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Written by Author Bambi


Episode 11




I remember vividly how Psi had come to get me. What I didn’t understand, was how he had gotten to know where they kept me.

It was early, the same time I had found myself back in the mansion. I wasn’t understanding this. Was Psi also an accomplice? “No, it can’t be,” I thought aloud, forgetting I wasn’t alone.

“What can’t be?” Mom arched her brows.


“You just said something,” she and Lucille stared suspiciously at me. “Oh, nothing.” I thought of an alternative to not make them think Psi was an accomplice.

“This Psi,” Mom began.

“Just forget about him, Mom,” I gave a nervous smile. “I must have been seeing things,” I said, turning over. I thought about those eyes that stared at me in the ward.




“Do you think I should pester her further?” I asked Lucille, who answered with shoulders shrugged.

“I advise you let her rest,” she said.

“I swear, I’ll make those men pay…”

“I hope they rot in jail,”

I clenched my teeth and tightened my fists.

  *      * 

Emily bathed Penny and helped her wear an outfit Jong had bought for her. The little girl was anxious to see her friend, and couldn’t wait to show her the little gift she made for her. “Do you think aunt would love the gift,” she asked innocently, showing her the paintings. She had made them with poster colours, making sure they were beautiful. It was a picture of her and Kendra, the day the latter had stepped in when her Mom had left her.

“I bet she’d love them,” Emily said. The kind, young woman rubbed her face, moving to get the powder. Her husband watched from the door, seeing how she took care of the child. He couldn’t help but smile. He wished at that instant, the child was theirs.

“Aren’t you cute?” He called to their attention.

“Honey!” Emily called. “You startled me,” she said, placing her hand on her chest.

“I love what you’ve done with our little girl,” he personalized.

Penelope looked at the man, shy, swiftly covering her face.

“You know…”

The doorbell interrupted Emily, as she swallowed her thought. “We should get going,” she said to Sean. She took Penelope with her and walked out with her husband.

Jong was waiting outside, getting up from the pavement as the door opened. “Well, it’s about time,” he said to Emily and looked at Sean.

“Is your husband coming?” He gave her a surly look.

“You don’t have to be that way, Jong,”

“Yes, I’m coming,” Sean gave him an uneven smile.

Emily shook her head and pulled Penelope with her.

“I’ll be in the car,”

The two men followed behind.

“I’ll drive,” Sean said before Jong made any move.


>>>>AT REED 


Emily and Sean walked in like a normal couple, holding Penelope. They acted accordingly to the plan, taking their seats in the reception until they had sighted Jong.

Jong emerged in a janitorial uniform, clasping a mop. He made eye contact with them, signaling them to move.

“Well, that was fast,” Emily whispered to her husband.

“Oh, he is good,” Sean admitted.

“Let’s go,” Emily tapped him.

Sean and Emily wasted no time leaving the reception ground. Jong followed close behind, pretending to go about the custodian work.

Each time he cleaned, he waved at the nurses. “Hello,” he acted as though he was serious, cleaning until he got to Emily…

“A man is guarding the door,” the latter whispered.

“Where is the other man?” Jong asked.

“How are we supposed to know?” Sean looked at him.

“I wasn’t asking you, Miller,”

“Oh, no, you don’t…!”

“Little girl, where are your parents?”

The three adults stopped to see Penelope walking to the bodyguard.

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