Water Strike

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WATER STRIKE                

(Crazy Compound)

Genre: Drama (Comedy)

Setting: Lagos, Nigeria

Tags: Action, Romance, Love, Hatred, Suspense, Fight

Author: Vickie Dora


Emeka, an undergraduate student left his hometown in the eastern part of the country, in order to live with his cousin, James, who resides in the west. His plan is to squat with him for the main time, and continue his education which was his main purpose for coming to the city.


James, on the other hand, who claimed to live a good life in the city, is nothing but also a student who hustles to make ends meet in the city. Being a hustler, he rented just a one room apartment, where he and his crazy friends, Segun and Douglas occupy, in an annoying compound where the landlord and landlady are demons in human form. A compound where riots and quarrels are the order of the day

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This was not what Emeka was expecting, especially being a fresher in a city like Lagos. But how will he managed to cope with the change of environment, annoying pressures from his cousin’s friends and landlord wahala.


Find out in this astonishing drama……



Oga Landlord:  Owner of the compound

Landlady:           His wife

Bola:                     Their daughter

Emeka:                Compound newbie

James:                  His cousin

Douglas:              James’ friend and roommate

Segun:                  James’ friend and roommate

Iya Sade:              A tenant

Baba Sade:          Her husband

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Sade:                     Their Daughter

Mallam:                A tenant

Big Prof:              A lecturer, also a tenant

Baby Sussi:         Compound slut

Chioma:               Big Prof’s Crush

Kingsley:             Bola’s boyfriend

Susan:                   Kingsley’s Mother





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