Diary of the Watterson � Episode 32

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Donovan’s mansion

“24 hours,,, you get this for 24 hours” Raymond said.

Scarlett stared at him in confusion as she went closer to him.

“What exactly I’m I getting for 24 hours?” Scarlett said.

“We’re going out immediately after breakfast, for the whole day” Raymond said.

Scarlett stared at him with a brow raised.

“Why?… Why are suddenly being so nice to me?” Scarlett asked.

“Coz I’m trying to make this marriage work out” He said and got in the dining room.

“Huh?” Scarlett said in surprise.

She slowly walked in, now looking surprised. Emelda smiled when he noticed they were wearing matching outfits.

“Don’t you guys look cute like this?” Emelda said.

“Good morning gradma” Raymond and Scarlett said at the same time.

They both settled down next to each other for their breakfast.

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

Angelo got down his car and rushed to the other side to open the door for Melody. He lend her his hand.

“Uhh, thanks but I can do it myself.” Melody said, taking his hand.

She got out of his car. Some stopped just to stare at them.

“I know you can do it yourself but just let me pamper you” Angelo smiled and kissed her hand.

He held it and they began walking to class. Melody felt uncomfortable as the people stare at them.

“You’re holding my hand” Melody said.

“Yes and? You always hold hand with Andrew why not me” Angelo said.

Melody sighed as she shook her head with a smile. A jealous Angelo is really funny to see..

They chatted happily while going to class, unknown to them that Andrew was watching them from the alley.

Andrew looked at the rose he got for Melody before looking at them. He sighed sadly…

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

Nathan got down the car and opened the door for Stephanie.

“Thanks” Stephanie said and got down the car, not even sparing him a glance.

Nathan sighed sadly and followed behind her.

Stephanie nodded in reply as her workers greeted her. The female workers couldn’t help but flirt with Nathan as he walked pass them.

Stephanie abruptly stopped on her track. Nathan almost bumped on her. She turned and looked at the female workers.

“Rather than standing there displaying how desperate you are, why don’t you get to work” Stephanie snapped.

Contrary to Scarlett, Stephanie is the no nonsense type. Doesn’t smile with her workers, not even a little bit.

She looked up at Nathan with the same serious look.

“You look at those workers again, you’re fired” Stephanie said.

“Yes,,, miss?” Nathan said more like a question.

Stephanie nodded and continued her way. Nathan stared at her leaving and he didn’t even know when he smiled.

Stephanie walked in her office and sat down. She brought out her phone and saw a message from Scarlett.

? Sorry sis, you’ll have to do all the work alone today. I’m busy with something, hate you?

Stephanie rolled her eyes and smiled, shaking her head. She opened her laptop and immediately got down to work.

? ? ? ? ?

“So where are we heading to?” Scarlett asked.

“To the amusement park” Raymond said, his eyes glued on his phone.

“Seriously?” Scarlett exclaimed and he nodded.

“You’ve been on your phone for half an hour now. What you doing” Scarlett asked.

“Checking to see when the rain will fall today” Raymond replied.


“You’ll understand when it falls” He replied.

Scarlett shrugged and looked at those who are looking at them. Well Raymond decided they go on foot and right now, almost everyone is out of their house staring at them.

To them seeing Raymond wearing matching outfits with his wife and them talking is like,,, a miracle.

They got to the amusement park and Scarlett smiled. She gasped as she stared at the huge rollercoaster.

“Let’s go!” Raymond dipped his phone in his pocket and took her hand, walking away.

Scarlett stared at their hands and then at him, she shook away the thoughts she was having at the moment.

“5 turns” Raymond paid a young man.

He nodded and led them in. Raymond sat down on the rollercoaster and made Scarlett sit beside him. He buckled their belts.

“Last time I rode this was when I was 7” Scarlett said.

“Never rode this before” Raymond said.

“Really so all your…ahh!!!?” Scarlett screamed when it began moving.

“Calm down, it’s still going up.” Raymond said.

“But… I’m scared of heights” Scarlett pouted.

Raymond stared at her in surprise.

“Which girl on this fr�aking earth is scared of height but wrote she wants to ride the rollercoaster with her partner? Thats dumb, or I forgot she’s dumb” Raymond said inwardly.


Scarlett’s earsplitting scream brought him back to reality. It was now spinning really fast.

“Mummy!!! Ahh!!!!” She screamed as she hugged Raymond tightly with her eyes closed.

“Is this over?” She asked.

“Nah.. We have 4.5 more turns to go” Raymond smirked.

“I hate you Ray!!!” She screamed.

Scarlett kept screaming, she even buried her face in Raymond’s chest. Raymond looked at her and shook his head, she was literally trembling…

He slowly brought his arm to her shoulder, hugging her back. Scarlett immediately looked up at him.

Raymond had his gaze facing front, he wasn’t looking at her. Scarlett smiled slightly as she stared at him but the smile was replaced with a scream when the speed was increased.

The four turns passed before it stopped. Scarlett got down the rollercoaster and staggered her way to a nearby pushed where she puked out all her breakfast.

Raymond took some pictures of her puking.

She stood up once she felt at ease. Scarlett turned back and saw Raymond standing there with a cone of ice cream.

She rushed to him and took it then licked it, slowly feeling better.

“Where next?” Scarlett asked.

Raymond brought out his phone and checked. He frowned.

“Photoshoot?” He said.

“Really? Cool!, let’s go!” Scarlett pulled him out of the amusement park.

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

“Hey Sophia!” Monica called with a smile.

She turned and faced Monica.

“You died your hair color black. Awwn,, I preferred your blonde hair” Monica said when she saw her hair was now black.

“Who are you? What are you talking about?” She snapped.


She rolled her eyes and walked away, chewing her gum.

Monica furrowed her brows.

“She’s really moody today” Monica thought.

“Hey Monica?” Someone called from behind.

Monica turned back and shock took over her. Sophia was smiling at her with her blonde hair. She turned back and saw Sophia with black hair, chatting with Tara.

Monica rubbed her eyes and looked at them, feeling completely lost.

“What’s happening?” She said.

“What do you mean by what’s happening” Sophia spoke.

“If you’re Sophia. How come I see another Sophia?” Monica pointed.

“Oh sorry, forgot to tell you. Thats my twin sis… Ava” Sophia said.

“Oh…” Monica said.

“Hey Monica” Skye smiled, coming her way.

“Skye, what’s up” Monica smiled.

“I’m good. Who’s this blondy?” Skye asked.

“I’m Sophia” Sophia smiled.

“Skye, nice to meet you” He replied.


“So Monica, I was wondering if I can come pick you up for a date tonight, 7pm” Skye said.

“Well sure!” Monica smiled.

Not too far from them was Jackson and Ash. Jackson couldn’t stop glaring at Skye.

“So what do you think about it?” Ash concluded what he was saying.

“Jack? Jack!” Ash called.

“Uhh yes? I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Jackson asked.

Ash looked at where he was looking and saw Skye. He smiled and looked at Jackson.

“Oh I now understand” Ash thought with a smile.

? ? ? ? ?

Scarlett couldn’t stop laughing as he went through the pics they took. They wore various customs, aliens, ballerina, professional, mafia.

Scarlett kept laughing at the face Raymond made at each of their pics.

“I’m never gonna take photos with you again” Raymond said.

“You look like someone who’s about to poop” Scarlett laughed.

Raymond ignored her and began walking faster. Scarlett increased her pace and hugged his right arm.

“Don’t be mad at least you’re not as ugly as you were in the pic” Scarlett winked and he rolled eyes.

“Where next?” Scarlett asked.

“Horse riding? Like seriously what kind of girl are you?” Raymond exclaimed.


“Nothing.. Let’s go” Raymond said.


“Wow! The white horse is mine!” Scarlett said immediately they got to the ranch.

Raymond discussed with the horse keeper and he accepted to let them borrow two horses.

Raymond took the helmets. He wore his helmet and then helped Scarlett wear hers. Scarlett kept smiling throughout.

“Can you climb?” Raymond asked.

“Of course! I’m a pro” Scarlett boasted.

She tried to climb the white horse but she pulled the mane of the horse. The horse neighed and pushed her away, she fell down.

“Ouch!” Scarlett winced, rubbing her butt.

Raymond crouched in front of her and smirked.

“I can see how much of a pro you are” Raymond mocked.

She stood back up and turned to the horse keeper.

“Just one horse will do sir, thanks” Raymond said.

The man nodded and took away the other horse. Scarlett stood up from the ground, glaring at Raymond.

Without warning, Raymond pulled her closer and lifted her up then placed her on the horse before climbing next.

“Hold the rein like this and if you wanna make the horse to move, you do this and if you wanna stop, you pull on it hard.” Raymond guided her by holding her hands.

“Got it?” He asked.

Scarlett didn’t reply. The way his minty breath caressed the back of her neck made Scarlett space out. She began thinking of how it will feel like if he kissed her neck and sucked it and…

“Scarlett!!!” Raymond yelled in her ears.

Scarlett quickly jolted, almost falling off the horse if not for Raymond.

“Yes?” Scarlett said.

“Did you get it?” He asked.

“Uhh, I think so” She said.

Raymond hit her head from behind.

“Pay attention when I’m talking” He said.

“How I’m I supposed to when you are the one distracting me” Scarlett said inwardly.

Raymond thought her all what she needed to know about riding a horse.

“Good, thats it… You can now ride a horse” Raymond said.

Scarlett shook her head. Instead of “you can now ride a horse” What she heard was “you can now ride a d*ck”

“God please help me” She prayed inwardly.

“Speed up” Raymond said.

Scarlett nodded. She kicked the horse on the side and it began galloping really fast. Scarlett kept smiling throughout the ride.

They rode the horse for more than an hour before deciding to leave. Time to go home

Scarlett looked at the time, it was almost 5pm but the weather was darker. Looks like it will rain any minute from now.

“Thanks for today, it’s been long I had this much fun” Scarlett said.

“You’re welcomed” Raymond replied.

Not long after, the rain began dropping little by little. They quickly found a little shelter nearby.

“Gosh! Looks like it will rain for long” Scarlett said, looking at the weather.

Scarlett smiled as the day of today came back to her mind. She furrowed her brows as something seem really familiar.

The day of today… It was the exact replica of her wish list. No, it was almost the exact replica.

“I hope you’re not allergic to the rain water” Raymond said.

“Why?” She asked as she already remembered what her next wish was.

Without warning, Raymond pushed her out of the shelter.

“Ahh” Scarlett screamed as the cold water made contact with her body, drenching her.

She removed the strands of her hair from her face and stared at Raymond who was standing in front of her. He was also drenched by the water.

“Next time you wanna write a wish list. Don’t make it too complicated” Raymond said.

Scarlett gasped as he pulled her closer to him by the waist. He cupped her cheek with his other hand.


Before Scarlett could finish her statement, he brought his face closer to hers and pressed his lips softly on hers.

Scarlett’s eyes bulged out in shock.



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