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I never for once thought this day will ever come.
For so long i have been seeing you in my dreams.
You looked fair and beautiful.
Never thought you were real and at times i used to blame myself for imagining your beauty
I thought never existed.

When i looked at your face
in my dreams
Very fair and soft
No pimple nor wrinkle but you had dimple.
I doubted that you were among the people walking the land of the living.

Had i wings
I could have flown the worlds in search of you
Thought i doubted your existence
There was nothing to lose in trying.

But one day came to stay
Boom like a bomb
you walked out of my dreams
Into my reality
Never thought you could ever come
But you came anyway.

Now that you are finally here
I will cherish you Like life itself.
Just like the force of gravity holds the entire universe in its place will i hold you to keep you always around me.
The truth be told
i am never letting you go.
I need you to stay with me
Every day.
Till death do part us

-Danny Hanks

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