Mafia Queen – Chapter 58



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 58

“Mr Damien?” a doctor called out.

He turned towards the sound of his name being called and found one of the doctors, who performed the ab0rtion, waking towards him.

“Doctor,” he replied.

The doctor gave a slight nod before stopping in front of Damien with a clipboard in hand.

“I was needing to talk to you,” the doctor said to him.

“Before you say anything, I’d like to thank your efforts for going through with my demands,” Damien thanked.

“Oh, no worries. You’ve been a great a contribution to the development and sponsorship of many medical research labs that have helped many patients. We owe it to you,” the doctor replied bashfully.

“No worries. I just hope the GPS tracker was successful,” he pressed.

The doctor nodded frantically.

“Of course, sir. It’s been surgically implanted into her upper arm and should be undetectable by her,” he said.

Damien gave a nod of approval.

“Good. Then, you’ve been needing to see me? What seems to be the problem?” Damien asked intrigued.

The doctor fidgeted before glancing at Daniella’s room.

“Maybe we should talk in my office,” the doctor suggested.

Damien moved his gaze towards Daniella’s room before glancing back at the doctor and sighing.

“Let’s go.”

The doctor began to guide Damien along the rooms of the hospital to the other side of the ward before entering through a dark oak door that seemed a little more fancy than the hospital rooms.

“Then please have a seat,” the doctor offered.

Damien took it upon himself to sit in the large black leather couch in front of the doctors desk where the doctor sat behind.

After a few seconds of silent waiting, Damien sat back and crossed his arms.

“So?” he pressed impatiently.

The doctor flinched.

“A-Are you by any chance looking to have another child soon, Mr Damien?” the doctor asked.

Damien tilted his head and frowned.

“I certainly plan to,” he stated confidently.

“Is there a problem with that?”

The doctor froze and moved his leg a little to readjust himself.

“Well,” he started,

“after the termination, I had the nurses conduct some tests to check for her health, as per normal,” he began.

Damien rose his eyebrows and folded his arms.

“Right. And?”

The doctor slowly breathed in.

“And we found that your wife might have a hard time conceiving the next time,” he explained.

Damien squinted his eyes at the doctor.

“What do you mean?” he asked darkly.

The doctor started to sweat a little under his coat as tiny droplets of swear started to form around his forehead.

“It’s nothing serious. It’s just that her fertility rate is lower than average and the effects of the ab0rtion can also influence her. She can still become pregnant. The chances are just smaller,” he quickly explained.

“But she successfully got pregnant the first time we had s3x?” Damien asked suspiciously.

“I believe you were just lucky,” the doctor commented.

“Anyways, it’s nothing to worry about. If anything,
it could make your bond stronger. The result of conceiving after numerous attempts often become even more of a joy.”

Damien slowly unfolded his legs and rested his hands on his knees.

He then lifted his head back and stared at the ceiling while humming to himself in self-thought.

It would be true. It would mean they would have to have s�x more often but that also meant he needed the cooperation of Daniella.

He immediately knew that it was going to be hard since she just recently suffered a loss.

Still, he wanted her to have his child already.

They had already been married for almost a year and he needed her to have his baby.

He wanted to solidify his complete control over her already.

If she had his child, she would be bound to him forever.

He shuddered at the thought and made a smirk. He quite liked that idea.

“What I could suggest is an IVF,” the doctor interrupted.

Damien quickly snapped out of his thoughts and glared.

The doctor jumped,

“Or not. Then maybe if you want to take care of her mental health first, you could ask for a surrogate mother–”

Damien’s glare intensified with a scowl marring his face.

“I’m not letting some wh0re getting in the way of our marriage,” he spat.

Damien growled just thinking about letting another woman besides Daniella into their intimate life. It ultimately led him to kick the trash can next him, spewing garbage onto the floor.

The doctor shut his mouth immediately after and stared wide eyed at the mess made in front of him though couldn’t say anything.

“Uh,” the doctor murmured nervously.

Damien sighed out frustratingly and combed his hand through his hair before kissing his teeth.

“It’s fine,” he suddenly murmured into the air.

“I’ll make it work.”

Damien quickly stood up from his seat and walked away from the doctor who watched him with worried eyes.

‘She just needs a little persuasion,’ he thought to himself.


  1. This man is so annoying I just wish Daniella will stand up to him already. Somebody should pls stand up to him. Can u imagine him planting a tracker inside of her.. metchewww

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