His Nagging Wife

His Nagging Wife – Episode 1

My pastor is my God

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( My pastor is my God)

True life story.

Short story series.

Episode 1

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Samuel P.o.v

The sounds of music welcome me and my friends to the club. This is lovely I said. Yeah I told you,

I won’t disappoint you. Am sure you will like it they just opened this place last week.

My best friend Chris said. Time to look for beautiful b***hes with a big ass I said and my friend burst out laughing.

Why are you guys laughing. Oh I forget you guys don’t have a choice when it comes to woman.

You f*come any woman you I see I said. We get inside the club and we order for some drinks, I took a glass and gulp it down. It’s too early to get drunk.

The night is still much young I said. I pray I see b***hes of my choice, cause I don’t wanna sleep alone this night I said and my friends look at each other.

What of happiness. Why will you sleep alone when you have someone as beautiful as happiness as girlfriend my friends said.

You guys should just say you are afraid I will charm all the beautiful b***hes with my look I said with a smirk.

You’re not serious Samuel said. Hey look at those babes Daniel said pointing to the two ladies that just entered the club.

Am not interested they’re not my type I said. Okay we are living you here they said and went to meet the b***hes.

Pardon my manners I haven’t introduce myself. Am Samuel John. 29years old. Am rich, smart and handworking. And have I told you guys am very handsome.

Oh am very very handsome. Am in love with my look. Am a Playboy but I have a choice. I don’t just f*come any woman.

If you have ass. Yeah a very big ass you’re qualify to be my b***h just for a night. Hey handsome, guys I will get back to you this is my speck I don’t wanna Missed her,

she will so scream out her lungs this night.

Cathrine p.o.v

Hey Cathrine get down from that bed it morning already mummy yelled from the sitting room.

What’s wrong with this woman she likes yelling like a mad woman. Mummy what’s your problem, why are you disturbing my sweet sleep I yelled.

Cathrine am I the one you’re shouting her mummy asked. If you don’t want me to shout out you stop disturbing me.

You expect me to clean the house when am late for church. What happen to your hands I yelled at her.

What Cathrine did you realize you’re talking to your mother she said. I knew I wasn’t dumb like you’re.

With that I went inside my room to prepare for church.

You will leave this house for me cause this is my husband house mum said. Am Cathrine Williams,

am 26 years old. Am a graduate but I don’t want to work, cause is too stressful more over mum is capable Enough to take care of me. Enough of me am almost late for church.

Happiness p.o.v

Why did you guys did you guys did this place like this I asked my worker’s. We are sorry ma we came late today so we’re just arranging the place they said.

How could you guys come to work by this time. I won’t take it from you guys next time. We are the cleaners I asked.

They’re in the next building cleaning up the place they replied. Alright you guys can go back to your work I said.

Happy you are spoiling this guys they will still come late tomorrow if you don’t punish them.

My friend glory said. Glory they’re also human like us and humans always make mistakes. Just leave them,

they promised not to come late again I defend them. Let me gist you I saw your boyfriend yesterday night at the club.

Rocking girls with big big ass glory said. Oh that’s nice I replied.

Are you being serious right now I said I saw your boyfriend at the club rocking girls and all you could say is that is nice she said dramatically.

Let me ask you a question did you go to the club with your fiance I asked her. Nope but that’s not what we are talking about she said.

Yeah it similar with what we are talking about. And am sure you will have many guys rocking your ass yesterday I replied her. Hmm am leaving she said.

So soon wait a minute let visit my other boutique together I said. No I have somewhere to go to she replied and stand up.
Pardon my manners I haven’t introduce myself to you guys. Am happiness, multi millionaire.

Am the perfect definition of beauty, not that am bragging but I knew am beautiful. I have a boyfriend that I love so much. Helping less privilege and making new friends is my hubby am 24years old.

Good morning fanmilies. How’s the starting

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