Mafia Queen – Chapter 60



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 60

Daniella p.o.v

“Can we stay in separate rooms? ” I asked him.

He raised his eyebrows,

“Do you really hate me that much, Daniella?”

“No. I just need space Damien. If you truly have changed, you won’t see this as a difficult task. I just want to have my own privacy…I ….”

“It’s fine. Okay. I will move my things to the guest room,are you happy now?”

I nodded.

“Fine, what will you eat….?”

*Time Skip*

It was almost 10:00 p.m., as I saw the time in the alarm clock on my bedside table, when I heard a knock on my door.

I got up from bed, grabbed a robe and wore it before opening the door.

A bomb exploded right where I stood when I learned who was in the other side!

“Hi, baby” he spoke softly as he leaned the right side of his head on the door frame.

His eyes were somewhat sleepy but you couldn’t deny the fact that his facial features, though tired and exhausted, would always be remarkable at all times. I couldn’t help my gaze to land on his delicately curved lips.

What on earth did he want this time?

Knowing that I was wearing only a night dress underneath, I tightly wrapped the robe around my body. I raised a brow at him.

“Damien,what do you want? It’s ten o’clock.”

He batted his eyelashes before he spoke out, almost hoarsely,

“I can’t sleep.”


“You can’t sleep that’s why you’re standing here before me?” I said.

Wearing navy blue sweat pants and a gray tank top tonight, he flaunted his arm muscles as he leaned his right arm on the door frame. I couldn’t help but glance at those sinewy muscles.

His eyes were fixed on my face for a while, then they travelled their movement to my chest, down to my arms that were tightly wrapped around my body.

“My heart’s aching,” he said, breathing heavily, as he stared back to my eyes.


I eyed him confusedly.

He then patted his left chest softly with his right fist.

“Here, I can’t breath,” he whispered, almost choking.


He was staging a melodramatic show.

“Well, I think what you need right now is a doctor. Unfortunately, I’m not a doctor,” I expressed sarcastically.

What kind of ache was he referring to?

Did he really have a heart illness that he needed to consult to a doctor?

Anyway, I never bothered to ask him.

I just wanted him to go away or else…

“Now, shoo! I’m about to sleep.” I tried to get a grip of the doorknob to shut the door right before his face.

Probably sensing that I was about to close the door, he quickly placed a foot in between the door and the frame which prevented me to shut it.


I got even more irritated with what he did.

“You are really one hell of a freaking annoya—”

I wasn’t able to finish what I was to say for Damien instantly gripped my chin and muttered, also in an irritated tone,

“I can’t sleep because I can’t help thinking that you’re only a room away from me. ”

As he spoke, his breathing reached my nostrils and I was certain that it smelled like he had a drink.

Had he really been drinking?


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