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Flora High – 4&5

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🏘️Flora High🏘️

(💦Highschool love story💞)



Chapter 4&5

Melissa’s pov
Am here for the exams, I bet you are too, she said
Yes I am, with my bestie I pointed at rose.
Hi am Roselyn, rose for short and you, rose asked
Nina, the girl said
Melissa I replied.

All of a sudden we started hearing screams from the students, we snapped our heads to thier direction to see three boys entering the school compound.
Gosh is it because they are handsome that girls are screaming like that.
They are cute, Nina said
Yeah, Rose replied
I just kept quiet staring without uttering a word, till they passed us.

Some Minutes Later

We were called to the hall to write our exams. A teacher spoke up, after the exams, please wait outside the results will be out today, if you pass you will resume the following day, the teacher said.
The exam questions were shared, and the students started writing.

Lissa stood up going outside with Rose, because they were done writing. Others were staring at them wondering, how they were done so quickly.

Rose and Lissa were sitting on a bench, when Nina came to them and sat beside the both of them.
The results will be out in the next fifteen minutes, Nina said
How come you guys were so fast in writing the exams,she asked
That’s because we are naturally intelligent and we read our books, Lissa simply replied
You sound so cocky Rose said and they chuckled.

Nina’s pov
Wow this girls are really intelligent and nice, I pray I get to pass with them.
I heard that the least you can get is 70%.

Minutes Later
The students who took the scholarship exams where called back to the hall, to collect thier results.
Lissa got 98%
Rose got 94%
Nina got 85%
They later got thier uniforms, and the rest will be given to them the next day.

Richmond, how was your day at school Mrs Clarisse Richmond mom asked.
Good Mom, he replied
How about your friends
They are doing well mom,I replied
How was your day at work, I hope you didn’t stress yourself mom, I asked.
No I didn’t, don’t worry about me, mom said.
I later kissed her good night and went to bed.

Ryan and his younger sister Cindy we’re eating dinner.
When Cindy began talking about the scholarship students, that are to resume the following day.
I hope the new students coming Madonna won’t bully them, Cindy said, I wonder what gave her the nerves to even have a crush on you, Cindy continued blabbing till we finished dinner, and I escorted her to her room and tucked her in her bed.
Big bro won’t you say anything about what I talked about, Cindy asked
We know that’s hopeless because Madonna will surely bully them, except they fight back for themselves, I replied
Hmm, you’re right Cindy said
Ave answered you, so sleep I said.
I pecked her goodnight and left for my room.



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