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Personal Taste – Episode 56


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Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 56


“Your wish” Mrs. Hunt replied. “What can I do to make you forgive me?” Mr. Hunt asked and Mrs. Hunt does some thinking.

“Take me out for shopping tomorrow” Mrs. Hunt replied.

“You planning to kîll me? The last time we went to shopping together I almost die” Mr. Hunt replied.

“You aren’t ready then” Mrs. Hunt replied with a smirk. “Okay deal, I’ll take you out,” Mr. Hunt said.

“I’ll forgive you when we come back” Mrs. Hunt replied and stood up from the chair. “You’re so mean,” Mr. Hunt said.

“I know, no need to remind me” Mrs. Hunt replied. “My son is back!” Mrs. Hunt said and walked out of the house.

Austin came down from the car and Mrs. Hunt smiled at him.

“Austin my love I have gotten you a wife,” Mrs. Hunt said. “Are you joking mum?” Austin asked.

“No, I’m not joking” Mrs. Hunt replied. “I’m not interested mum,” Austin said and walked to his car. “You must be interested” Mrs. Hunt replied.

“You can’t force me,” Austin said and stick out his tongue at her before driving out of the compound.

“Hey, mum!” Rowen said with a smile.

“Where’s Austin going to?” Mrs. Hunt asked. “He got an emergency call from his company so he’s going to sign a file” Rowen replied.

“How’s your journey did you see her? How’s she? Hope her parents like you?” Mrs. Hunt asked.

“Which of your questions did you want me to answer first?” Rowen ask.

“All, yes answer all” Mrs. Hunt replied. “Fine I saw her, she’s fine and her parents like me” Rowen replied.

“Good can I see her picture?” Mrs. Hunt asked. “Sure” Rowen replied and gave her his phone. “Oh my goodness! She’s fûcking beautiful” Mrs. Hunt said.

“Yes I know” Rowen replied. “Hey daddy, how’s mummy?” Sophia asked coming out from her room with a teddy bear.

“How’s my baby doing today?” Rowen said and lift Sophia up and she giggled.

“Your baby is fine, how’s mum?” Sophia asked.

“She’s fine, she really missed you, she asked me to give you some chocolate and she also bought some caps for you,” Rowen said with a smile.

“I love you mum, where’s my chocolate?” Sophia asked.

“It’s inside the car I’ll go get it for you later” Rowen replied.

“Dad Aunt Britta is here!” Sophia said. “Brittany, what’s she doing here? How did she get here?” Rowen ask.

“She’s your sister” Mrs. Hunt replied. “Are you joking?” Rowen ask.

“I’m not, she said you guys know each other, have you tried looking at her closely, didn’t she look like your father?” Mrs. Hunt asked.

“Wait… Don’t tell me you’re serious,” Rowen said. “She’s your sister,” Mr. Hunt said coming out from the kitchen with a cup of coffee.

“Oh Austin told me she saved Mr by giving me her blood, I’ve even forgotten to thank her, foolish me, so my instincts are right, I never knew she’s my sister but I have a feelings she’s related to me, I need a proper explanation,” Rowen said.

“Your father will be the one to explain” Mrs. Hunt replied.

“Yeah, I’ll I’m very sorry my son,” Mr. Hunt said. “I’ll be right back let me go check on her she has been sleeping for the past three hours I want to be sure she’s fine,” Mrs. Hunt said and left for the room she gave Brittany.

“Is that all?” Rowen ask.

“Yes I’m sorry” Mr. Hunt replied. “You don’t even need to be sorry Dad, I would have lost my life if you don’t make that mistake” Rowen replied.

“Thanks for your understanding,” Mr. Hunt said and Rowen nod his head.

“No wonder I like her despite trying to seduce me, I’m gonna tease her till kingdom come,” Rowen said and walked to the living room. “You’re awake,” Mrs. Hunt said and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Yes mum, I’m” Brittany replied. “Your brother is back will you like to see him?” Mrs. Hunt asked and Brittany covered her face with the duvet.

“What happened? Didn’t you wanna see your brother?” Mrs. Hunt asked. “Hope he’s not angry?” Brittany asked.

“Why will he get angry, he’s not angry so let’s go” Mrs. Hunt y and dragged Brittany out.

“You will say, good evening bro, once we get outside, I wanna see his reaction,” Mrs. Hunt said and Brittany nod her head.

“I love the chocolate can you call mum later I wanna speak with her” Sophia said and Rowen brought out his phone to call Emma. “Babe hope you’ve gotten to the house?” Emma asked.

“Sure baby your daughter wanna talk to you” Rowen replied. “Oh good give the phone to her” Emma replied and Mrs. Hunt clear her throat. “Good evening brother!” Brittany said and Rowen burst into laughter. Brittany covered her face with her palm immediately.

“Where are the files?” Austin asked immediately he entered his office.

“Here’s it sir!” The security replied and moved the file closer to Austin, she used one of her hands to drag her skirt up.

“I thought you said the file is important?” Austin asked and the secretary nod her head with a smile showing off her b**bs.

“The last time I checked this file isn’t important, I can sign it anytime I want,” Austin said and stood up immediately.

“I’m sorry my bad” the secretary replied. “So you made me come here in vain Flora,” Austin said angrily, he has never been angry like this before. “I’m sorry I just want you to see my new dress” Flora replied smiling sheepishly.

“Your new dress are you crazy?” Austin asked. “Yes I’m crazily in love with you, I don’t know why you can’t see it” Flora replied.

“Let this be the first and last time you will try this rubbish with me,” Austin said and Flora burst into laughter.

“You can’t leave here until you have a taste of me” Flora replied and put off her top, she’s putting on a braless top and Austin burst into laughter.

“And you think I’ll be attracted to the ballon you called a brèast?” Austin’s asked and burst into laughter.

“And you think I’m joking,” Flora said and put off her skirt showing off get well shave pûssy. Austin looks at her and smiled.

“I don’t fall easily, you can try harder, I’ll give you the chance to put off your cloth and wake out, and if not for the fact that you’re one of my best workers I’ll have sack you,” Austin said and pushed her out of his wall before walking out.

“Who did he think he’s? He is trying to seduce me thinking I’ll fall, I have self-control” Austin replied. “Is he even a human?” Flora asked herself through gritted teeth.

Austin got to his car and hit the staring angrily. “Did she have a boyfriend?” He asked himself. “No he can’t I thought she’s single, why will she even go on a date?” Austin asked and brought out the bracelet he brought for her. He smiled at it and put it back in his pocket.

He brought out a handkerchief from his pocket and sniffed it.

“I’m going cràzy,” he said with a smile.

“Brittany will kîll me if she found out I stole her handkerchief,” Austin said.

“Should I just go to my apartment or Rowen’s place?” Austin asked himself.

“I think Rowen’s place will be better because of little Sophia,” Austin said and start his car flora rushed out and wave at his car.

Austin whine down the glass and gave her a questioning look. “I’m sorry for what I did earlier,” Flora said.

“Are you done?” Austin asked and she nod her head. “I have forgiven you just don’t think with your pûssy again,” Austin said and drove off. “He insulted me,” Flora said with a frown.

“But Truth be told you deserve every insult he gave to you,” someone said from behind and Flora turn back to see her friends.

“Molly I thought you have gone to the house,” Flora said. “I didn’t go because you look suspicious, I knew you’re up to something, I warned you but you didn’t listen and you brought disgrace upon yourself,” Molly said. “But he’s single, I just think of shooting my shot” Flora replied.

“Is that how to shoot shot, you can tell him without making a sexual move” Molly replied. “× don’t even know how to face him tomorrow” Flora replied.

“Why are you laughing?” Mrs. Hunt asked with a frown. “It’s just funny how she called me bro, what happened to Rowen?” Rowen asks and Mrs. Hunt burst into laughter.

“So you think my baby will be referring to you as bro, she said that to pull your leg don’t feel so big,” Mrs. Hunt said.

“Which side are you on?” Rowen ask. “Brittany side, of course, she listens to me unlike you, guys asked her to call you bro and she did” Mrs. Hunt replied and Austin walked inside. “Brittany is my eyes deceiving me?” Austin asked.



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