{ Melt into me... }

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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“Hey!! What are doing here!” A man sair behind her.

Valentina bit her lips and slowly turned to face the man. From the dressing we can see he was a security guard.

“Well was looking for the way out and i found myself here” Valentina said..

“Are you sure?.” He asked.

“What?! Are you insinuating I’m a liar!! Do you know who I am? I am the CEO’s girlfriend” Valentina crossed her hand on her chest.

“Oh, I had no idea. I’m sorry, please let me show you the way out.” The man said apologetically.

Valentina scoffed and walked out. The security guard showed her the way out.

“Have a nice day miss” He said while Valentina walked away.

Valentina hailed a cab and entered. She took a huge sigh of relief and then brought out her phone…

She looked at the pictures she took and creased her brows.

“To Thornton Investment” Valentina said. The thirty minutes were over but it was worth it…

She got down the cab and rushed in. She took the elevator which took her to the first floor.

Valentina went to his office and knocked on it…

“Come in”

She opened and walked in then stopped in front of his table.


“You’re fired” Ricardo said, scribbling things out on a paper.

“Boss, I have a reason for coming late” Valentina tried to explain.

Ricardo looked up at her, signalling her to go on. Valentina quickly brought out her phone and showed him the photo.

“This is the design of our next technology. The robot which can cook” Ricardo furrowed his brows.

“I thought as much, I was at R-B Corporation. I took the picture from there, I think that will be their next project.” Valentina said.

“We have to create and release that robot before them” Ricardo thought and made a phone.

“Jace? Start the android operation. Begin the procedure” Ricardo said and hung up.

“What were you doing there?” Ricardo asked suspiciously. Maybe she’s the spy.

“Well… The CEO of the company, Ryan Browns is non other than my boyfriend” Valentina muttered and looked down.

“Your boyfriend? What are you doing here as a mere Secretary when your boyfriend is CEO” Ricardo blurted out.

That was followed by a moment of silence. Ricardo cleared his throat and looked elsewhere

“I’m sorry, was just surprised” He said.

“So I’m not fired?” Valentina asked and Ricardo simply nodded. She smiled and bowed then left to her office.

Valentina sat down on her seat, deep in thoughts. Ryan’s behavior is really getting her worried and also it kinda breaks her heart that he stooped so low as to steal from his rival…

All these just gave her serious migraines. Valentina rubbed her temples and then placed her head on the table, slowly dozing off…

Well that’s Kimberly’s house. Her, her parents with her two older brothers live there.

“And done!!” Kimberly exclaimed once she was done with her assignment. She stood up and walked out of her spacious room.

The maids all bowed to her as she headed to Gavin’s room. Without knocking, she walked in…

Gavin was busy pressing his phone, surely chatting with one of his numerous girlfriends…

Kimberly frowned and then jumped on him, snatching his phone from him.

“Hey give that back!” He said.

Kimberly rushed to the other side of the room and scrolled through his chats.

“Ugh!! Don’t tell me you’re now dating this Riley?!” Kimberly frowned when she saw he was chatting with Riley.

“No, eww!! She keeps stalking and flirting with me. What should I do?” Gavin shrugged and snatched his phone from her.

“Thank goodness… You have no idea how I hate her” Kimberly pouted.

“I’m not interested in listening to you boring life so just leave” Gavin said.

“Nope, let’s go to movie night!” Kimberly said.

“I’m not interested, now can you pl…” Kimberly snatched his phone back and rushed out of his room.

“You’ll only get it back if you follow me dummy” Kimberly stuck out her tongue and went away.


Ricardo parked his things and walked out of his office.

“Lock my office door and go…” Ricardo frowned when he saw Valentina snoring lightly on her desk.

Ricardo pinched his brows and walked to her. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it back. Now that he thinks about it, he has completely forgotten her name.

He picked up a bottle of water on her desk and emptied it on her head…

“Ahh!!!” Valentina screamed due to the coldness of the water.

She looked at Ricardo for a good while before getting back to her senses.

“Hey are you f*cking normal?!” Valentina blurted out. She quickly closed her mouth when she realized to who she said.

“I’m so…”

“10% of your salary will be cut off.” Ricardo said.

“Hey that’s not fair!” Valentina frowned…

“Lock my door and leave! Each time you say something off another 10% off…” Ricardo said, heading to the exit…

“So arrogant” Valentina mumbled…

“Another 10% off your salary” Ricardo said.


“It looks like you don’t need your salary, that’s why you’re still talking” Ricardo cut her off.

Valentina kept quiet, obviously red in anger.

“Good, you’re less dumb when you’re mute” Ricardo smirked and entered the elevator. How fun it is to piss her off…

“I hate him!!!!!!” Valentina screamed. 20% of her salary, her precious money.

“You kinda provoked it” Her subconscious mind said.

Valentina sighed and locked his door then left. She was not feeling quite well in the first place.

Valentina took the can which took her home. She entered the house with a pale expression.

“Good morning mom” Valentina yawned.

Iris who was sitting next to Peggy looked at Valentina with weird looks.

“It’s 9pm” Peggy said.

“Oh, oops… I’m just so tired” Valentina said and went upstairs.

She removed her shoes and tossed it off then laid down on the bed. Earlier she was planning to pack her things once she gets back home but right now….

Iris and Peggy finished dressing the table. Iris went to call Valentina.

She entered and met Valentina sleeping, still in her work dress.

“Tina?” Iris tapped Valentina and gasped when she felt her temperature. It was so damn high!

Iris rushes out to inform Peggy. Peggy came upstairs with the first aid kit.

“Tina, gosh! You have fever… You must have stressed yourself a lot lately” Peggy said covering her with the duvet.

“It’s just fever mom” Valentina yawned. She already took some drugs that will bring down the temperature.

Peggy made sure Valentina was okay before going back downstairs to join Iris.

As usual, Ricardo was already dressed for work looking as handsome as always.

He picked up his suitcase when his phone beeped. He opened the message to see it was from his Secretary.

“Her name is Valentina?” He thought while reading the message.

? Good morning boss, it’s your Secretary Valentina Williams. Just to inform you that I won’t be able to make it to work today, I have a high fever. Really sorry about that. Have a nice day boss?

Ricardo kept back his phone and left. A smile crept up his lips when he remembered her face yesterday when he emptied the bottle of water on her head.

The smile quickly disappeared when Evelyn came up in his head.

“Daddy!!” Myles and Minnie hugged Ricardo.

“How’s my twin darling doing” Ricardo smiled and knelt down in front of them.

“I’m good and pretty as usual” Minnie smiled

“I’m cool and cute as always” Myles smiled too.

“Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is take your kids to work day” Minnie said and Myles nodded.

“Oh, is that so? Okay, tomorrow we’ll go to work together” Ricardo smiled.

“Really? I can’t wait. Yay!!!!” They rejoiced.

Ricardo chuckled.

“Alright, time to go to school” Ricardo said.

“Bye daddy!” They waved and left…

Valentina slept till noon before she woke up. She yawned and smiled, feeling much better.

“Bloody sh*t!!!!?” Valentina screamed. She completely forgot she had work today.

Valentina spranged up from bed and began undressing like a mad woman.

“Calm down Tina, I asked Iris to use your phone and send a message to your boss” Peggy said, entering to check up on her.

“Thank heavens” Valentina breathed out.

Peggy chuckled and left.

“Your sandwich and bacon is the kitchen” Peggy said.

Valentina went to take her bath before going downstairs.

Some people on this earth still believes in the word �never give up�. People like Fiona.

Fiona came back and smiled when she didn’t see Valentina.

“Maybe he fired her. Good for her!” She thought and knocked on the door.

“Come in”

Fiona opened the door and went in. Immediately Ricardo saw her, he released a sigh…



  1. Fiona, you haven't learnt your lesson
    And thanks Valentina for saving Thornton corporation this time

  2. Gues she's a bag of trouble 4 him…..nd sorry i realy judged ds story by its name;neva knew it wud turn out to make my day

  3. I hate this Fiona of a girl and love the way Valentina treats her f**k up

    More inspirations to your pen……….

  4. I hate this Fiona of a girl and love the way Valentina treats her f*ck up

    More inspirations to your pen……….

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