In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

Flora got down from her car after zooming into Aiden’s compound. It’s just 4:30, exactly the time she was asked t come there as stated in the message. A guard came closer to her, welcoming her as she step down from the car. She sighted him and smiled, but her body did something crazy; it tingles with the urge of being touched by the young man. The guard was not bad looking, his abs seems so visible in the shirt he was wearing and he got killer looks. But she isn’t the type that falls for handsome men easily. This guy doesn’t match the twins’ look, but why does she feel like holding him, telling him to f**k her hard.

“Ma’am” The guard called, staring at her. She came back to her sense and gave a fake smile


“You zoned out…ermm, this way…a maid will direct you to the guest room. Boss isn’t around now, perhaps you wait for him.” He noted

“Oh ok..i will” She muttered, embarrassed for zoning out. He smiled in return, watching her leave. After she was out of sight, he spoke into his mouthpiece

“I think it is working, my job is done here, I’m outta here” he stated; looking round, before heading towards his secret exit.

Flora walked into the building, her legs really itching to be touched; she felt stupid and laughed at her sudden body reaction. What’s wrong with me today, I think I’m missing someone to much, or perhaps because I haven’t met with a man for too long, she thought.

A maid stopped in front of her smiling as she greeted her.

“Good day ma’am…”

“Hi….ermmmm…can I make use of the toilet” She asked the maid, having the thought of playing with herself to ease the over rising urge.

“Oh yes…I will just take you to the guest room” The maid noted. She followed her until they got to a room. She doesn’t really know her way around Aiden’s house since she doesn’t visit there often when she was with Axel, but she knows the in and out of Axel’s house.

“You can go in here, just click on the bell over there if you need my help” She smiled.

“Ok..thanks” Flora replied. Going into the room as the maid left, she dropped her bag on the bed and hurriedly takes off her clothes. She didn’t bother to look around and admire the room, although it looks so expensive to be a guest room, and she could see Aiden’s pictures around. But the inch wouldn’t allow her to be steady. She ran into the bathroom, sitting on the closet, as she dipped a finger into her hole.

“Oh…my…” She mo@n


Josephine, Aiden’s maid, was just arriving from the mall where she went to get some things. The car she and a guard went with broke down on the way, and this delayed their arrival. Grannie Naomi went for a brief vacation granted by Aiden, leaving her alone to do most of the cooking jobs. The other maids assigned to clean the environment are just temporary maids. They are changed every week and she sometimes doesn’t recognize most of them. She entered the building only to meet one of the employed maids going out with her bag. She seems startled on sighting Josephine who also looked puzzled. The maid seem to be in a haste

“Where are you going to….your job has not ended here” She huff

“Erm….i’m really sorry, but I need to go. My mother called me now about my father being involved in an accident. I really need to be there. I have called the boss, and he has granted me the permission” She shuttered. Josephine shrugged, though she doesn’t believe her, but who is she to stop her if the boss is has approved it?

“Fine…just stop breathing like a dog, a run fast so as to catch up with the bus” Josephine stated. The maid nodded and left

“Ugly b!tch” The maid cursed within.

“I’m out” She muttered into her mouthpiece and headed for the secret passage. Aiden’s car zoomed in immediately, as Josephine went to welcome him.

“Welcome sir” She greeted with a genuine smile. Aiden returned the smile, but his body rouses at the same time. He calmed it down trying to walk steadily in order to prevent her from seeing his already arouse rod.

“F**k, what’s wrong with me” he thought

“Ermmm, sir…do you give a maid approval to go visit her parent” Josephine asked, collecting the small bag he held as they walk in.

“No, I did not give such order” He muttered

“Yes…I knew it, she was lying. Perhaps she has something else to do out there, and doesn’t wanna come out clean” She noted, explaining her ordeal to him.

“Don’t worry about her, another maid will replace her. I need rest now. My friends will be here later in the day, can you make something for them. Just like the other time, tell the other maids to assist you”

“Ok sir”

Aiden hurriedly went into his room, locking the door afterward. He took off his shirt and shoes, and was about taking of his pants when he noticed the disorder in the room. He walked further towards the bad checking out the female bag and cloth on it.

“What the F_” he was about saying when he heard some running water from the bathroom.

“Who could be in” He thought. His though was cut short when the bathroom opened, with a n@ked lady coming out, holding a towel to clean her body. He froze at the spot as his rod leap for joy. He started feeling hot inside staring at her, lustfully.

“Flora” he managed to call. She faced him in shock, as the towel in her hand fell down. He tried looking away from her, but his eyes won’t allow him. He tried taking a step away, but his body decided to no obey him that moment. The urge to go deep into her kept coming to his mind, he felt helpless at the moment. He thought she was gonna scream and shout at him for seeing her that way, but he was wrong. They kept staring at each other that way.

Before he could blink his eye, she was already in front of him. Flora on the other hand doesn’t know what is wrong with her. Fine, she loves Aiden so much that she felt like going down with him. But this moment, it isn’t her controlling herself; it was her body taking over. She couldn’t control the sudden urge that erupt in her body as saw him in the room. She was expecting him to shout at her, or look away, but he didn’t make a move, and this alone is making her wet. She touched his chest, making him jerk back to reality

“Flora…you shouldn’t be here…I mean”

“Shh…I know…but I just…I don’t know too…but” She slam her lip on him, as she couldn’t control it any longer, dipping her hand into his pant. He followed the rhythm, but tried to stop

“No Flora…we shouldn’t be doing this” He spoke, but his body was doing otherwise. It grew harder

“I… you Aiden… I really do, please don’t do this to me…I’m really hot…I can’t control this” She pleaded. He seems to be feeling the same way. They continued their unholy act, fingering, s*cking and drilling to climax; which is meant to satisfy their uncomprehending urge, but against the will of their spirit.

“I think I have been drugged” Aiden thought in his mind, going deeper into her.


7:00 PM

The table was already set, filled with delicious delicacies, as the aroma filled the air. The maids could be seen working tirelessly as they set the table. The guests were beginning to arrive, for the little get-together among the celebrities, or let’s just say among the Triple bands and solo singers of Hybrid collections, and that of the AAB entertainment.

Ryan and Zach were the first to arrive, the exchange pleasantries with Aiden, who was already in the sitting room, while Flora was checking out the delicacies. Dylan, Axel’s best friend came in too with Parslee, his girlfriend. Axel also came in, giving a long hug to Dylan

“Run away pal…you just ain’t tired of travelling” Axel snickered, exchanging hand shake with him

“That’s me bro…just came back from Spain three days ago and saw the get-together party stuff on the group chat, and decided to show up.”

Theo walked in with Nicki with Karl, Axel’s manager, pricking on her. The triple girls were the last to arrive, in their styles. Nina went ahead to k*ss Zach, shocking the others, except the triple girls and Ryan who knew about their relationship.

“Oh…yea…we are dating now” Nina blushed as they stare

“That’s cool” Theo chuckled

The table was finally set for them to eat, as they enjoy their meal chatting along side. Dylan and Theo made the table lively with the unending cracking rib jokes. Only Aiden and Flora were feeling a bit indifferent, but decide to keep cool in order not to allow the others notice their mood. She looked at Axel but he didn’t even spare her a glance.

They finished their meal in no time, as the time for games came up.

“Ok guys…like we all have been doing before, whenever we gather like this, there is always something fun to do. I actually suggested the party and will definitely be the one to anchor it. But first of all, I really wann appreciate you all for coming, and also wanna plead with all those I might have offended. I’m really sorry; you know, Sophia can be a bad girl at times, shouting and cursing…ahhahh…don’t take me to heart, just forgive….” She beamed

“Hmm…Nicki..” She called

“Come on babe…I have forgotten about everything, I hold no grudge against you, trust me, we are all one” Nicki smiled

“Oh…you are such a darling” She blew her a kiss, which Nicki returned in a funny way making everyone laugh. The talk continued until they decided the first game to play.

It was a game about asking hard questions about the music and acting industry of which anyone who fails will be forced to tweak in front of everyone. Sophia threw out the questions as it was being answered by some until it got to Karl’s turn.

“So Karl you are next, who was the Theo’s First trainer when he first joined the industry” Sophia asked, as they all watch Karl

“Ermmm….I think it’s Mrs. Blink…”


“What???? That’s not true. Mrs. Blink was the trainer then” he resorted

“Yes…but we are talking about Theo here….”

“How do you expect me to know that…I just started working in the industry about two years ago, and this is a question of five years.

“Whatever, you should know…you are Axel’s manager ain’t you” Emma chipped in

“Fine, so what’s the answer?”

“Axel…..” Sophia replied


“Yea…when Theo first joined the industry, Mrs. Blink assigned Axel to coach him on some basic things which he should know. Though they were both little then and being that they were friends, they got along well. Mrs. Blinks was having so many trainees to handle as at then, so putting Theo in Axel’s care was just a relief for her. After knowing the basics, he graduated to be in our crew, and that makes Axel his first trainer” Sophia explained, as axel and Theo nodded in affirmation

“Then how do you expect me to know all that…axel is not a gist teller that will start narrating histories to me” Karl whined, he doesn’t wanna tweak in front of them, especially in front of his crush who was sitting there, but he had no choice than to do it.

They laughed hard as they watch him. The game continued until almost every one of them had done on tweak or the other.

It was now time for True or Dare.

They started the game by giving rules and spinning the bottle. It first landed on Dylan as Ryan asked his question when he choose truth

“Where did you first meet your girlfriend” He asked

“I met her at the park” he replied, and Parslee confirmed it. It went on until it got to Sophia turn to spin the bottle, it landed on Flora. She smirks devilishly, but only Flora knows that smirk

“Humm..Flora, pick”

“I choose truth”

“Do you have a crush on anyone here, and who is the person” Sophia asked grinning. Flora sighs, staring at everyone’s faces.

“Yes….I have a crush on Aiden, and I love him a lot.” She muttered. Karl was shocked beyond words; he stared at her with grief in his heart. Josephine, who was hiding at a corner peeping at their game sudden storm away in fury, cursing Flora, silently. Everywhere became silent, not until Axel scoffs, getting upon his feet, as they all look at him.

“What do you mean…that you have a crush on my brother” He yelled, already boiling with rage

“It’s the truth Axel…I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you….i have always loved Aiden….but..”

“But ended up f**king Michael…” He snapped

“Axel…calm down.” Theo muttered, standing to his feet too

“Don’t tell me to calm down. Why will she love my brother of all people, why..huhnn…” He asked, but she couldn’t reply him, bending her head in shame. He looked at Aiden, but he wasn’t showing any sigh of surprise

“I have to say the truth…I just can’t keep it any longer…I’m sorry Axel..”

“F**k the truth…I’m out of here” he yelled, leaving the sitting room.

Flora stood up immediately trying to go after him, but was held down by Karl.

“Don’t go after him, he is damn angry and might just hurt you” he mouthed.

“Let him calm down a bit” He said, his voice a bit shaken. Flora nodded; she looked at Aiden, who had his head on his palms. He stood up later on, after a brief silence

“I going in, thanks for the game Sophia” Aiden said, going into his room, as he bang the door angrily

The others dispersed, going into other rooms to have their sleep, leaving Flora alone with Sophia.

“You are such an idiot…’ Sophia muttered, grinning. Flora looked up to her with tears already threatening down her eyes.

“We will see about that…I’m done with you Sophia…” She sniffs in, going outside with the aim of making amends with Axel.





hmmm…the battle is about to begin..Let’s watch and see who wins


You all know that i have tried my best in posting two chapters today; also try to give me good comments. I’m having serious headache right now. This is not the only story i’m writing



Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. Yeah, you really tried today because I wasn't expecting another episode today. So thank you very much. I personally appreciate your work and sorry about your headache
    I knew Sophia was up to no good,I just pray she doesn't have their make out recorded to be used against them later

    1. Please Vickie dear,I wouldn't mind if you can mention some of your stories here (Either on going or completed). Thanks in anticipation

  2. Vickie do not sick oooo ,we love your stories and the way you're mindfully and carefully writing. Let watch and see What Sophia have in cupboard for us, I she'll loose woefully.

  3. So what will be of Aiden's portion now or should i say both brothers and Flora including Ariel?

    I am yet to get where is Ariel during this? And who the hell drugged Aiden? Isn't this strange?

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