Diary of the Watterson � Episode 12

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



“I’m sorry..” Scarlett muttered.

Stephanie stood still, not hugging her back. Scarlett broke the hug and smiled at her, she smiled back though faintly..

“I’ll leave you to rest now” Scarlett muttered and exited her room.

Stephanie immediately folded her fists as tears streamed down her cheeks. She fell on the bed, crying silently..


“So that’s what really happened to Miss Scarlett” Melody said in surprise.

“Yeah, hopefully things will soon be under control.” Angelo muttered.

He paused at the exit, same as Melody. She turned and faced him.

“I’ll be leaving now, can you inform ma’am Scarlett that I left?” Melody said.

“Alright.. She said you can ask her driver to take you home” Angelo replied.

“Alright.. Bye” Melody said and opened the door, leaving.

“Bye Miss Slapper” Angelo said

Melody turned back and gave him the ‘f*ck sign’ before leaving the area..

Angelo smirked..

? ? ? ? ?

Morning… Silver High**

Monica opened her locker and another letter fell from it. She sighed, this will he the third one this week.

She picked it up and began reading it..

? The days are drawing near and I feel myself being drawn closer to you. It’s just a matter of weeks before I make you mine ‘Mi Alma’?

“Mi Alma? That means ‘My Soul” Monica thought, pondering on who could be this her secret admirer.

She was still lost in thoughts when some on covered her eyes from behind. She touched the hand trying to guess who but it was impossible.

“Good morning Monica..” Skye whispered to her before releasing her.

She turned to him with a confused and surprise look on her face. People from afar kept watching them, wishing they were Monica..

“What’s wrong? You look sick?” Skye touched her forehead to feel her temperature.

“I’m fine..” She muttered.

“Are you the one writing secret letters to me?” Monica suddenly asked.

“Secret letters?” Skye said in confusion..

Monica nodded and handed him the one she was holding. His countenance slowly began changing as he read through it..

“No..” He simply said.

“Then who? Who could that be..” Monica said in frustration.

“Maybe it’s just someone trying to play a prank on you” Skye said.

“A prank? I hope so…” Monica pouted.

“Me too” Skye thought.

Ursula walked pass Monica and Skye, heading to her locker. She was too preoccupied with her thoughts that she didnt even notice them together.

All what was going on in her mind is ‘who the hell did she kiss?!’. She knows that Monica knows about it but she doesn’t want to tell her..

“Sula..” Ash muttered, smiling at her.

Ursula smiled slightly and turned to keep her things in her locker. Ash stood behind her, watching her while reminiscing about the kiss.

She finished and turned to him with a smile..

“What’s wrong? You seem preoccupied” Ash asked.

“Nothing, it’s kinda embarrassing.” Ursula shyly tugged her hair behind her ear.

“Really? Just tell me please,, we’re friends right?” Ash said.

Ursula sighed and explained everything to Ash. Ash laughed out loud in order to cover up..

“Really? You’re this paranoid because of a kiss?” Ash laughed.

“My first kiss! That’s not how I wanted it to be..” Ursula pouted sadly.

Ash stopped laughing and stared at her intently. He took a step closer to her still staring at her.

“Ash..” Ursula said, slightly getting uncomfortable with his gaze.

She subconsciously took a step back but Ash placed his hand on her locker, caging her in the process..

“If I tell you about the person, what are you going to do…” Ash whispered to her, gazing deep into her eyes.


“Sula tell me.. Do you really love Skye?” Ash asked.

“I.. I..” Ursula stuttered, his gaze was kinda too deep.

Ash cupped her cheek and looked down at her slightly parted lips. He slowly began leaning closer to her so much that their lips were few inches away from meeting.

Ursula closed her eyes and pushed him away before running out of the area. Ash looked at her and smiled sadly..

? ? ? ? ?

La Ty Designs**

“What do you mean by Maya is missing? I want you to find her with immediate effect!!” Tony yelled and hung up.

She began pacing round the office, biting her nails. It is now confirmed that Raymond has Maya.

“You better not open your mouth to tell on me Maya if not…” Tony muttered ad glared at nobody in particular.

She suddenly got an idea and smirked as she made a phonecall.

? ? ? ? ?

The Court**

Scarlett got down the car and looked at the court in front of them. She was wearing a scarf with shades making her unnoticeable..

Scarlett walked into the court and sat down on an available chair.

Raymond on the other hand was just arriving. He got down the car, not bothering to hide his identity.. Who will have the gut to talk trash of him in front of him?

His phone suddenly began ringing. He brought it out and answered the call.

“Mr Watterson?” Raymond muttered.

“Raymond.. I just wanted to know how the marriage is going on.” Arnold asked.

“I’m just arriving..” Raymond said.

“Alright, think I should leave you for now. Can I ask you a favor?” Arnold Said.


“Please take Care of my daughter for me.” Arnold muttered.

That was followed by silence…

“I’ll try..” Raymond said and hung up.

He slowly walked in court, heading to the magistrate’s office. He saw Scarlett sitting in front of it.

“Mr Donovan” Scarlett called, standing up.

Almost immediately, a man came out of the office signalling them to come in. They both did so.

“Mr Donovan, Miss Watterson.. Please have a seat” The mayor said.

They both took the sit, adjacent his. He slowly slipped a paper with a pen to their side

“Please sign in the required areas” The mayor said.

Raymond took the pen and without wasting time, he signed on the places he was supposed to sign before slipping the paper to Scarlett’s side.

Scarlett took the pen and stared at the paper for a while. She looked at Raymond who gave her a blank look.

Taking deep breaths, she signed the papers.

“Congratulations! You are officially husband and wife..” The mayor smiled at them, collecting the papers.

Two rings were handed to them and they took turns, slipping the ring into each others fingers.

Once the deal was done, they both walked out of the court with no one talking.

“My driver will take you home where you’ll pack your things and he’ll take you to my place. Tomorrow we’re going to make it public,, that we’re married.” Raymond said without looking at her.


“Have a nice day Miss Watterson” Raymond muttered and entered his car, driving off.

“Miss Watterson?”

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**


Phoebe jumped in excitement as she saw her results.

“I passed!!! I freaking passed!!!!” She screamed loudly.

Well they both came back to check the I results. Melody looked at her results and gasped.

“Ahhhhhh!!!! I passed too!!!” Melody screamed loudly.

“My dream has come true!!! Gosh mom will be so happy!!! Ahh!!!” Melody screamed, dancing in the process.

“Go on!! Let’s shake what our momma gave us!!!” Phoebe said, twerking with Melody.

People who were passing shook their head as they stared at them like two mentally deranged persons.

Well thats how Phoebe and Melody are. Two physchos who aren’t ashamed of anyone..

Angelo who was coming out of the school with Ethan and Avery paused as he stared at them.

“Melody?” He muttered in confusion..

“You know those girls? They have killer shapes” Ethan muttered, staring at them as he licked his lips.

“They are too crazy for my liking. Wait!, isn’t that the girl that boldly slapped Chloe?” Avery wondered

Melody looked up and saw Angelo with two other people staring at them. She hopped to him with a smile on his face.

“Angelo!! I passed!! As from tomorrow I’m gonna be a student of Howards University” Melody smiled.

“Really? That’s nice… You didn’t tell me you’ve always wanted to school here” Angelo said.

“Like it has always been my dream!” Melody said with a wide smile on her lips.

Chloe who were coming out of the school with two of her friends glared at them as they spoke.

“Who’s that girl speaking to Angelo? She really a full package,, I envy her curves..” One of her friends said.

“She looks poor to me…”

Ethan smiled charmingly at Phoebe and winked at her.

“You’ve got a bright future behind you..” Ethan said, stylishly looking at her butt.

Phoebe immediately frowned as she already got what he was saying..

“A what..? F*ck you!!”



    1. Hope Raymond is not planning evil of dealing with her of her past behavior to him. May God help you Scarlett. And melody and Phoebe congratulations to you both more wins.

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