Unwanted Twin

Unwanted Twin – Episode 27

We don't need a female child

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( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 27

Writer POV

The thing is Clara said and look at Dora face. Continue am listening Dora said. Hmm pls can I sit down she asked.

Oh my bad have your seat Dora said. When I was young I use to stay with my aunty.

So her husband loves there daughter more than his wife. My Aunty always complain about it but the husband turn deaf ear to it. The husband and his daughter does almost everything together. They bath together and eat together that he forget he has a wife.

So one day I came back home and found my aunty daughter and her husband on the same bed kissing. I told my aunty she got angry and fight her husband. Her husband sent us parking that night. That’s why I hate a female child I don’t want my child to take my husband love from me she said crying.

bravo what a lane excuse. Dora said. Am very sorry my daughter she said crying. So you knew am your daughter now.

The funniest thing is you don’t want me to take your husband away right? But someone else has taken him away from you what will you do about that she asked.

I can’t do anything cause I have lost everything to silver she said.

Dan banged into dora office. Were are your manners Dora asked but he ignore her and went ahead to play with Lana. Hey beautiful did you Miss me he said to Lana.

Clara looks towards Dan direction.

What!!!!!! ghost Clara shouted and that is when Dan notice someone is inside the office with dora.

What’s she doing here Dan asked Dora. She came for cleaning work Dora replied him. Oh good morning Mrs Clara he said.

Just tell me this is not Dan Clara said shaking. Mum relax Dan is not dead Dora said. How come Clara asked. And Dora explained everything to her.

I did all that for you to change but you don’t change. Let me tell you something your Dan is dead a long time ago he said.

Am sorry Clara said. Mrs Clara I have so many work on my table. About the work I can’t employ you dora said.

Please am sorry I really need this work she said going on her knees.

and I never said I won’t help you just get up. You know I can’t pay evil with evil so I will give you 500 dollars now. You should go and come back tommorow I have a surprise for you Dora said. Thank you Clara said.

Dan am sorry Clara said moving closer to Dan. Look madam you don’t offend me the thing is I am not your son anymore just leave Dan said.

Dan calm down Dora said. Mum go and come back tomorrow I will talk to him Dora said. Thank you she said and went out.

Why did you give her money and what surprise are you planning for her Dan asked.

Dan you have to forgive her she’s still our mum. Forgive her cause I have forgiven her a long time ago. If she has treat me well then I won’t have got to this level I am today.

Take a look at me I don’t depend on anybody. Look at you, you’re rich did you think you’ll be this rich if you don’t do what you did for me. Everything happens for a reason Dora said. About the surprised I will open a mall for her.

No matter what she does she’s still our mother. So I want you to help her with anything you have Dora said. Fine I will think about it Dan said.

Senator cole mansion

What’s the celebration all about senator cole asked madam silver. Guess what, madam silver said. Silver you Know am not good at guessing just go straight to the point senator cole said.

Remember I told you am feeling one kind last week. Yes and I asked you to visit the doctor senator cole replied.

Yeah the doctor said am two weeks pregnant. Wow you don’t mean it. Did you think am joking madam silver said stretching the result for him read. Wow this calls for celebration senator cole said.

Yes I need to inform Dora and Dan first silver said.

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