Diary of the Watterson � Episode 65 & 66

Loveswept To You


Loveswept To You


By: Ariel Mirabel



Silver High

“I’ll be having a concert next week. Wanna come as my guest of honor?” Skye said, bringing out a ticket.

“Wow! Sure I’ll come, I’ve never seen you perform before. Hope its worth it…” Jackson said and collected the ticket from him.

“You’ll see for your self” Skye smirked.

“Wow…” Ash muttered, coming to them while holding Sophia’s hand.

“Are my eyes playing a trick on me? You guys seem close lately” Sophia smiled..

Jackson and Skye just shrugged.

“Tomorrow is Miss Scarlett and Stephanie’s birthday. Angelo invited us, wanna join along?” Jackson proposed.

“Party? I’m always ready for parties!!” Tara exclaimed, joining them.

“As usual” Sophia chuckled.

“Where’s Sula?” Skye asked.

“Here, did I hear you call me Sula? Awn, that’s cute” Ursula gushed.

Skye rolled his eyes while she laughed…

“Let’s go to class before we’re late” Ash said.

They nodded and began heading to class while chatting..

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

“Babe” Phoebe checked in the empty cafeteria but didn’t see Ethan.

She turned to leave and gasped seeing him behind her.

“I just left for 10 minutes and you’re looking for me? Awn” Ethan gushed like a girl.

“Stop that…” Phoebe smiled and held his hand.

“Let’s get to class” Phoebe said and made to leave but Ethan pulled her back in front of him.

“Just 3 minutes…” Ethan muttered and leaned forward, kissing her.

As usual Phoebe melted in the kiss and kissed him back..


“How’s this? Hope they will love my gift” Angelo said, showing the necklace he got for Scarlett and Stephanie to Melody.

“It’s beautiful and so far as it came from you, they’ll love it!” Melody smiled

“Though I doubt that it will mean a thing to Scarlett as compared to what Raymond got for her” Angelo said.

“What did he got” Melody asked.

“Bro secret” Angelo smiled and took her hand then placed a kiss on it.

? ? ? ? ?

Next Day, The Watterson**

“Happy birthday Stephanie” Another greeted when he got to Stephanie

She replied with a smile and walked away, searching for someone with her eyes.. The media were present as usual, so their birthday was live.

? Miss Stephanie look so gorgeous!

? I agree, red fits her so much..

? I heard she’s not Scarlett’s real sister

? Does that matter?

“Love” A voice said behind Stephanie.

She turned and a gasp escaped her lips. He was putting on a red suit with black neck tie and his hair was gelled up backwards.

He looked so handsome!

“Awwn… You got all dressed up just for me?” Stephanie said, hugging Nathan.

Nathan just smiled as they broke the hug.

“You look gorgeous too” Nathan said checking her out.

She was putting on a long off shoulder red gown which she designed herself. It had shiny rubies all over it making it looking matured yet classic and s*xy.

Her hair was curled up and it fell freely on her back and her makeup added so much to her beauty.

“Thanks babe” Stephanie replied and pecked his lips..

? He’s so handsome and hot!

? They look so good together

? Look it’s Scarlett and Raymond!!

? Wow…

Scarlett came in, holding Raymond’s hand.

She was putting on a long black gown which had just one arm and a long slit on her left thigh. Her hair was packed up in a bun and the red lipstick and makeup on her face made her look ravishing and tempting.

Beside her was Raymond dressed in all black too…his usual color code. He styled his hair perfectly adding more beauty to his cat eyes.

They looked so good together…

Jayce who was busy entertaining a lady looked up when they came in. His mouth dropped to the floor when he saw Scarlett but a frown settled on his face when he saw Raymond beside her.

“You guys finally decided to go for purple” Raymond said, looking at how the hall was decorated

“Yeah since we were going to wear our favorite color it’s preferable we go for another color” Scarlett said.

“You guys are unbelievable” Raymond chuckled.

Soon enough, other rich people came to greet them and they began chatting and discussing..


“You look hot Mel” Phoebe said when Melody came downstairs.

She shook her head when she spotted Boris talking to some girls of his age.

“My mom gave birth to a flirt. I just pity mom when he grows” Melody said to herself before turning to her friends.

“Thanks! You too” Melody replied.

Phoebe smiled and they collected two glasses of tequila from a waiter passing by.

“Cheers!” They said and was about to drink when two persons took the cup from her.

They turned to see Angelo and Ethan. They gulped down the drink in their places.

“You two aren’t taking any alcohol tonight” Angelo said.

“Yeah!, I still remember last week babe… You said you could handle alcohol so I gave you to drink. You got drunk at the second cup and did something….unholy to me” Ethan said.

“Babe!” Phoebe blushed, feeling embarrassed.

Melody chuckled and smirked then leaned to her.

“Someone is not longer a v-v… You’ll tell me how your first time was later, don’t worry” Melody winked.

“Gosh…” Phoebe groaned.


“Let’s party!!” Ursula screamed.

“Hey hottie… Wanna dance?” A handsome guy came to Ursula.

“Sure, le-”

“She’s with me” Skye caught her wrist and pulled her behind him.

The guy rolled his eyes and left. Skye turned and faced Ursula. She was busy staring at him then she looked at his hand holding hers.

“That guy, I know him… He’s a playboy and I don’t want you to get us�d,,, that’s all” Skye said and released her.

He went to join Ash and Jackson. Ursula just looked at him and didn’t know when she smiled. She stopled smiling when she realized she was smiling..

“Gosh!, this st�pid heart! Can’t you just forget about him? Stop beating for him!!” Ursula said to herself.

Sophia walked to her with a smile on her lips..

“Let’s go dance”

“Sure!” Ursula smiled and they left…

? ? ? ? ?

The Kendall’s**

Tara smiled when she finished applying her makeup. She stood up and picked up her purse then began leaving for the party.

She opened her door and to her surprise, Tony was standing there.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to the Watterson’s party” Tony crossed her arms.

“Yes…so?” Tara raised her brows.

“Don’t tell me you’ll get back to them… After what Moni-”

“Don’t bring Monica into this…. You and I we both know that she was the one that attempted to k�ll me… You told me to blame her just to cover that st�pid Jayce up. The Watterson already forgave me so I have no issues with them” Tara said and began heading upstairs.

“If you go there, you’ll leave my house!!” Tony said and Tara turned to her.

“Then good thing!! I was even planning on moving back to live with aunt Clara because I don’t want to get involved in this sh!t you got yourself into with Jayce” Tara said and began leaving again.

She got hold of the handle and stopped then turned back Tony.

“You better stop what you’re doing now Tony or else you’ll really regret it” Tara said and left.

“This ungrateful kid!!” Tony ranted

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Thanks for the gift Jayce…” Scarlett smiled as she danced with Jayce.

“You deserve more..” Jayce replied and twirled her around. His hands went back to her waist and they continued dancing.

“You look beautiful tonight” Jayce said..

“Thanks.. I just want to tell you that no matter what, you’ll still remain my big bro” Scarlett said.

Jayce cleared his throat.

“Scar, actually I knew from the beginning that we weren’t siblings” Jayce said.

“Really?” Scarlett said, looking surprised.

Jayce nodded. His hand went to her cheek…

“And to be honest, I don’t see you as a sis” Jayce said.

“What do you mean?” Scarlett gulped down nervously.

“Since we were young, I’ve always had feelings for you. I tried surpressing it but it just grew and went I learned that you got married to Raymond I went loco… I love you Scarlett and I promise to treat you more better than Raymond would ever do” Jayce said affectionately.

Scarlett just stared at him. She looked so shocked, confused, and surprised.

She came back to her senses when she noticed Jayce leaning in.. Her eyes widened and she tried moving back but he had her trapped by holding her waist.

Scarlett shifted her head away when his lips was approaching hers… He almost kissed her when…

“Love?” A voice said behind him.

Jayce released her and turned to see Raymond with a straight look on his face.

“What’s happening” He asked calmly.

“Uh, nothing!!” Scarlett immediately said.

“Oh okay, if you don’t mind can I have my future wife back?” Raymond said.

Scarlett looked at Jayce who was looking at her too. She looked back at Raymond and held his arm.

“Let’s go” Scarlett said.

Raymond nodded. He glanced at Jayce and gave him a short glare which only both of them understood what the glare meant.

They both left…

They began dancing too. Raymond smiled, staring at her.

“What?” Scarlett asked.

Raymond leaned to her ears.

“I’m just thinking of that various positions we’ll do tonight. I’m sure gonna cripple you tonight” Raymond whispered.

Scarlett blushed and hit his chest.


Raymond chuckled…

“I got you a birthday present…” Raymond said.

“Thought you forgot” Scarlett said.

“How can I? I just wanted to be the last to give you my gift” Raymond said.

They stopped dancing and he kissed her both hands before holding them. He raised his hands to her cheek and rubbed them.

“Scarlett…” He called.

Scarlett shivered, the way her name sounds on his lips is just so sweet.

“I love you and I’ll never stop loving you… At first, I thought I’ll never love another woman the way I loved Aurora but you came and proved me wrong. I indirectly blessed that night that brought us together, coz even though it brought problems along it came a blessing in disguise,,, you. I never knew it will be possible but I love you more than I’ve ever loved any woman in my life..”

“I’ll continue being sorry for all the tears I made you pour because of me and I promise to replace those tears with happiness. I wanna wake up each day, seeing your pretty face, calling you mine… Being your shoulder to rely on”

“I probably can’t have your eyes but I’ll make sure our babies have them. You may not be my first love but I want you to be the last… My final bus stop.” Raymond said and released her hand then went down to his knee.

Scarlett’s hand flew to her mouth as the people present began gasping, staring at them.

He brought out a red box in a heart shape and opened it. A sparkly ring stood beautifully in it..

“Let’s get married my heart. This time not a marriage out of conditions but a marriage out of love… Darling, will you marry me?”

Jayce who was watching it from where he stood, left the area in fury..

Scarlett sniffed in, unable to clean her tears…



  1. Congratulations, Raymond and Scarlett
    But how can Jayce profess his love for Scarlett even after she told him he will continue to be her big brother. And he even know Raymond is her husband to be
    He should settle any rift he has with Raymond instead of trying to use Scarlett to get back at him
    Next please

  2. YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!!!!,dats how we roll sir mond..nd i'd hope nathan does his at d xam tym..gosh it'll b so "honeyous"…..JAYCE!!!!!,am advicing u naw to hold ur banana which if turn upside down is equivalent to holdin on to ur dear lyf else….I REST ME CASE

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