Mafia Queen – Chapter 44



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 44

“Hello?” she whispered into the phone.

“Hi, who is speaking?” the voice answered back.

“It’s Daniella Jason,” she replied.

“Daniella Jason,” he exclaimed,

“Damien’s forced bride.”

“That’s right,” she replied distastefully.

“I was waiting for your call,” he said.

“I was starting to think you would never contact me.”

“Sorry, I’ve been trying to find a day where he would leave me alone in the condo. Turns out he’s been keeping a close eye on me since we met. He’s only been able to trust me to be here by myself for today since it’s been a couple of weeks.”

“He didn’t like us meeting?” he mused.

“He really didn’t,” she muttered.

“He didn’t do anything bad to you, did he?” he asked concerned.

“No, no. I’m fine,” she assured.

“Good, then let’s get right to it. Firstly, let’s get you out of there. Nothing worse than being stuck with someone who has basically kidnapped you,” he mumbled.

“You mean leave?” she uttered surprised.

“Unless you want to stay.”

“No!” she suddenly shouted.

“I’ve had enough being here.”

Daniella waited for a few seconds before she heard him talking once more.

“Then, let me come pick you up in about half an hour. Could you get ready by then?”

Daniella bit her lip and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Of course.”

Daniella quickly ended the call, not before sending Ryan the address, and ran towards her room where she took out a duffle bag stashed deep into the closet.

She grabbed the nearest clothes she could find and opened drawers to retrieve anything she may have needed.

Of course, she was reluctant by his sudden proposal to pick her up; she hardly knew the guy. But she would rather leave now than any minute later.

No sooner than later, she heard the doorbell ring throughout the halls of the home.

Whipping her heads towards the door, she quickly walked up to the front door and looked through the peephole to see Ryan standing outside.

She smiled and opened it to see him look at her relieved.

“Thank you for coming,” she said grateful.

He smiled at her,

“No worries. Now let’s get you out of here. We can sort out all the formalities once he’s out of the way.”

She quickly nodded and headed back inside to get her bags and timidly followed Ryan down the corridors of the condo and down the building where his Jeep was parked at the front.

“You must be quite a wealthy man,” she commented, as they walked towards it.

He chuckled and opened the door on her side before running over to the other side and getting in.

“It’s not that much,” he replied modestly.

She shook her head with slight amusement before he started the car and drove off.

Silently, she glanced back at the condo, looking up towards where damien’s place was.

It was funny that she even she had the nerve to stay that long with someone she clearly didn’t like. But she reassured herself– it wasn’t on purpose, she was forced to stay.

“Are you regretting it?” he asked glancing towards her.

She shook her head fervently.

“Of course not. I’m happy I’m gone from that prison,” she huffed defiantly.

He grinned in reply.

“Look, I know you were probably freaked out by how sudden I’m acting but I can tell you that being with him for any longer would have been detrimental,” he said.

She glanced out the window and clenched her fists.

“I know,” she whispered.

“Good. Because from here on out he’s only going to get worse when he finds out you’re gone. You just need to focus on what’s in front of you from now on,” he encouraged.

She gave a light smile as a reply before letting out a deep breath.




  1. Ate you sure you are doing the right thing and also you need to take your parent away from Damien's hospital immediately

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