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The air was frightening cold and had this strange smell that made me cringe. The once busy road was now deserted, empty of people who once walked the busy streets, even at that time. It was only half past eight. Not yet late, but already as though it was an ungodly hour to walk. I was on my way home with my handbag clutched to my side. I had my hoodie on with hands tucked in warm gloves, walking hurriedly on the sidewalk. Guess I was scared myself as I simply couldn’t wait to be home, back in safe haven. I got my keys out from where I placed them, zipping my bag shut, as I moved as fast as my legs could carry me. It seemed like I was running from my own shadows. From everyone, and the world at large. My heart beat faster than I could count, with my breath as loud as I could hear. I hurried to my front porch, carefully sliding in the key as something caught my gaze. “Someone’s here.” I said, half a whisper, reluctant to open the door. Aren’t you going to walk in? My mind roared to life as it urged me on. I gave a slight lick at my lips, heaved a deep breath and did as my mind told. Walking in wasn’t much of a deal, but knowing what would happen next was one I was scared to think. The living room was still as I left it before, only that the lights were left on. Who could have been here? I worried more about myself, reaching for the pistol in my pants.


My brain captured the signal and I turned around, pointing the gun at my attacker. “Daniel?”

It was no attacker. Only my best friend and partner. “Daniel, what are you…?” I froze on seeing the blood on his hand. “Oh, my gosh! Danny, you’re bleeding!” I couldn’t take my eyes off his bloody hand as he groaned and let go of his lower side. “Th-they’re coming…”

“Wh-who’s coming?” I asked in fear, moving closer to him as I got his hand around my shoulder. “Just hold on, Danny. D-don’t talk.”

He groaned, wanting to let go. “No, you have to go,” he said weakly as I placed him down on the floor, swiftly tearing part of my cloth I had buried under.

“You have to go, Anne. Anna, you have to go.”

“There’s no way I’m leaving you. Not like this.” I looked at him with tearful eyes, knowing there was no way he’d make it with the amount of blood gushing out right before my eyes.

“Daniel, listen to me. You and I, are going to leave this place. You hear me? I’m not leaving you. And I ain’t losing nobody again!” My tears were already dropping. I could see the life leaving him with every drop of blood that went on the floor.

“An-ne—” he tried to speak, but I shut him up.

“Shh-sh. You’re going to be fine. Everything’s going to be fine. Okay?” The quiet air grew tainted, letting in bullets, alerting me. “D-Dan…”


I needed not a seer to tell I had to grant my best friend’s final wish…





Want me to continue? 😏





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