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Dangerous Romance – Season 2 Episode 12

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<Zakai’s weakness>


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Anastasia had slept for more than eight hours at that day time, she was actually tired because Lord zakary didn’t leave her as he continued to change a lot of styles.

“Anastasia baby”
Anastasia frowned when she heard a lady’s voice, it was so soft and filled with an unexplainable warmth but who was calling her name?.

“Anastasia, my baby girl”
Anastasia turned and that was when she discovered that she was on top of a mountain, infact, she was at its edge and at the verge of falling down that is if she takes a step forward.

“Who are you!!, Why can’t I see you!!?”Anastasia asked while yelling.

“I am Selena”Selena muttered and before Anastasia could blink, a woman appeared in front of her, she had golden hair like the sun and beautiful blue eyes.

She looked like a goddess that any guy would fall for but Anastasia couldn’t help but think, the name Selena….it seems to ring a bell.
But then it dawned on her, Selena was her mother’s name.

“Mother!??”Anastasia muttered but it felt more like a question, strangely the name *Mother* didn’t feel strange as it proceeded out of her mouth like it used to be.

“My child, you’ve grown so much”Selena smiled brightly, Anastasia could tell that she looked more like selena than white.

“I don’t understand, how did you know am your daughter?, I mean…am in Alexa’s body”Anastasia muttered and Selena laughed, a soft enchanting laugh that echoed around the mountains and hills.

“Silly”She paused and poked Anastasia’s nose with her pointy finger.

“Lord zakary removed you from Alexa’s body yesterday when you were sleeping and as of now, Alexa is back at the orphanage…safe and sound”Selena added with a chuckle.

“Wow…really?”Anastasia smiled.

“Anastasia, they would come after you, am not sure when but what I know is that you should stay safe and most importantly, listen to whatever Lord zakai says”Selena said suddenly turning searious.

“But…but how did my picture appeared the time you and the witches were reciting the spell to discover why people were dying, I don’t know why but I have a feeling that is not because of my birth, was there some sort of conspiracy?!!”Anastasia said and a sob escaped her lips.

“Your right my child, the calamities which is happening to the witches clan is not because of your birth”Selena paused for a while before a wide smile appeared on her face.

“I guess Lord zakary has found out the reason, time for you to go”Selena smiled as she shook her head.

“But I want to spend more time with….”Anastasia didn’t get to finish her statement when her ears turned red, it wasn’t because she was embarrassed or feeling bashful.

It was as a result of a sting, it felt like someone bit her ear.

“Lord zakary is impatient and remember dear that this isn’t the time to act stubborn okay?, Though it isn’t your fault”Selena said her last sentence with a chuckle, she <Selena> couldn’t help but remember her beautiful memories, memories of her and white.

She could remember when she always acted stubborn to white unknowingly, it even became worst when she was pregnant for Anastasia, more worst than Anastasia’s own madness.

“I will see you”Selena smiled and Anastasia stretched out her hand to touch her but she faded away into thin air like she wasn’t even there.

Anastasia woke up and met Lord zakary’s face dangerously close to hers, ofcourse, it was the lucky b*stard that bit her ears sending signal for her to wake up.

“Zakary, you disrupted my beautiful dream”Anastasia grabbed her pillow ready for a fight.

“You were smiling so much in your sleep, I had no choice than to wake you up like that because only I have the right to make you smile”Lord zakary muttered grumpily laying on the bed and crossing his leg on top of each other.

“Do you know who I was talking to in my dream…yes, you know that, now why getting jealous!?”Anastasia clenched her fist, his words even got her more mad that she raised her pillow and began to hit him on his chest.

But he didn’t stop her at all then when he felt that her movement had slowed down, he grabbed her hands and caged it to the bed before hovering above her.

“Zakary!!…you…”She trailed off when he placed his middle finger on her lips stopping her from speaking more.

“Not zakary…..zakai”His gruff voice rang in her ears and Anastasia stared at his face to check whether he was pulling a trick at her but when she saw his normal red eyes which wasn’t shining as before she pushed him to the bed and jumped on top of him, hugging his tightly.

“Kai, Kai I missed you so much”Anastasia said hugging him with a happy smile on her face.

“Yea, I missed you too”Lord zakai smiled and pecked her forehead, immediately he did that, she left him and sat on the bed then boom!

She bursted into tears causing Lord zakai’s mouth to open wide in shock.

“Kai, zakary Bullied me, he gave me bitter Vegetables to eat and bitter carrots, he also told me to cook for him, he doesn’t care about our baby…..what..what if the smoke strangle my baby to death”Anastasia muttered, tears rolling down her eyes.

Lord zakai glared at Lord zakary whose back was leaned towards the door, he looked as shocked as Lord zakai as well.

Anastasia grabbed zakai’s shirt which he was wearing and blew her nose on it.

Zakary rolled his eyes clearly displeased with the fact that it hasn’t even been an hour since he let zakai take control and she was acting spoilt again.

“Kai what are you waiting for?, Aren’t you going to beat him up?”Anastasia muttered and turned her head to look at Lord zakary before stucking out her tongue at him with a cheeky smile on her face.

Anastasia was expecting him to get angry that she was doing that at him but to her shock, he chuckled finding her amusing.

“Zakary, did you find out anything?”Zakai suddenly asked and zakary’s lips tilted into an evil smirk “Yes, ofcourse, am capable”

Zakary sat on the seat that Lord zakai normally sit on, the one which was located further into the room.

Zakai gave zakary a sign to start speaking.

“In what I found out, the day the witches came together to cast the spell which was a Friday, a lot of people were already found dead and their dead bodies were found and buried…. except from one”Lord zakary paused.

“Who?”Anastasia asked impatiently.

“It was a guy, his name is Gary Matteo, immediately he disappeared from the clan, weird things like that started going on and people dying is just a part of it, After going into the past….at that day they recited the spell, he was there with me but hiding on a particular side of the room….”Lord zakary said

“Not only that, Gary’s parents were vampires and adopted Gary who was a wizard, when growing up in the vampire’s clan, he hated wizards and witches because his parents hated them too but the most exciting part is that…..

“They were slaughtered by the witches and their home were burned till nothing was left, he joined the witches clan and pretended to be on their side, he practiced dark magic secretly and that was how he was able to turn their spell and it showed Ana”Lord zakary muttered

“But i don’t know the Gary guy, why would he put me instead”Anastasia said confused.

“That’s what we don’t know yet but I will find out soon”Lord zakary muttered.

“He used dark magic to play dirty tricks, then I will have no other option than to use ten percent of my powers to wipe him out of this world”Lord zakary added crossing his legs.


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