Diary of the Watterson � Episode 39

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



“Me- Melody…”

“No!! Melody wake up…no!! No!!” Angelo yelled in panic.

“Someone please call an ambulance!!! Help!!!” Angelo yelled.

“Melody…please hang in there” Angelo said, fighting back his tears as hee blood stained his shirt and hand.

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

Monica walked out of the classroom with Sophia. Ursula wasn’t in class so it was just the both of them.

“Look there’s Ash!” Sophia said.

Monica looked at Ash and smirked, looking back at Sophia.

“You seem quite interested in Ash” Monica said.

“Oh no!, we just share few things in common that’s all” Sophia laughed.

“I see…well he’s single and ready to mingle” Monica whispered to her.

“Shut up!” Sophia exclaimed and Monica laughed.

“Hey girls…” Ash smiled as he came to them.

“Hi bro” Monica smiled while Sophia simply waved with a smile on her lips.

“Sula isn’t with you guys?” Ash asked, looking around.

“Well yeah. Can’t help but notice she’s been acting weird lately” Monica pouted.

“Yeah” Was all Ash said.


Ursula waited by the male’s restroom, applying lip gloss. She smiled when a guy walked out of the restroom.

Ursula immediately rushed into the restroom. She gasped when she saw Skye fixing his shirt, she caught a glimpse of the tattoo on Skye’s chest.

“Ursula?” Skye turned to her, surprised to see her here.

“What are you doing here, this is the male’s restroom” Skye said.

“Oh sorry, I mistook it for the female’s” Ursula said.

She walked closer to him. Skye looked at her, feeling kind off nervous.

“Skye…” She said, standing really close to him looking at him directly to his eyes.

“Uhh yes?” Skye said nervously.

He looked down and noticed the first three buttons of her shirt was left unbutonned exposing her bra. What is she up to?

“You’ve been chasing after Monica for almost a month now. Dont you see she’s not interested in you?” Ursula spoke.

Skye looked away. First was Jackson then Ash and now her?

“Why don’t you try and look around. You might notice other people who are interested in you. Someone who really loves you” Ursula said.

“Like me…” Ursula whispered.

Skye looked back at her. He opened his mouth to speak but she placed a finger on his lips.

“I don’t need a reply right now Skye, think about it…” She winked and left.

Skye stood his spot, wondering on what just happened.

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

“So who’ll be your date for tomorrow?” Scarlett asked Stephanie.

They were sitting in Scarlett’s office, working together.

“Well my driver Nathan” Stephanie replied simply.

“Oooo, looking like you two are starting to get along” Scarlett smirked.

“Well he’s the only adult I can talk to since you left so yeah…” Stephanie shrugged.

“I’m coming with Raymond” Scarlett said cautiously.

Stephanie looked at her for a while before smiling.

“That’s nice, you two look good together” Stephanie said.

“Really?” Scarlett said and blushed which Stephanie clearly noticed

Stephanie placed down the pen she was signing with.

“Once upon a time, they lived a tomboy who literally fights for nothing. She later on began acting like a lady, her name is Scarlett Watterson. She was the beauty of the house and every month, there must be a rich dude who will come to ask her hand in marriage but she would decline. Finally she fell in love with the cold and mysterious Raymond Donovan” Stephanie narrated dramatically.

“I’m not in love!” Scarlett said.

Stephanie smirked and rolled her eyes.

“It’s literally glaring on your face darling. Raymond literally sprayed you with the perfume of love that I smell everywhere in you” Stephanie said.

Scarlett looked down. She opened her mouth to speak.

“I know you feel bad about me but it’s okay, it’s no your fault sis… Maybe it was destiny that wanted it this way, just be happy. You still have one week to him fall head over heels for you” Stephanie said.

Scarlett smiled widely and hugged Stephanie tightly.

“I hat� you sis” She smiled.

“I h�te you more” Stephanie replied and they laughed while breaking the hug.

Stephanie’s phone suddenly began ringing, she picked up when she saw it was Angelo.

“Baby bro?” She smiled

Her smile immediately fell..

“What!! Melody!!”

? ? ? ? ?

Ingrid’s hospital**

Angelo sat down on on of those seats, tapping his feet on the floor. He wiped off his tears with his thumb.

Angelo stood up when he couldn’t continue sitting. He ran his hand through his hair..

“I…love you…Angel”

Tears fell from Angelo’s eyes when he remembered those words.

“Melody” He muttered in tears.

“Baby bro!!” Stephanie said running to him while Scarlett followed behind.

“Steph…” Angelo muttered as Stephanie hugged him, rubbing his back.

“It’s okay, she’ll be fine” Stephanie hushed him.

“She got shot sis, they shot her…she took it for me!” Angelo cried loudly, hugging Stephanie.

One thing about Angelo, he acts really tough and all but when he’s touched emotionally he can be a crybaby.

“I love her so much Steph, my heart will not take it if she dies” Angelo cried.

“It’s okay, no one is dying…” Stephanie muttered.

Scarlett sighed, watching them. She spotted the doctor coming out of the ER. It was none other than Ingrid, the chief doctor.

“Doc!” Scarlett rushed to her.

Angelo and Stephanie followed behind.

“How’s her condition?” Angelo asked, wiping his tears.

“Well we almost lost her because the two bullet hit her spinal cord but we succeeded in extracting the bullet from her and she lost a lot of blood. Her condition is currently stable and she’s been transfused with blood right now” the doctor narrated.

They all took a breath of relief..

“Let me now inform Mrs Parker” Stephanie said and walked away to make a phone call.

“Can I see her?” Angelo asked.

“Not now, she’s still unconscious and needs a lot of rest. You can see her in the next four hours.” Ingrid said.

“Thanks Ma’am” Angelo said.

“See, we told you that everything will be okay” Scarlett said.

Angelo smiled but couldn’t help but feel guilty. She got shot because of him..

“Angelo!” Phoebe rushed to them with Ethan behind her.

“How’s Mel! Please tell me she’s fine” Phoebe said, fighting back her tears.

“We saw the news… The gunshot incident is all over the net” Ethan explained…

“Angelo, please tell me..” Phoebe panicked.

“Her condition is stable now though she’s still unconscious right now” Angelo said.

Phoebe exhaled loudly…

“Melody!!” Andrew screamed rushing to them.

“She’s fine” Angelo replied.

“But what happened?” Ethan asked.

“I don’t know, it was just to fast. We got to school as usual and we were discussing. She suddenly hugged me and the next thing i heard was two gunshots. It took Melody instead of me” Angelo said.

“So you are the reason why she ended up in here” Andrew said, glaring at him.

“Andy…” Phoebe said.

“You’re lucky she’s okay if not I would have never forgiven you” Andrew snapped.

Angelo just looked down in guilt.

“Don’t listen to him bro, it’s not your fault” Ethan said, patting his shoulder.

“It’s kind of my fault…” Angelo muttered and looked down.

? ? ? ? ?

Ivan’s mansion**

“Babe, I cooked something delicious” Ivan said, coming in their room.

She met Lucy on the computer, her hands running really fast on the keyboard. He sighed and placed the tray of food on the table.

“You’re still working for Raymond right?” Ivan said.

“I’m sorry love but I can’t stop… Not until, we get revenge for our parent’s death” Lucy said

“Is it the same person who k�lled Aurora?” Ivan asked, sitting next to her.

“Well not really” Lucy said and faced him.

“Meaning they’re two fishes to catch right?” Ivan said.

“Yeah” Lucy smiled and poked his cheek.

“I want to help you” Ivan said.

Lucy smiled and cupped his cheek.

“No cupcake, Raymond and I promised not to get anyone else involved in this. I can’t afford loosing you” Lucy said.

“I can’t risk loosing you too” Ivan took her hand.

Lucy sighed and looked away…

? ? ? ? ?

Ingrid’s hospital**

Four hours went by and no one left the hospital. Monica joined them immediately she heard the news and Boris and Mrs Parker were waiting for Melody to wake up.

The doctor finally decided to let Angelo in..

“You can go in first ma’am, she’s your daughter” Angelo said to Mrs Parker.

“No, you go first…” Mrs Parker said.

Angelo nodded and walked in. Scarlett was busy on her phone.

“Scarlett…” She heard a familiar voice.

Scarlett looked up to see it was Raymond. Well Scarlett informed him she’ll come back late tonight.

“You came…” She muttered.

“Yeah” Raymond sat down next to her.

Scarlett sighed as she held her phone tight.

“I’m scared” She said.


“The girl who got shot is Angelo’s friend. She took the bullet for Angelo” Scarlett said.

“Meaning the target was your brother” Raymond said.

“Yeah, I’m scared that his life might be in danger” Scarlett said worriedly..

Raymond just looked at her…



  1. Thank God Melody is not dead
    Welcome back author after your loooong break. Please post more than one today at least to make up for the missing days
    Next please

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