ALEXANDER episode 32

Arrange Marriage To A Celebrity


(Arrange Marriage To A Celebrity)

Episode 32

By: Jenny love


? Ryan ?

I drove as a mad man home with out caring about the traffic I drove as fast as I could home .

I got home and ran to the room I share with Alex and found her sleeping peacefully on the bed ,

But to be sure she’s ok I moved close to her and saw she was breathing just normal and I became confused.

Ryan how is she ??

Richey asked.

She’s fine man but am confused what’s going on??

A massage pop in my phone

?? Dummy you are so stupid to think I would come to your house with all the securities and CCTV camera to harm your b***h



Ryan is it RoRa or Lady b ??

I don’t know right now all I need to do is to protect my family thwts all that matters they don’t want me but Alex.

Yes and you need to act ahead of them man.

I will protect Alex and my child with all I have .

What’s wrong Ryan????

Alex you are awake nothing just discussing.

How are you feeling I asked her and looked at Richey giving him a sign which he undertood and left us .

Am fine just feeling hungry.

Ok I will get you food I said and tried to leave but she pulled me back and hugged me .

Don’t go I miss you .

Ok what’s up with her??

but you need to eat!!!

I know I am feeling hony Ryan I don’t know I just feel as if you should be inside of me Ryan please.

What the hell.. what’s wrong with you Alex ?

Help me Ryan it’s inching me badly please f**Ck me please.


She cried and pulled her dress and her under wears.

She was now stack naked beginning me to touch her.

What’s happening this could only mean two things.

Pregnancy Hormones or DRUGS.

I need to help her or she will faint.

I move to her and kissed her lips she responded immediately removing my dress in a hurry.

This is definitely not pregnancy Hormones.

She’s been DRUGS.

I laid her on the bed and removed my trousers and climb on top of her

She wilding her legs for me and men I can’t believe am doing this again.

Alex I hope you understand this when your ok.

I fingered her for sometimes.

Ryan yes there…

Ryan don’t stop please….

Am I hurting you Alex .

No just keep doing what your doing please.

I sucked her nipples and Tommy.

When I was done

I got in-between her legs and insect my d***k in the entrance of her v

Alex are sure about this.

Yes please stop talking and go in please.

I thrust in slowly ,she pushed her head back and morned loudly.

Ahhhh Ryan …

Ryan ahhhh yes there please….

Don’t stop please…..

Harder please Ryan….





TARRRRR I slapped the fool standing in my front.

Simple tasks,

I gave you a simple tasks� just drugs her and then� �sleep� with her and send me her nude pictures but you couldn’t fool .

Boss am so sorry I got delayed and I already drugged her I was about to do it when I head Ryan drive in so I ran before I could get cought.

I can see you don’t like your family right??????

I give you 3 day to get rid of that bas***d she’s carrying or kiss good by to your lovely sons and wife� I said and went inside with my trusted boy kin .

I got to me room .

Am feeling hony kin f**k me now.

Yes boss .

He said and sucked my nipples just the way I like

Hmmmmm there you go kin



I shouted as he thrust in deeply

I love his joy stick so thick and strong.

Hmmmmm there fool

Hahhhh faster kin son of a b***h





Whose this unknown self hmmm

Let’s find out in the next episode love youuuu ?


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