(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 5

Bella managed to fall asleep very early in the morning after crying for what seems like forever all through the night.

And as a result of that, she woke up so damn late, she quickly took the shortest bath that she had ever took in her 21 years of living.

After that, she wore one of the new decent clothes Dante bought for her, when she was done, her stomach grumbled loudly but she ignored it as usual.

Though she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday but ofcourse, she has no money, not even a dollar and what she feared at that moment or in a moment to come was passing out in front of king Donovan.

Bella trembled as she felt her head spin but she quickly shaked her head to balance her sight which was turning blurry.
She quickly walked out of the house and started her walk towards the company.

Bella smiled when she entered her office successfully without passing out on the way or something similar, thankfully, king wasn’t in his office at the moment.

She quickly went through his schedule and her jaws dropped when she read out the first schedule he had.

An important meeting with CJR company which is the second best company in Korea after Donovan Milling’s Company (DMC) at 07:00AM.

And she stared at her watch.
10:00AM!!, Damn, she was done for, she was going to loose her job!!!
Why is this always happening to her.

A secretary supposed to be next to her boss in a meeting but she was here….very damn late, for two or three f**king hours.

If she looses her job right now without making king fall for her then Dante would ki*ll Damien, he would ki*ll her little brother.

Thinking about that alone, sent thousands of terrible shivers down her spine, the worst part was that she didn’t know when the meeting was being held.

“Oh bells, how did this happen?”Bella asked herself inwardly, she couldn’t help but panic, and she felt that at this rate, she might have either a heart attack or a panic attack.

Bella quickly walked out of her office only to bump into someone, she raised up her head and breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw that it wasn’t king.
She just didn’t want to see him at that moment, she was scared that If she saw him….all hell will let loose.

“Miss, are you lost?”A guy’s hoarse voice came up and before Bella could blink his hands had already been wrapped tightly around her waist.

“Mr, let me go, you don’t go around wrapping your arms around waist, do you?”Bella said struggling to get out of his grip but his grip only tightened.

“You know, my boss sent me here to do this but it isn’t that bad since your very enticing and alluring”He trailed off and licked his lips.

“If you don’t leave me, I will beat you”Bella said and a chuckle left his lips, staring at her like she was a toy….a toy which was entertaining him.

“Oh?, Really?”He chuckled clearly amused and before he could say or do something again, a hard punch was landed on his forehead shocking him.

Seeing that he was distracted, she slipped out of his grip and ran off but ofcourse, someone as fragile and hungry as her wasn’t fast enough because she was caught immediately and then a hard slap was landed on her cheeks.

“B**ch, I did say you behave good, I just want king to see this, so that we can know whether he is falling for you love or not”The crazy guy said and pinned her to the floor harshly but she couldn’t escape despite her struggles.

“He is coming”

And king was indeed walking towards his office but ofcourse, something was off about him, he was angry, and the anger graduated to the word furious.

Bella knew why he was furious, she didn’t need anyone to tell her the reason.
She…no, they watched as king Walked passed them without any care at all despite seeing what was happening at that moment.

Wait, did he hate her so much that even when seeing her in any sort of danger he ignores her.

“Now you’ve gotten your answer, get off me!!!”Bella half-yelled but instead he landed two harsh slaps on her both cheeks causing blood to roll down the side of her lips.

“Since your useless here, I will rather make you useful to me!!!”He smirked and Bella’s heart skipped, the worst were about to happen…damn, he was just so strong and she knew it in her bones that she couldn’t fight him.

When he placed his hands on her button and made to unbutton her shirt, a perfect muscular arm were stretched forth towards him and tapped him lightly on his shoulders stopping him for a while.

He turned to look at who it was and then a hard fist was connected to his face twice and that made him fall and slip into an unconscious state.

It was none other than king Donovan, he stood there glaring at the unconscious guy, wishing inwardly that he could ki*ll him but ofcourse he preferred his image to anything else.

“Thanks”Bella said breathing out a sigh of relief but king ignored her and turned to leave but he suddenly stopped.

“Bella, do you know what you did?”King muttered and Bella bit her lower lip and licked it for some seconds before adverting her gaze to the floor.

“And would you stop doing that?”King said and Bella frowned, doing what?, She didn’t get it at all.

“You know what?, Just go to your office!”King said massaging his forehead with his fingers.

“Does it mean that I can keep my job?”Bella said giving her best puppy eyes that no one can resist.

King nodded and she broke into a huge smile “Thank you”

Bella’s eyes widened in shock when she saw the papers that were already on her desk immediately she entered the office.

But this time, she decided to check the date and thankfully, it was up to date, 2022 project….phew..

“You know…..
Bella gasped and almost fell out of her chair when she heard king’s voice booming and echoing inside her office, it was just like he connected a speaker inside the office without her knowledge because she never knew of such thing or she couldn’t find where it was kept.

“The computer and laptop in front of you is useful and functioning properly, why don’t you use it?, It wouldn’t be that hard for you with the air of those devices”King muttered and she bit her lower lip.

“I…I…”Bella trailed off and clenched her fist around the pen she was holding.

“I can manage, thank you”Bella smiled and immediately she placed the pen on her paper ready to write, she froze when she heard his voice again.

“I know you don’t know how to use a laptop or computer, if you can’t use any of those then how were you able to answer the questions”King said and Bella’s heart skipped, damn….was she getting caught?

Or has king started to suspect her.

“Questions?….which questions?”Bella asked, she decided to play dumb with him, she didn’t wanted to loose this job because of she do, she didn’t wanted to imagine what Dante would do to little Damien.

“Oh please?, Don’t play dumb with me Bella if you don’t want to get fired, when Xavier set those questions, he made sure that the questions can’t be answered with just an iPad or any phone except from a laptop or computer”King’s gruffed voice were heard louder than before.

“You don’t seem to have an experience in this kind of job and now am asking again, miss Bella, answer me”King said, his voice booming with impatience.

Damn, when did he become a lawyer or a detective?.
She just needed a perfect lie, a lie that could save her all the trouble.

“I can’t use a laptop or computer but it doesn’t mean that I can’t answer the questions and tell a friend to fill it in for me, I don’t have an experience, yes your right but I had no choice because of my little brother”Bella said squeezing her lips like a child who wanted to cry.

Yes, half of it was the truth.
She had no experience but she had to be his secretary because of her little brother, the only thing that wasn’t the truth was the fact that Dante wasn’t her friend.

Infact he would never be!
He would only be her raw enemy.

Then there was silence, pin drop silence which means that king had let the matter slide, which mean he believed her….haah…thank goodness!

meanwhile at king’s office

“Your acting weird these days”Xavier said for the one hundredth time that day and king had to drop his book he was reading on the table in annoyance.

“Xavier Silverado, tell me in which dimension am I acting weird”King muttered and Xavier smirked.

“Your emotions, your getting emotional these days”Xavier said and king passed him a ridiculous look.

“You called Bella a witch, first, I didn’t understand you but when my godfather explained, I understand what you mean perfectly”Xavier said with a wink.

“Oh?, What did your godfather say?”King asked and Xavier’s smirk widened on his face.

“He said that when you call her a witch, what you meant was that you were doing things that you haven’t done before since the day she came into your life so you called her a witch because you assumed that she Bewitched you”Xavier said and stroked his imaginary beards before raising his head up in pride “am I not a genius?”

King didn’t open his mouth to speak and Xavier knew that what he just blurted out was true because king always keep quiet anytime someone tells him a truth that was very….infact, when someone tells him a bitter truth.

A truth he refused to believe.
“Giving her a 2013 pile of files on purpose to making her work overtime without food or rest, Your hurting her to stop the feelings right?”Xavier asked but king still kept quiet.

“Alex do…..
“Xavier Silverado, please keep quiet and let me do my work, can you?”King asked clearly annoyed, what was this idiot spouting?.

“The next time she comes late to work again, I will fire her straight away”King said and adverted his gaze to the transparent wall which separated his office from Bella’s.

He watched as she dropped her pen and before he could blink, boom!, She fell on the floor unconscious.

Before Xavier could speak, king wasn’t inside the office again, he had already ran towards Bella’s office.

“Sick b*stard then later he would say, am spouting nonsense when I just told him the fact”Xavier muttered and rolled his eyesballs.



  1. Oh I never knew king was this caring…..
    I now understand why he's treating Bella that way,at least to mask his feelings,,,, awww poor king lol

  2. His falling for her already,I just hope everything goes well.bella please be strong for your brother.i just hope she's ok.

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