MY H0T SECRETARY – Episode 11

(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence )

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 11

Now enjoy……..


Bella heard from Xavier as usual that king has gone to visit his sick sister in the hospital, so she carried the nylon and walked towards king’s office.

Thankfully, as king’s secretary, she had his spare key with her, so, she grabbed the spare key and opened his door before walking in and locking the door back.

“Okay, this is it bell”Bella thought inwardly as she looked around, searching for a place to change her clothes because almost all walls in his office are transparent.

Someone might see her when she is changing and that is the last thing she wanted at that moment, so she changed as quick as she could but ofcourse it wasn’t there, she changed inside king’s inner room or should she say chamber?

When she was done changing, she sat on his large bed silently waiting for King to come back per Dante’s stern instructions.

She couldn’t help but think why an inner room was inside his office and not only that, why was there a large bed??!

After much thought about it, she waved it off, she shouldn’t be thinking about it when the reasons were very obvious to anyone, because he is rich!

If it were a normal small company, there wouldn’t be enough money to attach a huge inner room inside the office right?.

Bella squeezed her both hands together nervously, she was very damn scared and nervous at the same time, she feared that she would end up embarrassing herself or messing up.

No!, She must not!
But what pained her was the fact that Dante strictly warned her that if she s3duced him and he wanted her body, she should give it to him.

He even threatened her with her brother again!
What was she going to do?, Even if she offered her life to Dante for him to leave her little brother alone, he would never accept it.

Little Damien…

“Mr Alberto, we’ve discussed this, I don’t like the f*king b*ch you call a daughter and no matter how my mother tells me to marry her, I wouldn’t!!!”King’s voice was heard followed by the sound of a banging door.

Bella quickly ran at the back of the tall seat which she felt that it was king’s favourite seat, she bent down hiding there while hugging her knees.

As expected, king walked into the room and the phone which king activated the loud speaker continued to boom with the old man’s voice speaking through the call.

“But… but….Mr Donovan, I…..

“Hey!, Shhhhh, old man, let me do the talking, I have nothing to do with any girl and I would never, tell your darling daughter to give up because I wouldn’t marry her!”King yelled and grabbed his phone before throwing it at the wall making the phone to smash into pieces.

Just by hearing and watching this scenario from her hiding place, Bella felt her small confidence which was building inside of her crash into pieces.

Can she really save her brother by making him fall for her?

Was that even possible when he hates girls so much like this, even girls his mum chose for him?….he rejected their proposal?
If it was like that, Bella felt that she had no place…. whatsoever around him, he was just tooo…tooo, she couldn’t put it in words.

He was perfect, got the looks and had everything he always wanted since he started working at 09 years, though he is arrogant, rude and a crazy manwh*re but she knew that she doesn’t deserve him!

She didn’t need anyone to tell her that

When he walked towards the chair she was hiding behind it and sat on it before crossing his leg on top of the other like the king he was.

“Okay Bella, step 1 is……..
Bella quickly stretched forth both of her hands from behind the chair, she was still hiding her face behind the chair, when she was about to place her hands on his chest to run her hands around it like how the lady who taught her instructed.

But before she could do that, king caught a hold of her arm and pulled her out of her little hiding place.

“Bell……..”King trailed off as his eyes widened, all he wanted to do at that moment was to yell at her, how d*re she enter his office without permission and not only that, his inner room!!?

She was getting really bold!, He really wanted to yell the word “Your fired” but here he was, his tongue suddenly tied and he was…..what they call, speechless, incredibly speechless.

He had never been speechless in his life before, normally, he was the one who made people speechless and that wasn’t a good sign at all, it wasn’t!!

Then it knocked into his brain, he thought that….though his mind fought against it, yelling at him that no one, no lady could be ever innocent but he was thinking that Bella was…..

Now, his mind won, she was just like other girls who wore short gown exposing their bodies just to s3duce him.
He doesn’t know why but it pained him, he doesn’t like it one bit.

Bella on the other hand felt nervous, she stared at king waiting for him to say something, even if it is just a word but nothing…. nothing came out from his lips, he just stared at her.

Wait, was he thinking of firing her?!
She could remember clearly that he wanted to yell at her the moment he pulled her out of hiding, if he fired her, Dante would ki*ll her little brother but if he didn’t fire her but she didn’t s3duce him or sleep with him…..

She didn’t know why but she felt a bugging feeling, warning her that Dante meant it when he said he was watching her but how?, Did he install a tracking device inside her shirt or pinned it somewhere.

She felt very shameful that she had to do something like this but if she don’t do this, only God could tell what would happen to her little brother…….

Bella wrapped her arms around his neck, thankfully he was still sitting, so she placed her right leg on top of a table close to the chair king was sitting on.

Before placing her fingers on her leg trailing it deeper and deeper till it reached her laps.

As she was doing this, she was cursing herself inwardly, calling herself all sorts of names mockingly.

Wow Bella Diana tyson, never knew that one day you would do something like this, something so shameful and embarrassing!.

In fact, she wasn’t following the steps the lady taught her, she skipped a lot of steps and did the ones which were easy for her and that was the one she was doing now.

Before she could blink, king grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall, he looked so furious, mad, anger was the only thing visible in his eyes as his hands tightened around her small fragile little arm.

“Bella tell me!, Why are you doing this!?, who forced you to do this!!?”He growled clenching his fist around her arm tighter than before.

“Wh….w….who told you that someone forced me?”Bella muttered and king felt his anger accelerating.

“Oh bells please don’t play dumb with me, you claim that no one forced you then why are you trembling when trying to s3duce me….not only that, your very bad at it!”King yelled and a drop of tears dropped from her right eyes.

“Your crying!!!…….Bella why are you so dumb??!”King yelled shaking her.

“No one sent me!”Bella said with a forced out smile, a sinister smile but that didn’t work on king ofcourse.

King left her and clenched his fists, he knew Bella wasn’t that kind of a girl, someone was surely forcing her to do that to him.
He wanted to hit something, anything at all.

King took a breathe in calming himself a little but he wasn’t calm at all
So he walked towards his table and grabbed a glass of water but because of the force he used in holding the glass, it shattered into pieces in his hold.

“Leave”King muttered and Bella blinked, she was expecting him to yell at her but he said leave so calmly.

Bella quickly ran towards the door..
“And change your clothes, I don’t need some random guys staring at you”King muttered frowning.



  1. Bella,pls open up to king,I'm very sure he will be willing to help,just give it a try kk,there isn't any harm in trying!!!

  2. Bella u just have to open up to him who knows he may be of help,u have to do it to save ur brother u know if danta got to know that the $eduction plan fails who knows he might ki*ll ur brother

  3. Bella you opening up will help you and your brother
    Cause Mr Dante might prolly be lying bout his eyes on you just to make you scared
    God bless you authoress!

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