In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82
(No Choice)
Ariel’s POV
I just tried mum’s number again but it was still giving the same response; not reachable. I don’t know how long I will have to wait for all this to be settled, because I’m really missing mum right now. I’m just waiting for the time I will be able to travel on my own; I won’t hesitate to grab the opportunity. Africa will be the first place in my mind.

I sigh for the umpteen time, dropping my phone on the side stool as I made to have a quick nap. But my rest was cut short when Axel barge into the room, looking a bit enrage. Well, his facial expression showed that he is either angry, or perhaps had cried to have make his face look red.

“Get your bags, we are leaving” he muttered coldly, going to pick up some of his clothes in the wardrobe as he stuff it into his box. I couldn’t process what he meant at first
“W-What…but why…we just got here…” I shuttered. He heaves a sigh
“Yes…but we are leaving now..”

“Will you please state your reasons” I asked. I could feel his grip tighten on the box handled as he watches me with an angry look

“I don’t want to get you piss Ariel, so please don’t make me more piss….we need to move now…” His hard voice betrayed him at the end of his statement, as it cracked, more like he was about to break down. He hands were shaking again, he seem to be calming his nerves of emotions.

“Please…” he whispered. I really didn’t want to leave now, the hotel room is cozy and warm for me to have a nap. I’m even feeling sleepy right now. But if he really wants us to leave, maybe it has to do with our safety. I could remember him saying something about getting into a fight with someone at the carnival land. Perhaps it has to do with that, so I shouldn’t have even questioned him. But something seems off, did he cry?

We dropped our luggage in Axel’s car as he has a brief discussion with his guard.
“We are gonna be fine” I had him say before coming into the driver’s seat as turn on the ignition.
“Isn’t he coming with us” I asked referring to his guard who was staring at us throw the rear mirror, looking worried

“No he isn’t” Axel replied coldly. I was beginning to get confused. Where are we going to? The guard should be with him if he is going home, but now that he isn’t joining us, what the hell is going on. I thought, but didn’t say a word.

The journey was kept in silence not until Axel took to another route which I wasn’t familiar with. I may not really know my way around the whole of Cape Town, but being that I have spent more than seven months here, I wouldn’t miss the way to my house, and this route isn’t taking us to either my house, his, Aiden’s, or even the company’s.

Where is Axel going to? I turn to look at him but he wasn’t sparing me a glance, his eyes were focused on the road.

“Where are you taking me to Axel…?” I asked, fear already creeping into my eyes as lots of weird thoughts filled my mind. He didn’t reply me, but I felt his grip harden again on the steering wheels. What’s he hiding, is he pissed about something.

“Where the hell are we going to Axel…” I yelled at him this time, showing him how pissed I am for snubbing me. And whereas, with the look of the environment, I think we are already at the outskirt of Cape Town; we are leaving the city.

“You need to calm down Ariel…I promise you, I ain’t gonna hurt you” He muttered in a forced calm voice, but his inner man seem to be struggling with him.

“What!! What the f**k, do I look like a kid to you? Why aint you telling me anything. This is bullshit, can you stop this f**king car..and tell me where the hell you are taking me to!” I exclaimed as the car came to a sudden halt, making a scratching sound as he steps on the brake. Tsk. I just pissed him off

“Fine…fine…you wanna know..damn you..why won’t you wanna know..F**k” He cursed banging his hand on the steering as he placed his head on it. He voiced changed from that of anger to a calm and sober one immediately.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this…I just don’t think this is the right thing Ariel…I’m sorry..but I have to do this..i’m sick and tired of the noise..please can you just stay calm and stop yelling at me…I’m having a serious bang of headache right now…and it’s making my vision blurry.” He muttered with a sad look, he sniffed in and rested his head on the headrest as he hands began to quiver again. I think it happens whenever he is angry or being emotional.

Gosh..he seem to be having a quick mood swing; this moment he is angry and the next, he is either crying or sober. What the hell with the emotions? He seem to be a hard guy to the world, but really weak within.

“I’m sorry” I mumbled trying to calm my anger, though, was still very piss. I really need to know why he is doing this, it’s not like I’m some school pupil who he can take around without being questioned.
“I’m sorry for yelling too” he stated, tilting his head to look at me. I didn’t return the gaze though; I’m still trying to stay calm.

“I know you haven’t seen the news…gosh this is gross, but…I really do not want you to know about it yet..but it will seem like I’m prying into your private life. It’s your decision to make after seeing it. I shouldn’t force you to come with me” he stated as I stare at him, confused, what is he talking about..what news?”

“What news?” I blurted out. He brought out his phone and unlocked it. He gave it to me after a while as I collected it with shaky hands, not knowing what it has for me to see.

Just the headline alone pulled me off guard not to talk of when I sighted the already playing video. No, this can’t be true…I mean…no, I scoff, switching it off. My heart beat is already beating mildly, as my mind tried fixing each piece of the video to make sense. Tears where already creeping their way up my eyes as I stare into space

“This is not it…it’s just some bloggers trying to bring up a porn movie scene and erm..make it look like a real video right..” I stated with a sad chuckle. His expression was clueless as he only stared at me. What’s going on..why isn’t he saying a word

“It’s true Ariel…” he whispered, heaving a sigh. I didn’t know when I nodded, like I’m freaking going crazy right now. I thought he loves me, he promised not to hurt me…I remembered the lovely moment we had at the hill. How he made me feel good after a long time that I can hardly remember when last I smiled that way.

Will Aiden really do this to me; according to the date of this video, it hasn’t been long it happened. But the headlines seem wrong. Axel snapped me off my thought; I didn’t even realize that I have been crying profusely.

“Ariel…I can just take you back to your house and continue my journey…I was too piss to realize what I was doing..i shouldn’t have taken you along. Very soon the paparazzi and reporters will be at my house, I really do not want to experience all this..I’m tired, I can’t take it; especially with the fact that the world doesn’t know about my relationship with Flora.

Though they had guessed it to be true due to our closeness then, but they don’t have a will be more stories now that they had found out…and gosh..this is complicating…”
“I…i..don’t know what to say..I don’t think I can face Aiden now…I mean…” I sobbed loudly this time. I was thinking of giving him a chance. I have never really had strong feeling for him, but I wanted to grow it. But now this……

“I think you need a break….text your manager about it..okay”
I nodded as he ignited the engine, zooming off to only God knows where
Aiden’s POV
I kept pacing round my room as I redial Ariel’s number, but it wasn’t going through. What’s happening? She supposed to be back to Cape Town. They are through with the concert, and since Axel is back, there is a high possibly that she is also back. I sigh for the umpteen times, taking my seat on the couch. Just as I was about redialing again, a knock came on the door.
“Come in” I beckoned as Josephine came in. She stood some meters away from the door after coming in. She seems to be fidgeting with her hands but I paid no attention to that.

“Good evening Aiden..” She greeted, looking down
“How are you Josephine?”
“I’m fine…” She answered with a sigh

“And how are you too?” She returned the question. I gave a frail smile

“To be sincere, I’m not cool…but I will try to get better..okay” I replied her. She nodded; I thought she was through with what she came for as I returned my gaze to my phone. But surprisingly, she still stood there, watching me

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” I asked squinting at her. She hesitated
“Is it about the video?” I asked, well she might have seen it too, it has gone really viral, but I had manage to send my report to the will be pulled down within few hours. All I need is to catch the culprit, and my mind is going to Flora.

“Yes…ermmm..I can’t really say..but this didn’t come to my mind until when I saw the video yesterday, when it was uploaded. Erm..about two month ago, I was here in your room and found something. It looked like a small bug, stuck in between the books on the shelf. Right here…”She pointed at the shelf which was clearly facing the direction of my bed.

“What did you see?”I questioned

“I showed it to one of the guard asking what it was, and he stated that it was a camera..created in form of a small bug, but a bit larger. It has a lens and that got me confused. I didn’t know what it was until the guard explained it to me..I thought you kept it there yourself, being that it was in the shelf.”

“What!!!!..why…why didn’t you show it to me..where is it..”
“It’s here…” She showed it to me

“I’m sorry I didn’t know how to make use of it. I dropped it where I do keep my things and forgot to tell ask you about it. In fact, I was planning to keep it for myself since it looks cute…you know.. But the video I watched made me believe it was captured with this..due to the direction it was facing, and the video captured just the bed and other side of the room which the bug was facing.” She gulped down nothing after speaking, as I stared at her awe struck.

“I said it…I was framed…I have seen something like this before..but I can’t place where I saw it. It’s has been disconnected already..i think it was meant to capture that scene alone..This will be Flora’s work” I gritted, staring at it in my hand, already getting pissed.

But why will she wanna do this…was she getting back at me for something..i don’t get it..i have never wrong her. I was also under the sexual pressure to f**k her that day…what happened to me…because I was clearly not drunk..but my urges were going mild…And the facts that I couldn’t find Flora in her house when I went there today is amusing. What is she hiding?”

“I’m really sorry Aiden…but..i don’t think Flora will be the one to do this..”She stated as I snap my head to look at her.

“And who are you suggesting..” I tilted my jaw
“Hm..I think the maid that left that same day did it. Though, I can’t say for sure..but she seems to really be in an haste, and I don’t think I know her before. Though the maids were new as at then, but..she looked different. I just couldn’t get the chance ask her properly…I told you about…

“F**k..i think I remember you telling me about someone like that…gosh….where is the maid, call her for me”

“Too bad, she didn’t come back ever since then, and that gave me the clue that she was sent to do this”
“Damn it…I need to call my private investigator..but I need you to call me your grannie, and other servants.” I stated as she nodded almost immediately

“Ok” She mumbled and made to leave when I called her back
“Thank you….” I said with a genuine smile. She nodded with a soft smile and left




Sorry I couldn’t post yesterday…


Seems like Aiden is getting a clue on how to solve this mystery.


Love Y’all 💞

Vickie Dora 🌻



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  1. Thank God, with this information from Josephine I know Aiden is going to act on it and unraveled the mystery behind it
    Sophia, you stepped on the wrong toe this time, and so so sure you are going to pay for it

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