Unwanted Twin

Unwanted Twin – Episode 28

We don't need a female child

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( We don’t need a female child)

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 28

Writer POV

Hello darling madam silver said. Mum how are you doing today hope you are fine Dora asked.

Yes my love I have a surprise for you can you please come to the house and one more thing help me call Dan and inform him I have been calling him since but his number is not good through madam silver said. Oh you sound happy am sure it will be a good news Dora said.

Just come and see for yourself and make sure you come with my granddaughter madam silver said and end the call.

Dorathy p.o.v

Mum sounds happy on the phone it must surely be a good news and I need to talk to them before I better use this opportunity.

Hey girlfriend I called Gabrielle.

How are you doing bestie she replied.

You totally forget your bestie I said hmm am sorry it work.

Work or Dan I asked.

Hmmm the two she replied silly girl. Is Dan there with you I asked her. Yeah he’s inside the bathroom any problem she asked.

Tell him mum and dad want us in the house I said. Okay can I come along she asked. You’re free bye I want to attend to my baby I said.

Hmm Leo I called out. Am going to my parents house with Lana I said. Oh but is getting late he replied. Don’t worry we will be fine I replied him.

I will drop you off then he said. No don’t bother yourself we will be fine I said. Let me bother he said and took his car key from the table. Shall we he asked and I follow suit with Lana.

Senator cole mansion

Aww my babies are here madam silver said happily. How are you doing Dora she asked am doing fine.

You even came with your husband she said and I playfully glare at her. He is not my husband I said. So what is the good news all about Dan asked her.

You won’t believe it she said bringing out a paper from her bag. And hand it over to Dan. Wow this is great Dan said giving me the paper to read.

You mean you are pregnant I said happily. Congratulations mum am very happy for you I said and hug her. Hmm so dad when are you two getting married I said. Yeah Dora is right when are you getting married Dan said.

I think next month senator cole said. You mean we’re getting married next month mum said jumping on dad yes dear did you have any problem with that dad said smiling.

Mrs Clara p.o.v

See were my attitude took me too Dora is really a good child. I don’t deserve her love. All thanks to Dora and Dan am leaving better but they don’t treat me the way they treat silver.

Is my fault anyway and silver deserve it be happy to. I heard she’s pregnant am happy for her. But am not happy it’s Cole that got her pregnant.

Writer POV

Dora am thinking maybe you can go out with me tommorow leo said. To were Dora asked. Just like going out with you leo said. Can I come with Lana she asked.

No just me and you he replied. Am sorry I can’t come with you Dora said. Fine you can come with Lana leo said.

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