In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32



Ariel breathed a sigh of relief as the doctor in charge of Daniel came out of the ward. She was not alone; Aiden came immediately the news got to him and he had really done a good job, consoling her to stop her endless tears.


She felt bad for always causing one danger or the other and putting others in a tight corner. They had been sitting outside the ward for half an hour before the doctor came out.
“ Good day mister…ermm”
“Aiden” Aiden muttered as he shook the doctor’s hand

“Oh…mister Aiden….erm…are you by any means related to the victim”
“Yes, he is one of my guards….” Aiden replied, the doctor nodded

“So, how is he….any improvement, has the bullet been taken out” Aiden asked almost immediately
“Sure, it has, but there is a little complication here. The young man loses a lot of blood, and needs a transfusion. The bullet hits a more complicated region and gets us a hard time removing it, but we did our best, and now it’s time for you to do yours”

“Ok doc…is there a blood bank here, we can get one of his type, just make sure he is alright”

“We will do our best…” The doctor noted and left. He phones his manager, giving him some instructions before ending the call. He face Ariel who was still in shock, she as speechless and seem not to know what is going on in her environment.

“Hey…” he muttered, going to sit beside her, as he wraps his arms rounds her shoulder, placing a soft peck on her forehead
“It’s gonna be okay…Daniel will be fine, and you also” he cooed softly, she nodded, drying off the stains of tears in her eyes
“But I want you to do something for me”
“What?” She asked in a croaky voice
“Ariel?” He called. She raised her head to stare at him, he returned the stare fir some minutes before speaking up.

“I want the truth from you..did you wrong anyone before coning over to this country, or, you know….who do you think could be after you?” He asked, puzzled. She sighs

“I can’t really say. I used to be an easy going girl back in my country, I can’t remember hurting anyone. I lived with my mother who couldn’t fend for the both of us any longer, she sent me here to look for my dad, who she claimed lives here in this city, and a citizen of Cape Town.


I don’t know him, I haven’t even seen his photo once, but she strongly believes that I will find him, and fulfill my dreams over here, rather than drowning in poverty over there.”

She sighed a bit, smuggling herself more into his warm embrace, he hugged dew her closer as they felt the warmth of each other’s body.
“I came here with a woman named Miss Peggy, who she introduced to me as her friend, who works as a model here in Cape Town.

I don’t really know this woman, but my mum convinced me to go with her, promising me of a brighter future. I heed to her advice and came to Cape Town with Miss Peggy who turned out to be who she isn’t. I don’t really know her works, but Juan, a girl who convinced me to escape, told me about her hidden intention of turning me to a call girl, instead of the Modeling job she promised to offer us.

That night, we both escape through the window, and missed our ways when we heard sounds of bullets ahead of us. You almost ran into me that night, and that is how I met myself in your house. I have a feeling she is the one behind all these. I can’t say for sure, but, you are the first person I came in contact with after coming to this place apart from her. So I can’t possibly hurt someone else, except those hoodlums mistake me for someone else.” She ended her speech
He rubbed her back softly, before speaking up
“The police will be coming to ask some questions, they will wanna hear your own witness. Tell them about the message you receive, but don’t mention anything about this Miss Peggy yet. Thee enemies might be among them, you need to trust nobody as at now. I have a private investigator; he will carry out the investigation about her and the gang. If we find valid evidence, we will waste no time but hand her over to the law. Trust me on this.” he whispered, she nodded and sniffed
“That’s my girl, but for now, you will be saying at the Hybrid company lounge. All contestant are gonna be given a lounge to stay in, while those who are still students will be given the opportunity to attend online classes. The contest is starting in full this time, the twelve lucky winners has been picked already. Perhaps a message will be sent to you soon.
The security over there is really tight, so intruders won’t have their way. Don’t worry about any f**king thing, just put your mind at rest and concentrate on winning the contest, you are gonna be the star….” He assured. She smiled as her face brighten up, he was happy about the fact that he managed to bring a smile on her face.

“Thanks” She softly replied, as he returned the smile. They stare at each other for a moment, not until she cut it off with a quick soft peck on his lips. He was taken aback, as she tried hiding her red cheek. He chuckled at her inexperience, but felt satisfied.
“Wait a minute…did you just kiss him” her subconscious mind asked. As she tried waving it off
“Sure…he deserve it…Aiden has always been there for me, right from time” She thought inwardly
Flora walked graciously into the pool, as she positioned herself well for the photographer to take numerous photos of her. She was pouting on a flowery pink bikini, letting down her hair for a better look. She smiled bright at the camera as it does its job, flashing lights across her beautiful face with no scratch. Flora being one of the best Models in Cape Town has won many awards from different company just within the period she took up the job.
She doesn’t seem to be the prettiest girl in the country, continent or the whole world, but one thing people love about her is that, she got the moves, the shape and most importantly, her smile can be a mesmerizing lotion which makes the skin of a baby soft.
She came out of the pool, after several shoot, as her manager came forward to hand her a towel. She cleaned her face with it and engaged her in a talk
“Any more schedule for today” she asked impatiently
“Ye… are having a shoot at the Evelyn cream company, and that’s all. It is starting by 2:00pm and this is just 11:00am, so we got a lot of time to rest” her manager grinned. She nodded, and was about walking further when she noticed her long time enemy sitting under a shade, having a strawberry drink in her hand with a straw stuck to her lips.
“Sophia” She mumbled, with hate
“Yeaa….the beauty queen is out of the pool, huhn…I thought I was gonna wait forever” Sophia mocked
“What do you want this time, Sophia”
“Hey, be calm with that name because it worth millions, call it with respect babe.” Sophia bluff. Flora rolled her eyes. She handed the towel back to her manager, sending her off
“I will just leave if you have nothing to say”
“Sure, I have something to say. Sit down and let’s talk business”
“Huhn….I don’t have any business with you, so can you just go straight to the point. I have other things to attend to”
“Like I don’t have anything to do? Geez girl, you and I know that our business did not end there. I can just crush you with a snap of my finger. I have the power and fame to do that, so if you love yourself, just sit down” Sophia commanded. Flora had no choice; she reluctantly sat opposite her as Sophia made a devilish chuckle.
“Now, let’s talk business” She croaked
<Dung Town>
Elsa just finished speaking with Brittany. It’s been two weeks now that she left and hasn’t returned. She had asked her numerous time of when she will come back, but Brittany remains adamant. She only sends money to her account and tells her to buy whatever she needs at home. She decided to go to a mall today to get groceries. The village isn’t having a mall, so the next town was where they can get things in bulk. She paid the taxi driver as she alight the car, heading into the medium mall, and starts picking what she needs.
She was about going to the next section when she heard her name
“Elsa….” Someone called form behind. She turned to look and finds Karl staring at her
“Oh m goodness, it’s seriously….why did you leave”
“Oh….Karl….hi” She replied, already feeling uncomfortable. She never wished for anyone to find her, at least, not now.
“Wow…what are you doing here….and why did you leave the city” he asked. She shrugged
“Just felt like leaving”
Karl knew Elsa as a maid in the mansion. Whenever he got a call from Axel, he will go there and most times they come in contact. He knows her background story about being an orphan, but seeing her now in a good condition made him surprised. She doesn’t look like the maid he used to know, she now look more like a pretty lady. Who will believe she is as pretty as this. She also looks happy, he thought
“You look good” he complemented, she blushed “thanks”. He was about asking another question when his phone rang out. He paused to receive the call signaling for her to hold on, but she managed to escape from his sight without his notice, he was so engross in the call, and wondered how she left. He shrugged and went out.
<Jenkins Mansion>
Sophia walked graciously into her father’s room. She shuts the door gently and sighted him at his usual study table, going through some files. A pair of glasses were gently placed on his nose; giving him a handsome look. He flipped through the pages of the files, greatly engross in it, oblivious of her presence, not until she cleared her throat. He glanced up and caught a view of her, a smile spread across his face. She returned the smile, walking closer, as he spreads his arms for a hug.
“Hmmm….my pretty damsel, what do I owe this lovely visit. It’s been a while you come into my room.” He smiled; she rolled her eyes, disengaging the hug.
“Come in dad, you and I know that you are the one not coming to check on me. I missed you” She pouted. He chuckled, softly pinching her cheeks
“Ouch..that hurt”
“You should know that dad is really busy these days. I’m really sorry for not performing my fatherly duties, but please try to understand me” he appealed.
“Fine, now that I am here, can we have our usual chitty chat” She grinned. He sighed rubbing his temples
“, as you can see, I’m pretty busy now, huhn” he pouted, pointing to the numerous files on his desk. She frowned
“Come on dad, that’s what you have been saying for a long time now; you no longer have time for your pretty damsel. Now I’m beginning to miss my mother, sometimes I feel like she is here to do these things with me” She bluffs, folding her arms
“Hey…baby..don’t say that. You and I know that I care a lot about you, you are my number one priority, but due to some circumstances, I couldn’t make it up to you. But I’m promising to do that soon, are you ok with that?
She shrugged
“Fine” She smiled, as he caress her cheek “That’s my girl”
She picked up a file and glance at it, returning it back to the table
“What’s all these files for”
“Oh…Most of it are new projects for the company, reports, contracts and so on. I really need to work on them; some files have to do with the current contest on ground. Some companies wanna sponsor the program, so they have to sign certain agreements” he ended his speech
“Wow, that’s cool, keep the good work going dad” She patted his shoulder, he smiled at her praise
“I need to go now, bye dad” She pecked him on his cheek, as he returned it, landing on her forehead. She turned to leave and exit the room.
He rubbed his temple slightly, picking up his phone as he made a call. The fellow picked it at the third ring
“Hello sir” A voice sounded from the background
“Hello Mr. Jim, I need the report about what happened in the school yesterday”
“Oh ok sir…I will try sending it to you today”
“That’s good. About the injured man and the young girl, how is their case now”
“The man is receiving treatment, and the girl is being interrogated by the police. I believe they have settled that already”
“That’s fine, but I will need to speak to her myself, can you arrange that” he asked, sighing on a file
“That won’t be a problem, she is a student of the school and also one of the contestant, I will get back to you sir”
“Make sure you do. And about the school, I need a tight security, the gangs might be back to create more havoc, I don’t wanna risk the life of any other student. Please just make sure everything is put in place.”
“That’s gonna be solved sir”
“Send the report immediately, Bye Jim”
“Bye sir” he ended the call and sighed softly, his mind flashing back to what Sophia said earlier. She might really miss growing up without a mother
“Hmm…I wish you don’t meet her now until you are fully prepared to do so, else you might not be able to take it” he thought inwardly as he continued his work
*Few Days Later*
Ariel’s POV
Daniel was discharged from the hospital some days ago, and I kinda felt relieve. Seeing him on that hospital bed made me feel sad, I wasn’t myself for some days, but thanks to Aiden, he tried keeping me happy. Right now, I’m in the car heading to the Hybrid Musicals. Yea, a message was sent to me few days back stating that I have been chosen among the twelve, well to be sincere, I was a bit nervous on the stage then. I never knew I would be chosen, because the other contestants were damn good, let’s just say grace is speaking for me.
The contestants are to live in the company lounge until the contest is over, and this time, audience will be welcomed and the large auditorium will be used. I kinda feel nervous about it, but one just needs to fears one’s fears. The audiences are also the ones to vote, they will do that online, and I’m very sure the whole of Cape Town will partake in it.
Mia is actually sitting beside me in the car; she is actually grinning and making slight chuckles while scrolling through her phone. I wonder who she is chatting with, perhaps old time friends. We got to the venue in no time and got assigned into our different lounges, we were shared in pairs. I go paired with one crazy girl, who won’t stop talking for once, well that’s what I call her for now, while Mia got paired with a blonde girl, she seems to be the girl dancing on stage instead of focusing on her singing, well her voice is actually good, perhaps they had to consider that and choose her.
“I retired to the room, putting out my belongings as I started arranging them in their appropriate places. My roommate came in groaning; she slump on the bed yawning loudly
“Geez….I’m so tired, I feel like sleeping” Dorothy groaned. I rolled my eyes, focusing on what I was doing
“But I need a quick bath first” she scurried off into the bathroom, leaving her belongings untouched.
“Wait a sec, is this girl gonna leave all these here without arranging the,” I thought inwardly
“Well, that’s her business to sort out, right now, I need some fresh air. Our journey here was smooth, but I still don’t feel it. Getting out of the room, I sighted Mia’s lounge and sighed.
“I pray she doesn’t try making any fuse with her roommate, Mia can be crazy at times. She might even end up burning the building, with her adventurous cooking skills.”
I walked on to where my legs leads me, enjoying the cool breeze that blew across my face, and stopped at a building with an inscription on it; ‘Studio’. I couldn’t sight anyone close by at the moment, perhaps they are having their rest, well except those far off in the main company. I got into the studio and was welcomed by the cool sound of a piano playing. The compelling sounds gripped my attention as I walked further into the large studio, as my mouth open in amazement as to how large it is.
I sighted the person playing it; no other plays this way except the people’s crazy idol, Axel. He sat on the stool playing a singing one of the songs of Westlife; ‘Nothing is gonna change my love for you’. He was backing me, so he wouldn’t know if anyone entered or not. I moved closer, leaning on a wall close by, closed my eyes as I digest the music, and unconsciously started singing along. I was so engross in my own world of music, not until he stopped playing the Piano.
I opened my eyes to see a pair of lovely blue eyes, boring holes into mine. I gulped down nothing, mentally cursing myself for going pass my boundaries. My heart started beating faster, but he did something that made it stop; he smiled, a genuine smile this time. My heart almost jumped out of my body; is this really Axel, or am I hallucinating, this is the first time he will be smiling at me this way. Io returned the smile, but he cut it off with his voice
“You should be in your lounge, why are you here?” He asked, returning to his usual cold mood. I shrug
“I just felt like taking a walk, and ended up here” I replied genuinely, he nodded
“Come closer”
“What????” I almost screamed. “Why will he ask me to come closer, what does he wanna do with me?” I asked inwardly
“Just go dummy, stop acting like a fish” My subconscious muttered; something I wonder if she is a human like me, well she lives in me, haahaa, funny me.
I got to stand before, as he offers me a seat which I sat on reluctantly. He stared at me for a while, making me bit my lips nervously. What is he up to?
“I want you to sing that song you sang the other time” He mumbled, facing the piano. I clearly remembered the one he is talking about. ‘Lost in the woods’, the music he wrote few years back, I presented it in the first audition.
I cleared my throat and started the first solo, giving it my best voice, with my eyes closed. He strikes the keys of the Piano as its lovely sounds came up. He joined me when I got to the chorus, as the two melodious filled the air, giving the atmosphere a warm surge. Well I wouldn’t have thought of this day to come, but come to think of it; Axel was the young guy I saw singing in a video in my country, I never knew I will meet him someday, not to talk of singing with him like right now. This might not just be grace, I think it is fate.
Hi lovelies, sorry about the delay in posting
What’s your best scene in this chapter. I think i’m seeing some changes in our male lead
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Love y’all
Vickie Dora

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