Night’s Muse – A Poem

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When day sprints dark,
When evening winds strives hard,
When sun bids earth a goodnight,
Moon becomes earth’s good friend,
I searched for a muse, a muse at night hood.

Crickets chirps, bats screech,
I saw, through the twilights groove,
I seeked, knocked and searched for muse
From the north, south, east and west.

I sought and found them
Under the welcoming hands of the long night.
I gaze blankly through the sky
Behold the stars and moon’s grin
For I got a muse, a muse at night hood.

On the squeaky bed I rest my back,
Thinking and ruminating left and right,
“Do writers suffer block?”
Or just one of my numerous thought
For I got a muse, a muse at nighthood.

®Kingsley Godstime

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