Jerk Husband Rude Wife

Jerk Husband Rude Wife – Episode 67

His heartthrob her heartbeat

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© Youngicee Stories

Written by: Pamela James

Chapter 67


Ivy was sitting on the couch in deep thoughts when Ronald and Michael came and sat beside her.

“What are you thinking Iron?”ronald said ruffling her hair.

“Nothing” Ivy glared at him.

Micheal took his phone out and started playing game.

“Ronald, I am thinking we should celebrate this Christmas as a family. No work, no going out alone!” Ivy said excitedly.

“Haha. Who will think of going out with Ronald” Michael laughed.

“Actually no one will reject a hot handsome dude like me.” Ronald said throwing daggers at micheal.

“Oh so this is the problem” Ivy said grazing at her imaginary beard.


“If people get to know that you live here then your chances of getting a date will increase?”


“Anyways Ronald, I am getting bored, Your cold Frederick is also not here so that I would irritate him to pass my time.” Ivy whined jumping on the sofa.

” You can help me in playing my games” Michael grinned.

“I want to pass my time not to waste my time. Let’s do something productive” she rolled her eyes.

“What do you exactly want to do?” Ronald asked.

“Lets do water balloon fight.” Ivy grinned while Michael and Ronald’s jaw dropped to ground.

” This is what you call productive?” Micheal and ronald said simultaneously.

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

With this Ivy started dragging them both.

Moments later a bouquet was filled with water balloons.

“Who get soaked more will loose first and the one who get soaked less will be the winner. Okay warriors take your positions” Ivy roared and ran behind the sofa.

Ronald stood behind the divider while Michael stood behind door.

With this they started throwing balloons at each other.

Ivy was about to sit back when micheal threw balloon at her and it burst on her head.

“Hehehe” ronald laughed closing his eyes.

Ivy took this chance and threw a balloon at him.

Ronald’s jaw dropped to the ground and he ran behind the divider.

Just then Michael’s phone rang.

He stepped out to take the call.

Just then Ronald threw balloon at him.

After almost twenty minutes, the launch was drowning in water but who cares?

Michael threw balloon at ronald and he hide behind and the Balloon burst on Aaron head who just came out of his room all ready to go for a meeting.

“What the hell !”
He roared looking at his devastated self.

His shirt was hanging down because it was getting wet.

Water was dripping down his hair.

“Have this and cool down” Ronald threw another balloon at him.

Aaron froze at his place when balloon burst directly at his face.

“I. Will. Kill. You” He said with gritted teeth.

” Come on Aaron don’t be a partypopper. Come on join us” Ivy dragged him along with her who was throwing daggars at them.

Aaron also started fighting with them.

There was water all around the launch.

They were busy in their fight when a loud ear piercing scream echoed in whole house.


I was going to the warehouse.

I went in the garage but couldn’t find my car keys.

I was going back tomy room when I heard voice coming from the launch.

I marched towards the launch with a twitched brow.

My eyes widened and my mouth hung opened when I witnessed what was happening there.

I stepped ahead to stop them but ended up sliding down due to the slippery tiles which were drowned in water.

“Aaahhhhh!!!!” I whined when hit my back on the ground.

“Who died?” Ivy raised a brow.

“Lets see” Ronald said excitedly and they went towards the launch’s door.

Michael and Aaron looked at each in horror after having the glimpse of me laying on the floor wailing.

“Hey Frederick” ronald grinned.

“Everything is okay but why are you laying here?why are you here when the bedroom is free. You can sleep there.” ivy said using her all the levels of intelligence.

“Maybe he wants to lay on the ground. You know that launch is quite airy.” Ronald said grazing his imaginary beard.

” No no he wanted to swim that is why he is laying on launch floor which is drowning. Come on, You could have taken us to the sea side.”Ivy said shaking her head while making faces.

“Shut up” I shouted and Ivy and Ronald put rolled their eyes.

“Come on, Aaron pick me up. I am dying with pain.”I groaned.

” But…”

“Ivy, try to understand the situation. He slipped ” I heard micheal whispering near her ear interrupting her.

Ivy’s eyes widened.

Ronald and Michael helped me and made me sit on the sofa which was also wet.

” Who the hell poured water here?”

Micheal and Aaron pointed at Ivy and Ronald.

I glared at them as they grinned innocently scratching their necks.

To be continued

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