Diary of the Watterson � Episode 43

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Night, Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett got in the mansion while pressing her phone. She went straight to Emelda’s room and knocked on it.

“Grandma.. Grandma!” Scarlett called, knocking on it.

“Uhh ma’am, madam Emelda left the house in the afternoon. She went back to her hometown” The maid said.

“Really? Oh okay” Scarlett said and headed to her room.

“She left without informing me..” Scarlett pouted.

She tried opening the door of her room but stopped when Raymond came out of his room. Raymond stopped on his track and stared at her for a while

He looked away and cleared his throat before handing over a letter to Scarlett.

“Grandma said I give you this when you come back” Raymond said.

Scarlett collected it and went into her room without sparing him a word. Raymond sighed and went downstairs.

He walked to the living room and poured himself a glass of alcohol, adding some ice cubes in it before settling down on the couch…

“Kids of nowadays” He muttered, remembering the name of who tried k�lling Angelo.

“Should I really get involved in this?” Raymond thought.

He sipped on his drink and shook his head.

“I have so much going on in my mind than to get involved in it” Raymond said and leaned against the couch with his eyes closed..

Next Morning**

Scarlett walked out of the bathroom with a white towel round her body.

“Too bad I won’t get to hug you goodbye grandma” Scarlett thought.

She rubbed her body cream and wore the clothes she picked out for today before applying some light makeup.

She brushed her hair and allowed it to flow freely before walking out of her room. She went downstairs and could see the maids walking out of the house with a her luggage.

Scarlett went in the living room and saw Raymond discussing with a man. The man smiled immediately he saw her..

“Miss Scarlett” He called.

“Good morning attorney” Scarlett replied, walking to them.

The man brought out the papers from his suitcase and placed it on the table.

“Here’s the divorce papers you asked me to get you.” He said.

“Mr Donovan, please sign here” He gestured.

Raymond looked at Scarlett for some seconds before he took the pen and signed the papers.

“Good Miss Scarlett” He said.

Scarlett looked at the papers and then back at Raymond. Raymond looked at her and could see unshed tears in those eyes, he slowly looked down.

Scarlett nodded and took the pen. She signed the papers too and immediately stood up.

“Everything is over now, I have nothing to do in here.” Scarlett said.

“Goodbye Mr Donovan, have a nice life” She said and picked her handbag before leaving the house.

Raymond opened his mouth to speak but slowly closed it back and folded his fists.

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

Monica walked in the school, looking so dull and pale. If she said she slept last night then she’s definitely lying.

She walked in the class and met Skye sitting next to Ursula. He looked at her and quickly looked away.

Someone suddenly closed her eyes from Behind. She sighed as she recognized the scent of the person.

“Bro, I know its you” Monica said.

Ash chuckled and released her, coming to face her. He frowned when he noticed she looked kinda pale.

“What’s wrong? Did you cry? You had a sleepless night?” Ash asked and cupped her cheek.

“I’m just not in my mood Ash…” Monica said.

“Come, let’s sit together” Ash held her hand and went to his seat.

Ava (Sophia’s twin sis) followed them with her eyes, biting her lower lips. She turned to Tara who was sitting next to her.

“Who’s that guy? He’s hot…” She said.

Tara looked up and looked back down .

“He’s Ash…” Tara replied.

“Gosh!, He’s f*cking hot… If I can just have one night with him” Ava said dreamily.

Well ever since Ava came to school, she’s been hanging out with Tara.

Sophia walked in, hugging her books to her chest. She smiled and waved at Ash who waved back before going for an empty seat.

Ava watched them with a frown on her face..

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

“Finally! You came to school!” Ethan exclaimed when Angelo walked in their class.

Well ever since Melody got shot, he’s been dodging for a week classes to go see her. Melody scolded him when she heard her was dodging classes coz of her so he came today.

“How’s my lover boy doing?” Ethan asked when Angelo settled down next to him.

“As you can see…I’m happy” Angelo smiled.

“Nice” Ethan smiled.

The lecturer entered the class which made them to stop talking. Ethan turned to look at Phoebe who was sitting next to Avery.

Phoebe felt some eyes on her so she looked up. Ethan winks at her, Phoebe rolled her eyes and looked back at her book.

Ethan chuckled and faced front.


Few hours later**

Angelo kept the guitar he has been playing.

“Finally through composing your song” He thought.

He stood and made to leave the music room but Avery walked in, making him stop.

“Avery…” He called.

Ever since her last confession, they didn’t exchange a word till today.

“How you doing” Avery smiled.

“Fine” He replied, looking at her.

“I have to go…” Angelo said and made to leave but Avery suddenly hugged him from behind.

“Please don’t avoid me,, it hurts” Avery said.

“I have to… If we keep talking to each other, you’ll only get hurt the more because I can’t love you” Angelo replied.


Angelo removed her hand from him and faced him.

“Avery, I can’t love you.. I only see you as a friend. Nothing more. My heart beats and will only beat for Melody please, don’t make it harder for yourself” He said and left.

Avery folded her fists tightly, boiling in anger.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

Scarlett looked out from the balcony of her room. She really missed her cute and cozy room.

“Baby…” Julia said, walking to her.

“Mom” She smiled and turned to her

“Mind having some tea with me” Julia said, placing the tray on the table.

“Yeah sure” Scarlett said and settled down with Julia.

“These two months passed really fast right?” Julia said


Julia sipped from her cup as she looked at Scarlett. Scarlett wasn’t longer the Scarlett she knew, right now she looked so calm and gentle.

“Love can really change someone” Julia muttered


“I can see it through your eyes. You fell for him right” Julia said.

Scarlett looked down and nodded.

“Too bad it didn’t end well” Julia sighed.

“It’s part of life mum.. I’m glad I’m back, missed you guys so much” Scarlett smiled

Julia stroke her cheek with a smile on her lips.

? ? ? ? ?

Ingrid’s hospital**

“Can’t believe you two were staring… Gosh!, I’m so embarrassed” Melody said, covering her face.

Mrs Parker laughed loudly while Boris was busy watching TV which was in the ward.

“Well I like Angelo, I trust he’ll take care of you” Mrs Parker smiled.

Melody smiled back in return.

“I’m hungry” Melody pouted.

“Oh I brought your favorite. Let me fetch it out…” Mrs Parker said.

She brought out a small flask of food with a spoon. She opened it and began feeding Melody.

“Mom,, you know I can feed myself right” Melody said.

“Yeah, just let me do it this once” Mrs Parker replied..

The door to their ward opened and Angelo peeped in.

“Babe!” Melody exclaimed without thinking. She quickly shut her mouth tight and looked down when she felt her mother looking at her.

Mrs Parker just chuckled and faced Angelo.

“How was your classes?” She asked..

“Was really fun and cool ma’am” Angelo replied.

Boris looked at Angelo and gasped when he saw a wrapped up box with him.

“Is it what I think it is…” Boris said.

“Yeah, like I promised.” Angelo said.

“Cool!!” Boris exclaimed and rushed to him.

“Once we get home, I’ll install it for you. I even bought some games you could play in it” Angelo said.

“Thanks so much!!” Boris smiled and faced Melody.

“Hey sis…you better get married to him or else”

“Boris!!!” Melody snapped.

Mrs Parker and Angelo laughed loudly. Mrs Parker stood up once she was through feeding Melody.

“Come Boris, let’s go stroll” Mrs Parker said.

Boris stuck out his tongue at Melody and winked at Angelo before leaving with his mother.

Angelo went closer to Melody and sat down. He watched her as she drank water.

“Don’t mind my st�pid brother…” Melody said.

“I like him… He really loves and care about you, you should have seen the way he threatened me not to make you cry” Angelo said and laughed.

Melody chuckled too.

“He’s really silly.” Melody said and looked at Angelo.

“Crybaby” She muttered.

“Who? Me?” Angelo asked.

“Yeah Boris told me you cried like a baby when I was rushed to the hospital.” Melody said.

“Well it’s normal, I couldn’t bear it if you left me” Angelo said and caressed her cheek.

“I love you crybaby..” Melody smiled

“I love you too” Angelo replied and kissed her forehead before placing her head on his chest, kissing her hair.

? ? ? ? ?


A plane landed at the airport and not long after, the door opened. Two men dressed in suit came down the plane first, they were both wearing shades.

A car drove in the airport and stopped by the stairs of the plane. The driver came out of the car.

A pair of black shiny shoes descended the plane. With brown wavy hairs, a muscular and well toned body and a very beautiful smile on the face.

“Welcome back Mr Watterson” The driver bowed slightly.

“Thanks” The man removed his shades and looked at the driver.

Just one look at his face and body and one will conclude that he was a model, just so handsome and s*xy.

“Home sweet home…” Jayce smiled cheerfully.



  1. Welcome back home Jayce.
    I don't like how scarlet and Raymond end things just like that but I have a feeling they will still come back to each other

  2. I have this feeling that Raymond and Scarlett will still come back together
    I like that Angelo is straight with Avery, and I wish him best of luck in his relationship with Melody
    And welcome back Jayce, hope your coming back won't bring any trouble oo
    Next please

  3. Welcome home jayce, hope Scarlett and Raymond will still come together ? and who is murder dat try killing Angelo

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