaha, you have finally grown wings. Fine, let�s see how strong you will be now that you are no longer in your human form. Remember that this is my world� she smiles, throwing her hands into the air

�What do you mean by that, hunh, what human form� Eliza grimace
�Oh, don�t tell me you can�t remember, wait and see� she said mumbling some incantations and immediately a projector appeared from nowhere, displaying the events that happened at the party and how she was taken to the hospital.

�No, this can�t be true��I�m not dead��.� Eliza yelled, gnashing her teeth

�Foolish girl, so arrogant, you chose to follow your mother�s footstep, but you will always be my pet. I want you to meet someone; I will take my leave now.� She muttered and vanished into thin air, before Eliza could blink her eyes.

Still dazed at the sudden disappearance, she turned briskly to go the other direction, but stopped abruptly, seeing a figure, standing at her front, with his back facing her. She couldn�t see his face at first, until he turned to faced her; a young man, who seem to be in his late twenties.

That is just his facial look, in the spirit world; he is about two hundred years. Gazing intently at him, she noticed a mark, more like a scar; running down from his right eye towards his chin.

His eyes held fury, blazing out like a flame. His body features are incomparable, a well built structure, with flawless skin.

He stared at her for a while, walking steadily towards her. His aura caused her to shiver, and the more he comes closer, the more scared she becomes.

She can�t believe she is standing in front of her worse enemy, the man, who wishes to take her a bride and make her his priestess, serving him from the shrine, becoming a mouthpiece between him and his people; the god of her father�s village; Oruka, the oracle.

�A beautiful damsel, but arrogant and disobedient� Oruka said, gazing at her

�What do you want from me, haven�t you had enough� she spat
�Still rebellious? Remember that you are my bride to be, I choose you before you were born. You are mine, you belong to no one else, and not even that shameless lad you call a boyfriend� He yelled boiling with rage

�Eric is the only one I love; I will forever belong to him, not a wizard like you�

�Oh�let�s see about that. I believe that when you see his corpse, you will learn to keep your mouth shut and do whatever I say� he muttered huskily and vanished, leaving her to wander about



This spirit won’t leave Eliza alone


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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