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The Housemates – Episode 30

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo




“That mouth of yours will get you into trouble. Like I told you before you knew I was married, you a player. I wouldn’t risk being your girlfriend even if I was single.” Chongolo said as they walked down the hallway heading outside.

“Girl you need to have breaks. You too direct and that hurts.” He said as he followed her behind.

“Stop looking at my butt ala!” Chongolo exclaimed as they walked.

“You think too much, am not even looking at anything. ” Bwalya responded with a blush.

Chongolo was right, even though Bwalya had not confronted her about how he felt, she was brave enough to talk to him about how he gazed at her every time he saw her.

Knowing that she had decided to have kids with her husband just pushed him away.

“You need to name your first born Bwalya…” He said as they sat outside.

“Why would I want to do that? Peter is already talking about planting twins in my garden.” “The way he loves twins that man, only God knows.” She giggled as she spoke.

“That’s not a problem, name them both after me.” He laughed.

“Enough about me. Peter told me you were asking for relationship advise, Marriage to be specific… You want to marry?” She asked him.

“Max!”“You remember Eunice right?” Chongolo shook her head in agreement.

“I didn’t know that you two are still dating. The last time I checked your room, you even removed that picture of her that you hang on the wall.” She said.

“The tuma ladies were asking a lot about it. ” He laughed in a mischievous manner.

“You need to grow up!” She commented.

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean Bwalya. Look at you, you smart, handsome and yet you keep sleeping around with these young girls. I don’t know what you see in them…”

Chongolo’s comment was like Shaka’s spear to his heart. Knowing how disappointed she was knowing that she was still on his old habits of sleeping around. For a few minutes he kept quite as Chongolo kept talking about how he there was need for him to change his life if he was truly considering getting married.

“So if am not considering marriage, then I can continue right?” He asked.

“Stop messing around. Am being serious here you know? Despite what you want you really have to get your life together. Even Max gets that very clearly.” She said.

“Come on! Did you really have to compare me with him?” He wined.

“As much as you hate it, people will continue comparing you two. You need to act responsible. These girls will love you for your recklessness and how you blow money but will always leave you for that dude who doesn’t even have much to offer.” She said, her voice was a bit high, more like she was shouting at him than talking to him.

“Reckless… You just had to go there. Is this you scolding me or you just telling me what you been holding down for – now?” Bwalya asked.

“If you not careful, her love for you will fade out one day. Trust me, it will be like she was never down to earth for you in the first place.” Chongolo explained.


“She’s good.” Samuel noted as Maluba finished her teaching.

“Are you saying that because you like her?” Max said in a whisper so that the pupils near them could not catch it.

“Shush man! That’s my professional opinion. It has nothing to do with emotions apa.” Samuel whisper back.

“She’s going to be part of the team. I need someone to help me bridge the gap. You know how passionate I am about debate.” Max said.

The pupils all stood up to give applause once she was done teaching. They loved her, her way of teaching was understandable and easy to catch up.

Max walked to the front and thanks everyone, without wasting time, he left the rest of the program to the President of the club as they went to discuss the results in the stuff room.

“I think you need your own office.” Samuel commented as the three of them walked.

“Am my own office.” Max responded.

“There is nothing like that, you need a physical office.” He commented. Max gave him a strong look which sent him silent, he didn’t want Maluba to know that he actually had an office.


“Hey before we start, can I ask you something?” Maluba said as she stood in front of Max.

“Sure. What’s up?” He asked her.

“Can you tell me about Mr Matumbo?” She asked.

Max’s eyes almost left his socket as the name bounced back and fourth in his head.

“What would you like to know?” Max asked.

“Is he normal?”

Max began to laugh, “His very much normal. What would make you ask such a question?”

“He came to the car window and was listening to me sing. I didn’t even notice him until he commented on the song that was playing. That’s just creepy.”

“Am sure his checking you out.” Max continued to laugh with his puffed up cheeks.

“Eh! Why would a man twice my age be checking me out? Awe! Am not into married men.” She said.

“Just try your best to avoid him. Otherwise, his surely going to be on you. He has a thing for young girls like you.” Max commented.

“Can we continue with work, now?” He asked her.

“Sure.” Maluba answered as she snapped out of her trance.

The thought of Max’s words concerning Mr Matumbo kept repeating themselves in her head. This wouldn’t be the first time someone way older than her took the courage of making her life a living nightmare.

She well knew the drama that comes with these married old men who just aimed to have their desires met.

Max tapped his pen on the desk as he waited for the school secretary to take her seat. Without a word of caution he immediately dived into the topic at hand.

“In my hand is a review that has been carried and gives my thoughts on the score that you, madam, have scored.” Max said in a calm but serious voice.

Maluba had just started getting along with Max, yet, this was her first time seeing the leadership part of his life in action. He was composed, Calm and his voice echoed strongly every time he pronounced words with a sharp slang and just enough seriousness to get your attention.

“Overall score was excellent, you had 85% score. I believe you are suitable for the job and can be of great help to impact the pupils in the club, having a female figure is something I consider essential and am very strict with the people I allow to speak to my guys.” Max said.

“Thank you.” Her voice sounded beneath her breathe.

“One thing I would like to comment on however is this; As a Teacher, take your place and don’t lower yourself to a place we’re you need to prove to pupils that you are a Teacher. What I don’t want is these guys questioning your courage and level of intelligence. With that said I would like to welcome you to our schools debate club.” Max said with a smile in his face. “She will run you through all that is needed otherwise my work here is done.” He added as he moved out of the room.

Maluba had a question on her mind since the time Max began talking, but this wasn’t for him. It was meant for the secretary that had joined them in his office.

“You seem surprised, is everything okay?” She asked Maluba.

“You the school secretary, but how come you are…” She skipped and couldn’t make a sentence.

“You mean how come am Max’s secretary?” She asked as she bridged the gap.

“Yes, Exactly that.” Maluba giggled.

“Thats simple, Max doesn’t seem much but trust me, behind those slim suits is a man of action and influence. I personally asked him if I could be his secretary before he even had this office.” The secretary laughed as she handed Maluba a form to fill in.

“I didn’t know he was such a big deal.” She commented.

“I know right. Max is one person who doesn’t talk about his work or accomplishments. His the low key type of a guy. Besides he likes a private life – I heard you also renting at the House.” She said with a smile.

“How did you know that?”

“Word travels fast around here, mostly when you give the classic dude a ride.” She laughed.

“Now you making me get worried…”

“You don’t have to, am sure since you two share a house, it will be very easy for you to know the type of guy he is.” “That will be all the paper work.” The secretary said as she got the forms and filed them up.


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