Tales of the Heart

Tales of the Heart – Episode 1

{ Sweet Faith, 19 years to live}

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{ Sweet Faith,
19 years to live❄}

Chapter 01

By Chidimma Mirabel


“A little bit more closer…and…bingo!” Eric exclaimed as he shot his arrow right in the bull’s eyes.

“Wow, bravo brother! You’re so cool” A little boy jumped up and down.

Eric smiled at his 10 years brother.

“Of course, your big bro is Always cool yunno” He picked his up and used his telekinesis to hang his bow and arrow. They walked in the house.

“Mom, we’re hungry!!” The chanted while marching in the house.

“Shut up, you glutton! Food is served.” A woman scoffed and rolled his eyes.

Eric placed his little brother on his seat, and then sat down beside him.

“Brother, I want to with you” He pouted.

Eric smiled and punched his cheeks.

“No Calvin, Diamond high isn’t a school where kids like you go. It’s quite dangerous, don’t worry I’ll visit once in a while okay?” He smiled.

The little boy referred to as Calvin nodded slowly.

“Where’s dad?” Eric looked around.

“He went for work yunno being the queen’s right hand isn’t easy”


They continued eating their breakfast in silence. Eric’s phone bleeped which made him check.

💌 Where are you dummy? We’re already at the skatepark. Remaining you, come on let’s have some fun. You know today is our last day of freedom

Eric looked up at his mother who was also looking at him.

“Go on” She said.

“Thanks mom,” He stood up and kissed her cheek before running out of the house.

He boarded his black racer’s bike then wore his helmet before riding off. He rode it and smiled when he saw his friends waiting for him…

He stopped his bike in front of him and removed his helmet then fixed back his hair.

“Finally, the king has come” A red colored hair girl mocked…

“Will you stop being so sarcastic Lisa” Eric got down his bike, walking towards them.

“Lisa, how’s my favorite cousin doing” Eric ruffled her hair like a kid which made her slap his hand off her hair…

“Connor…” Eric bumped fist with a guy, around his age.

“How you doing bro” Connor replied.

“Hey Nora” He winked at a girl standing behind them.

“Hi” She replied shyly and blushed.

“Come on, let’s go party like its our last” Lisa said and mounted her skate then rolled of, doing crazy U-turns.

“Wait for me!” Connor followed suit…

Nora sat down as she wore her gang and then her helmet.

“Let me help you” Eric crouched to her level and helped her wear her helmet properly.

Nora stared at his face although. His handsome face was so closed to hers making her heart beat at an abnormal rate.

“Here, all done” He smiled and stood up, then helped her up.

“Thanks.” She pecked his cheek before rolling off on her skateboard.

“That’s weird” Eric thought and smiled. He brought out his skateboard and mounted it then joined them.

“Yuuu hooo!!!” Lisa screamed and made a double spin.

Wow, I love that girl. She’s so cool A boy commented.

The cuteness of that boy is driving me crazy!!! A girl gushed.

Suddenly, the sky became dark and gloomy. Nora was the first who noticed it.

“Guys, look!!” She pointed at the sky. A sort of dark portal opened.

“This is bad news…” Connor frowned.

Lisa looked left and right and when no one was seeing, she snapped her fingers and rain began falling.

The people present there began running away, looking for refuge. Almost immediately creepy-looking creatures began coming out of the portal. They looked scaly and bony.

“Vampires” Eric spatted in disgust…

Once they landed on the grown through the use of their speed they made some disgusting sound before launching at them.

“Stop right there…” Connor said and through the movement of his hand, he made a strong wind that blew of the vampires away sending it crashing on a building.

Lisa and Eric combined their powers and made a huge and gigantic water being and then control him, making him attack the vapires, crushing them just with the stump of his feet.

Nora’s eyes turned green and she began running to one of the vampires. She jumped and then out of the blues transformed into a huge pterodactyl. With the use of her Mouth, she picked the demon and shredded it into pieces.

Once the vampires were all eradicated, Nora transformed back to a normal being.

Time for presentation!!

You see that handsome guy over there with looks that can make any girl go nuts, his name is Eric. He’s a water bender, age; 20.

The girl with the fierce look which is symbolized by her hair color is Lisa. Cousin of Eric. She’s a water bender too. Age; 18.

The shy, cute looking girl over there who won’t stop staring at Eric is Nora. She’s a changeling. Age; 18.

And the cool dude over there who always smiles is Connor. An air bender. Age; 20.

“This was so awesome!! This is why I wanted to enroll in Diamond high. So that I will get to fight and do lot of cool stuffs!” Lisa jubilated.

“Yeah, we know Miss ‘I’m not scared’.” Nora chirped in from the building she was standing on.

She jumped down…


Two brown boots could be seen landing on the ground. A girl stood with brown long hairs that ended around her waistline stood up properly and smiled out her dimples.

“Here you go little puppy, go meet your mother” She knelt down and released a black spotted puppy.

Well she helped it cross a river through a bridge that was under construction.

The puppy released a cute bark and ran away.

“Goodness!!! K-D!! Did you see the dangerous mission you just did? What if you got hurt? I’m not gonna be held responsible if that” Another girl ranted from behind.

“Its okay Emma, I’m safe as you can see.” She twirled around.

“Come on Kadence, let’s go home or else your mom will beat you up and I’m not gonna save your a$$ this time around.” Emma said and picked up her basket of strawberries then began walking away.

“Hey wait for me!” She ran behind her with her own basket at hand.

Let me present to you the beautiful Kadence. Powers:- None…Age; 18.

The other cute girl is Emma. She’s Kadence’s best friend and they’re both humans. Age; 18.

“It’s been an hour I sent you to get me some damn fruits. Why are you coming Back at this time” A woman was standing in front of the house, waiting for Kadence.

“Uhm, I’m sorry mother” She bowed in apology. Emma went back home so there’s no one to save her.

“For making me wait, you’re going to sleep with an empty stomach. Insolent child.” She snatched the basket from her and marched in the house.

Kadence sighed and looked down.

“Did mom scold you again? Serves you right” A girl giggled and walked in the house. She was wearing bitchy clothes…

Kadence rolled her eyes and sat down at the stairs of the house.

“Those two are hellbent in making my life a living hell” Kadence sighed.

She saw a woman walk pass her. She was dressed in fancy clothes and beside her was a girl. From the looks of it, one could tell they’re mother and daughter.

“Is happiness only meant for the rich?” She asked herself.

An idea came into her head and she quickly stood up from the where she sat then ran into the house heading to her small room. She rummaged through her things and brought out a pen with a book. The book was pink in color and from the look of it, was getting old.

She opened the book to the last page and then began scribbling some words. Once she was done, she smiled…

🎶 One day, I just wish that I could find somebody to love🎶

🎶 Someone that I can do so many things and crazy things with him🎶

🎶 Who’ll never leave me no matter how ugly I become🎶

🎶 Who will just stay, stay, make me happy🎶

She smiled as she finished reading the little song she composed. Well the book is filled with all the songs she’s written.

Her countenance changed as she remembered something.

“I hope I find my prince charming before I turn 19” She said sadly and laid down on bed.


“Today is really fun!!” Lisa said as they laid down on the sand, at the beach.

“Well its but normal. Our last day of freedom” Connor sighed.

“Stop acting like they forced you to Diamond high. You wrote and passed the entrance exam. No one forced you” Lisa snapped.

“Lisa,,,calm down” Eric said.

“Mmmm….feels so good” Nora moaned out, playing with the sand.


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