Diary of the Watterson � Episode 33

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel




Before Scarlett could finish her statement, he brought his face closer to hers and pressed his lips softly on hers.

Scarlett’s eyes bulged out in shock.

Raymond broke the kiss when he felt he wasn’t responding to it. He stared at her intently with his lips slightly parted. He brushed away some strand of her hair from her face.

Scarlett just stared at his face without blinking. The reason why he granted her all her wishes still remained unknown to her.

Without thinking, Scarlett wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him again. Raymond kissed her back, rubbing her cheek in the process.

They broke the kiss after some few minutes. Scarlett looked down, feeling so embarrassed.

“Thanks for granting my wishes” She muttered.

“Don’t thank me yet. I still have two more wish to grant” Raymond said, rubbing her cheek.

“You have beautiful eyes” He said.

Scarlett blushed and smiled.

“Thanks” Scarlett said.

“Let’s go home before you catch a cold” Raymond said.

She nodded and they walked away under the rain. Well they were completely wet so it won’t change anything.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Mel! C’mon, let’s finish this homework” Angelo said.

“I love this hoodie, it’s mine!” Melody said, rummaging through his wardrobe.

Angelo sighed and stood up. He carried Melody away from the wardrobe and placed her on the chair.

“You can have all the clothes in my wardrobe but for now let’s do this assignment” Angelo said.

“Well only if you sing for me” Melody said.

“C’mon Mel…” Angelo groaned.

“Well since you don’t want then…” Melody stood up and went to the window. She opened it and watched as the rain poured down heavily.

Angelo stood beside her and hung his hand around her shoulder.

“Tell me, why do you love frustrating me like this. You’re so stubborn” Angelo said and poked his cheek.

“It’s not my fault…” Melody said.

“I love you this way” Angelo said.

Melody looked at him before looking away.

“You saying that word sounds weird…” She said.

“I’m just saying out mind. You said I’m too uptight and serious” Angelo said.

“I like you this way” Melody smiled.

“Only like?”

“Angelo…” Melody said.

Angelo chuckled..

“Was just kidding.”


Looks like Jackson struck a deal with the rain so that it spoiled Monica’s date.

Monica looked at the time and it was 7pm. She sighed and looked out of the window and the rain was still pouring heavily. Monica sighed and walked back in her room.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

“Scarlett!” Emelda exclaimed when Scarlett entered the mansion with Raymond, both completely wet.

“Oh my! You two are so wet. You’re gonna catch cold..” Emelda said worriedly.

Scarlett smiled.

“Don’t worry grandma, I’m tolerant to cold” Scarlett said as Emelda touched her forehead.

“We’ll go upstairs to change. Nadia bring our dinner to my room” Raymond said.

Nadia nodded and walked away.

“Goodnight grandma” Scarlett said and walked away.

Raymond opened the door to his room before turning to Scarlett. She was about to open the door to her room.

“What you trying to do?” Raymond asked.

Scarlett slowly turned back to him.

“Go in my room…duh!” Scarlett rolled her eyes.

“Get in, we’re sleeping together today” Raymond said.

“Huh?” Scarlett exclaimed.

“Yeah, I still have two wishes to fulfill remember?” Raymond said.

“Uh, it’s not appropriate” Scarlett said.

“It’s not appropriate for a man to sleep in the same room with his wife? C’mon are you entering or I’m coming to your room” Raymond said.

Scarlett looked at him and sighed. She slowly walked in his room.

Raymond got in too and closed the door. He walked to his wardrobe while removing his jacket and shirt, leaving him shirtless.

He brought out a towel from his wardrobe and handed it to Scarlett. She took it, trying as much as possible not to stare at his bare chest before entering the bathroom.

Scarlett took a warm and relaxing shower. She furrowed her brows when she remember she had nothing to wear in his room.

The door to bathroom slightly opened. Scarlett shrieked and covered her body with the towel.

Raymond’s hand peeped in. He placed a cloth on the floor before closing back the door.

“He’s a gentleman” Scarlett smiled.

She dried her body with the towel before picking up the cloth. She smiled widely when she noticed it was one of his shirt.

“One of my wish…” Scarlett smiled.

She put on the shirt before coming out the bathroom.

“Oh my goodness…” Scarlett quickly turned her back to Raymond when she saw he was just in a towel.

“Quit acting like you have never seen this body before. You even touched it last night and…”

“Stop! Lalalalallalallala!” Scarlett blocked her ears while chanting.

Raymond smiled slightly and grabbed her wrist, turning her to himself. Scarlett gaspedbas she crashed on his chest.

He looked at her from head to toe and smirked.

“You look hot in my shirt” He said.

Scarlett blushed and looked away.

“Make sure you return it. Thats my favorite shirt…” Raymond added.

Scarlett pushed him away while frowning.

“You really know how to ruin romantic moments” Scarlett scoffed.

Raymond chuckled for the first time before going in the bathroom to have his bath.

Scarlett sat down on the bed, feeling bored when Raymond’s phone began ringing. She curiously looked at it and frowned when she saw it was Luna.

“She’s that brat that boldly came over here for Raymond” Scarlett thought.

Without thinking, she picked up the call.

“Babe! Thank goodness you finally picked your calls. I’ve been calling you for two good weeks but you snubbed me… What did I do wrong baby? If it’s because of the other time, I’m sorry. You know I really miss you and the way you make me feel. I so much miss your mighty d*ck yunno” Luna blurted out all in one

Scarlett just kept quiet, fuming in anger and maybe…jealousy. She folded her fists tightly..

“Babe? Ray? C’mon talk to me please?”

“The next time you call husband again I’ll make sure to subtract something from your body. You psychotic b*tchy sl*t!!” Scarlett spatted and hung up.

She immediately blocked her number and deleted it from Raymond’s phone before keeping it back.

A knock came up on the door and she went to get it.

“Ma’am, your dinner” Nadia said.

“Thanks” Scarlett took the tray from Nadia.

She placed it on the bed and sat down then began eating, not waiting to Raymond.

Few minutes later, Raymond got out of the bathroom wearing a short while drying up his hair with the towel.

Immediately Scarlett saw him, she rolled eyes and scoffed before continuing to eat her meal.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Raymond asked, sitting on the bed.

Scarlett scoffed and looked away, ignoring him.

“I just asked you a question”

“Was hungry, are you blind?” Scarlett scoffed…

Raymond furrowed his brows..

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.. Stop asking me silly questions, go ask Luna. Maybe she’ll listen to you and perhaps suck your d*ck or go all d�ggy” Scarlett rolled eyes.

“Huh?” Raymond said in confusion. He slowly began assembling the puzzle and smirked, she’s jealous…

“Are you sure you want me to go meet Luna?” Raymond asked.

“Yeah after all that’s where you find joy” Scarlett rolled her eyes.

“Okay, I’ll go there tomorrow” Raymond said and began eating with her.

“What?!” Scarlett exclaimed.

“Yeah, you said I should go meet her right” Raymond smirked.

Scarlett bit her lower lips and looked away while frowning. Once they finished eating, Scarlett covered herself with the duvet and faced the other side.

Raymond did some few works on his laptop before joining her on bed. Scarlett quickly closed her eyes when she felt him climb the bed.

Raymond laid on bed, looking at her with an amused smile on his lips. It’s been barely a week and she already fell for him, up to a point of being jealous… Nice.

He gently snaked his arm round her waist and snuggled closer to her. Scarlett’s eyes snapped open.

“What are you doing?” She asked without turning to him.

“Fulfilling your last wish, snuggling to sleep with…the person you love” Raymond said, hesitating to say the last part.

Scarlett bit her lips. Is it that obvious that she’s beginning to like him? Or love him?

Scarlett turned to him and stared intently at his eyes. She slowly brought her hands to his cheek.

“Raymond?” Scarlett called and Raymond hummed in reply.

“About that Luna girl, I don’t like her. Can you please stop seeing her.. I know you two have something together so-”

“I stopped every affairs I had with her the day I got married to you. I can have all the bad attitude of the world but I’m not a cheat, I won’t cheat on you despite the condition that brought us together and despite the fact that,,, I don’t love you.” Raymond whispered the last phrase.

Scarlett immediately looked down, the last part kinds hurt her.

“If you don’t want me to see her, I won’t… Promise” He said.

Scarlett smiled and nodded. She hugged him and snuggled with his chest.

“Goodnight” She mumbled…


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