Mafia Queen – Chapter 59



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 59

“I’ve booked a reservation at the Rooftop Restaurant at six tonight,” Damien said.

Daniella looked at the clock while lying on the couch; it was already 5pm.

She had just been hazily staring into nothing for the past hour and she had been repeating this routine for nearly two weeks.

Get up.


Lie down.



Then repeat.

“Daniella,” he called out.

Daniella turned over from her position to face the back of the couch.

Her knees were nested around her chest and her hands were scrunched up in front of her.

“You should start getting ready. There is a formal dress code,” he instructed.

Daniella closed her eyes and clenched her jaw.

“I’m not going,” she whispered.

“Daniella, speak up. I can’t hear you when you’re huddled behind the couch,” he said aloud.

She slowly got up from the couch and looked over in his direction, repeating herself once more.

“I’m not going,” she stated.

Damien paused, then he put down the newspaper and lifted his eyes towards her.

“You haven’t been out in two weeks,” he replied sternly.

“Before, you were begging to leave the house and now you don’t.”

She scrunched her eyebrows together and dug her face into a pillow.

“I don’t feel like eating,” she replied, lying back down onto the couch.

Damien frowned and got up from his seat. He walked his way over to her and leaned over the couch, shadowing her resting body.

“You’ve been saying that the whole day. You need to eat,” he affirmed.

Daniella stayed silent and continued to bury her face into the pillow.

She was more or so hoping that she would drown in it and fall asleep.

“Look, I’ll cancel the dinner but you need to eat something. I haven’t seen you eat more than a piece of toast and two muesli bars today,” he gruffed.

Daniella soon heard Damien phone the restaurant to cancel their reservation. She took a deep breath in and gradually rolled from the couch to the floor where she shakily stood up onto her feet.

She wasn’t being stubborn. She just really didn’t feel like eating. She had been feeling nauseous all day.

“I’ll cook something up for us,” Damien said after the phone call.

“Tell me what you want to eat.” His unsteady breathing also seemed to be in sync with mine until he faced me once again.


Daniella p.o.v

“I’m sor…ry…” he pronounced those words, so heavily in his breath, like everything depended on that statement.


For what?

For k!lling our baby? Or for everything he did to me?

Damien, the person who didn’t believe in sorries, said sorry to me?

God, this was the very first time ever.

“I’m sorry for everything, Daniella,” he said holding my forearms this time.

I clenched my fists as he touched me.

“I know you hate me very, very much. I know I’ve been really mean and vexatious to you since we’ve known each other, but I’ll make it all up to you.”

“Are you saying you’re sorry? The great Mason Damien is saying sorry? Whatever happens to believing that faults can’t be scraped out by sorries?” I said sarcastically as I tried to get out from the couch.

Quickly, Damien grabbed my body by his hands.

“Keep still. You haven’t healed yet,” he reminded me as his arms encircled my waistline.

He was still sitting at my side.

I immediately felt goosebumps all over my body when I felt his arms around me.

“Stop all of these, Damien. After everything you have done tell me, how you expect me to believe you are sorry? How you have treated me, how you r@p�d me, how you k!lled our child ?” I asked him as I tried to unlock his arms from my waist.

Everything really felt so awkward.

He was, however, determined not to let me go.

He remained firm at my side, much more his arms around me.

“I didn’t k!ll our child on purpose Daniella, believe me. I did it for you, I did it for us. ”

I scoffed.

He did it for me?


“To let you know that I will change, Daniella Please, tell me what I should do for you to accept me…” He pressed his forehead on mine, making our noses touch each other.

His breathing was tickling my mouth.

Accept him?



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