His Nagging Wife

His Nagging Wife

My pastor is my God

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( My pastor is my god)

True life story.

Aishat short story series

Written By Aishat kemisola (Three star)


The dictionary defines “nagging” as persistently annoying or finding fault with someone….. The reference of a nagging wife is common among some ladies.

And that’s the case of Catherine. She’s rude, spoilt and doesn’t have respect for anyone.

But if you don’t know her you will think she’s a saint or the sweetest person ever.

Due to how she serve God. Or should I say how she goes to church?

Meet Samuel John. He is rich and smart. And have I mentioned being handsome? Well it is not too late to tell you guys.

He is very handsome. He is a f****ng Playboy. He loves women a lot. Not just a women. Women with big asses.

Meet happiness. Beautiful, gentle and hardworking lady, she’s down to earth she’s Samuel girlfriend.

Yeah Samuel loves her A lot despite being a Playboy. Cause she has everything Samuel likes in a woman.

What happen when Samuel suddenly repent and start going to church.? I’m sure you all wanna know the reason he repented. The reason is very funny.

What happens when is pastor said happiness is not good for him and that Catherine is his wife?

What happen when Happiness is already pregnant with his child?

Do you think happiness will back off for Catherine? Do you think Catherine will make a good wife?

Find out in this interesting and funny story.

Note is someone true life story.

Editors Warning: Please note that there are quite a number of grammar and spelling errors in this story. However, it is quite interesting


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