Until death – chapter 36

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Until death-chapter 36


Theme: “Complicated


Twilight filled the whole atmosphere; thunder fluttered in the sky, and all the atmosphere bodies refused to show their glory. It was like they knew today was a bloody day. All Thanks to my newfound ability, I was able to see everything in my surroundings. Caleb stood beside me, his red eyes shining brightly in the dark knight, while Reed led the way. He would run off, sniff around, and come back to relay the message to us, just like he was doing when we first reached the prancing hall. However, he is more careful now, so he won’t get caught again.


“So, can you tell me more about yourself?” I asked Caleb, trying to strike up a dialogue so it would kill the stillness. “How did you attain your power? Which realm are you from? And how did you get captured?”


Caleb takes a deep breath, then uses his hand to ruffle his hair. “As I told you earlier, my name is Caleb. I’m a night-walking creature, a werewolf to be precise.”


“werewolf!” I asked to be sure. “If you are a werewolf, how did you get into Gaea?”


“It is a long story,” he said. His red eyes were staring directly into mine, and I was frightened for a second. It was like he was doubting me. Perhaps he was afraid of trusting me with his secret. However, my hypothesis was erroneous when he said, “You are the Smith that I have been looking for, aren’t you?”


Before he could squint, I unsheathed my soul sword and placed it around his neck. “Who are you?” I snarled at him, my voice full of venom, and I pushed the sword further towards his throat, making sure that the blade would shred it if he made any move, while my hand was grabbing the end of his neck. “Better start speaking before I slice those Adam apples.” I threatened him again. However, he didn’t even blink, while his expression remained the same. That fueled my anger, and I pressed my blade tightly against his neck, making sure to draw out blood so he would know that I meant my threat.


Reed’s voice sounds in my ear: “At least allow him to speak.” He was now standing on my right shoulder, his tail wriggling against the back of my head. 


“It would be better if he started now because I won’t hesitate to bring down his head.”


“Idiot,” Reed growled, and let out a hissing sound. “How did you expect him to talk when your blade was pressing against his throat?”


“Shut up,” I grumbled at him, and I could see Caleb staring into my eyes as if I was going frantic. That is when I remembered that he couldn’t hear Reed’s speech. “Don’t worry about him,” I said as I took away my blade from his throat. Not that I trust him, but I own him in my life. If he hadn’t saved me earlier, I might not have been able to make it out alive. If it was under normal circumstances, I would have said we rescued him first. However, Reed is claiming the credit, and I knew better than to argue with him. He might be a two-foot-tall animal, but he is more dangerous than a lion.


“It seemed to me like your pet could talk,” he said, and let out a small chuckle, which annoyed me. He shifted back from me, then squatted down beside Reed, who was now sitting on the dirt, and patted his head while the idiot cat whined back in return. “I have heard tales of talking animals, but I never thought I could meet one anytime soon.” Caleb smiles again, and that only irritates me. 


I am running out of time, and I don’t even know what I am going to face in Gidamorah. I am not even sure whether I am going in the right direction. All I know is that I am counting on my instincts and heart, which have never failed me before. Not only that, it seems there is a magnetic force pulling me towards a particular direction. Since I had no other lead, I allowed the magnetic field to direct me and hoped at the same time that it was not a trap.


“I am not the enemy here,” Caleb said, jolting me out of my thoughts. “I was sent here to fetch…”


“By who?” I said, cutting him short. “Who sent you to fetch me, and why should I help you?”


In a commanding tone, he said, “You have no choice but to follow me.”


“And what if I insisted?” I replied confidently and took threatening steps towards him. “Gaea needs my help. My father is trapped in Gidamorah, all my friends are in danger, and you want me to abandon my mission?”


“You’re too simple,” Reed said, and I gave him a cold stare.


Caleb seems to notice that as he asks. “What does he say?” His gaze switched from Reed to me.


I replied sharply, “Nothing interesting. He is just uttering gibberish. Besides, he loves to distract people’s conversations and gain attention.” I replied, and he nodded his head. “Back to the conversation, who sent you?” My eyes stared directly at Caleb’s, our pupils locking together, examining each other’s movement.



“Let me start from the beginning so you can understand everything. Besides, our mission is the same. If you defeat your enemy here, you will still have to follow me, whether you love it or not. Even if you insist, everything you are protecting might end up ruined in your own eyes. “



“Why did you say that?” I was surprised. I can see that he meant what he said, and his courage made me suggest that he was saying the truth. So, that leaves me no choice but to listen to him.



“The middle realm requires your assistance,” he revealed, and I opened my mouth in surprise. I never thought that the realm of the gods, titans and night-walking creatures could need my help. I have read about what they can do and how powerful they are. Even though I haven’t been to the realm before, the processor has told me everything about it. not excluding all the powerful elements, animals, and items they use. 


“Why would the Middle Realm need my help when they have a strong entity that can erase the Gaea from existence within the blink of an eye?”


“You are right,” Caleb retorted. He saunters towards the lonely path we are pursuing, and I quickly follow him, while Reed is coming behind me. “There are many things that humans don’t know about the middle realm. You are right, it consists of powerful beings with different elements. It consists of gods and titans, but the realm also has its villains. For more than a thousand years, the realm has been at war, and many lives have been lost. “



“Can you please go straight to the point?” Reed chittered, his voice loud enough for us to hear. “


“What did he say?” Caleb asked.


He said, “You are ranting too much, and you should go straight to your point.” I explained, and he smiled softly.


“Those men that attack us,” he began, and I knew he was referring to the shadow black men. “They worked for a man named Preacher, and he was from Gaea.”


“Preacher or priest?” I asked to be sure.


“Something like that,” he replied with a shrug. “That man, I mean the priest or whatever you are calling him here, is a bloody villain. Some years ago, he managed to create a portal between Gaea and the Middle Realm without altering the timeline. After the creation of the portal was successful, he stayed in the middle realm, where he sought and consumed more power. Not only that, he started creating armies for himself, and then he appointed a lady and a man to lead the army. He granted the two beings unimaginable power, which makes them nearly invisible. Then he sent them out to acquire the gems of the gods. “


“You mean the gem of darkness?” I asked to be sure, and Caleb nodded his head. I took a deep breath and started putting the puzzle together. The processor said the eighth man who got his heart consumed by the ring that was forged by Ryan was the priest. Ryan also said that the priest found out about his plan, and he managed to unbind himself from the calling of his master, who is Ryan. So, the priest has managed to create a portal that leads to the middle realm without anybody being suspicious, and he has been living there. Not only that, he was creating an army for himself, and that would mean another war was about to surface. So, Ryan is a secondary villain, and the priest or preacher is now the main threat.



“What about the gods?” I asked, my brow rising in confusion. “I thought the middle realm was supposed to be indestructible and undefeated. So, how does the priest or preacher manage to create a loophole without you people knowing about it? “


“It isn’t our fault,” he answered truthfully. “Our savior, a vessel that was created by Lord Rey himself, has gone berserk. Every one of us is concerned about how to bring him back, so we didn’t notice any other things.” He replied.


If the vessel, or whatever Caleb called it now, has truly gone berserk, that means the middle realm must have been in more trouble than I can ever imagine. “So, how does that concern me?” I asked. “I believe your people are powerful and strong enough to conquer the priest and bring back the vessel, or should I say, your savior.” 


“It concerns you in many ways,” Caleb insisted. “Because my brother told me that your father has been shifted to the middle realm. I have been in this realm for a long time, tracking your scent, but you are too hard to find. That is why I was caught by the shadow black men. ” He was illuminated.



“If you claim those men are working for the priest, then how did you guys find out that I would be passing through that portal?” I asked in confusion.


“I don’t know how they found out,” Caleb replied. “All I know is that a man and a woman came to meet those men after I was captured, and then he told them something. They were talking in whispers and using hand signs, which made it hard for me to know what they were saying. However, before they left, the woman said they shouldn’t remove the nectar from your heart forcefully, which made me guess that they were talking about you.



I dragged in another deep breath, and the force of the night air hit my face, which sent a cold shiver down my spine. Our path is now getting darker, and I am lost in my thoughts. All thanks to Reed, who is now leading the way. All I just heard now is just too heavy for me to process. I thought everything was going to end soon, only for me to discover that my journey is far from over. My father has been shifted to the middle realm by the priest. That made me remember something. 


When I was on the arena ground where Ryan and my mom were choking me, a strange voice distracted them, which served as my opportunity to escape. Could it be that the man is the priest? It is not even an assumption any longer; it is the reality. That means both teams are now working together. If not, how would the priest’s men guide the portal and how would the priest transport my father to the middle realm? That also explains one thing: they must have known about my coming, and it was probably a trick. For Ryan and the priest to be able to transport my father to another realm, that means he must have found a way to retrieve his power. Finally, there is a traitor in my team. That also signifies that the rest of the squad and everybody nearby is in danger.


“We have to return,” I said hastily, while Reed and Caleb shot me a surprising look. I conjured my ice ball and grabbed Reed closer to my side. I didn’t worry about Caleb, because I had read about werewolves and their speed. Just when we were about to speed away, the two of us slammed into an invisible shield. That is when it dawns on me that we are in for more trouble. 


“I have a plan,” Caleb said beside me, and I diverted my attention to him, waiting for what he was about to say. I watched in amazement as he transformed into someone else. The former Caleb I knew was gone, and he was now replaced by someone else. This new being has long black hair, yellow eyes, and his face looks older. “Sorry for the fake identity, boy.” He apologized, which left me flabbergasted. “I had to change my look and identity so those idiots wouldn’t know that I am from the middle realm. My real name is Coven. I’m an omega wolf and the right-hand man of Lord Rey. “



Notice :- I will advise you guys to read El Antiguo Guerrero so you can understand this story perfectly

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