Mafia Queen – Chapter 31



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 31

Daniella sighed while sitting at the kitchen bench. It’s been a little over there months since she’s been here and she has yet to see her family.

The last she saw them was when she left with Damien to come live with him but since then, there’s been no contact from them.

She found it strange at first. She would have liked to think her parents were somewhat worried about her and tried to call her but she hasn’t received any phone calls from them whatsoever.

She wasn’t able to call them either as whenever she did, the phone service would say that they were not available.

“You’re up early,” she heard Damien say from behind.

She glanced in his direction and stretched her arms before getting off the kitchen stool.

“I just woke up earlier than usual,” she replied, washing her now-empty mug.

“Couldn’t sleep?” he asked, putting a piece of bread in the toaster.

She wiped her hands and replied,

“Not really.”

He hummed and placed the freshly toasted bread onto a plate and covered it in marmalade before taking a bite.

“I have to go soon for an early meeting so I’ll see you later tonight for dinner,” he rushed as he walked over to the door, adjusting his cuffs.

She went over to the couch before sitting down and turning on the news. On it, they were talking about a family crisis that happened abroad. It suddenly made Daniella think about her own family.

“Damien,” she called out.

Damien, who was fixing up his tie, looked up at her curiously.

“What’s wrong?”

Daniella glanced over in his direction,

“Can I visit my parents?”

He visibly froze.

He let go of his tie and looked over at her who was staring intensely at the photo of the family on the screen.

“No,” he replied bluntly.

Daniella whipped her eyes at him and frowned.

“Why not?”

“Because I said so,” he huffed.

“That’s your reason?” she scoffed.

Damien sighed before grabbing his keys,

“Look Daniella, let’s not fight about this right now.”

Daniella creased her eyebrows in frustration before walking over to the kitchen.

“You won’t even let me see my blood relatives,” she murmured.

Damien looked over at her and frowned.

He didn’t like when she was sad. He slowly walked over to her and hugged her from behind.

“There was a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to right? I’ll take you there after I finish work,” he negotiated.

“Whatever, I don’t feel like going.”

Damien made a conflicted face and sighed,

“I’ll see you after work, alright? You can invite Marie over if you’re bored. Just don’t go out with her, okay?”

Daniella stood at the kitchen while Damien finally left. She stood there gripping the edge of the kitchen sink.

A few minutes after Damien left, she took out her phone and messaged Marie to come over.

> are you free right now?

>> yeah, why?

> do you want to come over?

She waited for a few seconds before Marie replied.

>> ill be right there ;)

Daniella smiled and casually waited until she heard the doorbell ring. She got up quickly and ran to the door before opening it to see Marie with a white paper bag in her hand.

“Come in, come in. I’m glad you were free or else I would have been bored to d��th,” Daniella joked.

Marie grinned and held up the bag in her hand before handing it over to her.

“What’s this?” She asked, inspecting it.

“Just some macarons I got downtown. They were having this huge opening sale so I got a sample of all their flavours,” she explained.

She awed as she saw all the brightly coloured macarons. As soon as she opened the packet, she could already smell the strong flavours of each one.

“What flavour is your favourite?” Marie asked while taking out the macarons and placing them on a plate.

“Strawberry,” she replied enthusiastically.

Marie smiled at her and handed her the pink macaron.

She excitingly put it in her mouth and instantly tasted the sweetness.

She hummed in delight.

It was crunchy on the outside but the inside melted on her tongue.

“These are really good,” she exclaimed brightly.

“I know, right?” Marie said while chewing on the blueberry macaron.

The two girls ended on the couch just casually talking for the next hour or so while they finished all the macarons.

Although Daniella wanted to contribute more to the conversation, she felt as though she was limited in things she could talk about.

Really, she didn’t have much to say because she was always stuck at home.

The only thing she could really talk about were movies that she watched or the news that she heard on the T.V.

“Have you done anything lately?” she asked Marie.

Marie scratched her head and leant back on the couch before sighing.

“Well, recently I got a boyfriend,” she said nonchalantly.

Daniella ears perked up and leaned in closer,


Marie laughed lowly and shook her head,

“He’s not that amazing. I didn’t even know the guy until he came up to me one day and asked to go out cause he thought I was pretty.”

She widened her eyes impressed,

“Wow, no wonder though, you are really pretty.”

Marie chuckled,

“Thanks, but anyways. How about you? I haven’t heard anything about your love life lately. Got anything to say?”


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