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Written by divine purpose

“What are you guys doing?” Camila said, looking at them with disgust

“Shhhhs, he’s sleeping” Anita whispered and carefully placed Xavier’s head on the pillow
She covered him with the blanket and drag Camila out of the room

“What were you guys doing just now??” Camila asked again and Anita sighed
“Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not what you are thinking” She said

“Are you guys dating?” Camila gasped

“No,master will be upset if he hear you say that” Anita said and picked up her Apron she had dropped on the couch earlier

“Are you sure you guys aren’t dating?”
“No, we are not, I heard him yelling in his room so I ran there, it seems he was having a nightmare so I had to put him to sleep” Anita explained but Camila still had this suspicious look on her face

“I’m saying the truth” Anita said, noticing the look on camila’s face
“Whatever, by the way, where do all the maids stay, I don’t see you guys inside the house” Camila asked and Anita pointed at an house just behind Xavier’s house

“There, it’s the maid Quarter”
“You guys live there? Why? I mean this house is big enough for so many maids to stay”
“It seems you don’t know, Master loves being alone, he’s a loner” Anita said and Camila scoffed

“Loner my foot”

“I’m going, see you tomorrow” Anita said and walked out

Drake walked home and met his parent and little sister in the dining room
They were about to eat dinner

“I’m home” he said and turned to go to his room when his father, Mr Tyler stopped him
“Where are you coming from?”
Drake gave no response, he just stared into the air

“Drake, are you not answering your Dad?” Mrs Tyler said

“Anyways, I saw a Rap lyrics you wrote when I went into your room earlier…….that wasn’t a Lyrics, its Trash, Why are you even a Rapper when you can’t Write sensible Lyrics, can’t you just be Like Xavier” His Dad yelled and Drake sighed

There they go again
Comparing him with Xavier

“Honey, let’s eat” Mrs Tyler said, trying to change the topic
“The song that made you a star was Written by Xavier wasn’t it?” Mr Tyler said and Drake clenched his fist

“Dad” he said and everyone became silent

“If I’m not a good Rapper then I must have taken after you” He smirked and his dad glared at him

“Bro, go to your room” His little sister, Annabel said, sensing there might be a fight soon but Drake continued

“You aren’t you a competent lawyer too because if you were, You won’t take Bribes and Let criminals escape from going to jail” He said raising his voice

“Shut your mouth” Mr Tyler yelled

“How dare you speak of Xavier when you were part of those who made his life miserable” Drake yelled back

Annabel drag Drake to his room because if they stay too long staring at each other
Drake might end up being injured

“Bro, what’s wrong with you? Why are you speaking back at Dad” Annabel said and Drake sighed

“Annabel get out, I’m not in the mood for this” Drake said, taking off his jacket

“Seriously? What’s wrong with both you and Dad? You guys are annoying me” Annabel said and banged out of the room

The next morning….

Xavier stood up from the bed thirsty as he took his walking stick to trace his step to the Fridge

He walked downstairs and soon got to the living room

“Master, you are awake” Anita said with a smile
“Yeah” Xavier replied

He was about to take one more step when he slipped but Anita was fast enough to grab his arm

“Seriously?!!! Who is the b***h who mopped the floor!!!!” He yelled

Hearing his voice from their quarters, all the maids started running to his house

They know once he yells like that, something bad is gonna happen

Camila walked out of her room ready for school when she saw all the maids assembled and Xavier sitting on the couch with his leg crossed

“What’s going on?” Camila asked a maid

“Master slipped when coming down the stairs, Its like he’s gonna punish the maids who mopped the floor” the maid replied and Camila scoffed

“Life must be so easy for him” she said to herself

“Who mopped the floor this morning?” Xavier asked
At first, everyone hesitated in answering but later two Maids stepped forward

“We did” they chorused
“Are you guys planning to kill me!” He yelled at them “since I only slipped and didn’t fall, your punishment will be simple” he said and turned to Anita “Lock them in a room and do not give them food or water for three days” he said and the maids went in their knees
“We are sorry master, we promise to be careful next time” they pleaded

“You guys have two options, it either you accept the punishment or leave” Xavier said and stood up

“Seriously? They said they are sorry” Camila said and everyone looked at her

“Who are you to butt in, do you wanna die?” Xavier said and Camila scoffed

“Looks like you are getting rude day by day” she said and moved closer to him

“Hey Emily”
“Its Camila”

“Who cares, Listen…. I’m the Boss here, and as long as I am the boss, you can’t question my authority

“What the heck…….forget about being a boss, Can you stay alive for three days without eating or drinking anything? They are also humans like you as***ole” Camila said and everyone gasped

“What did you say?” Xavier arched his brow

“I called you an as***ole? Why? You don’t like it?” she said in a mocking tone

“Get out” Xavier said
“I said Get out!!!!” He yelled and everyone froze

“Don’t come back until you have a call from me” he said and walked to his room

“as***ole indeed” Camila shook her head

Later in the evening, After school Camila walked to a bar and started drinking alcohol

“Why isn’t he calling me? Did he Fire me or something” she said, checking her phone every seconds

“I’m going to make sure he pays for this, Does he think he owns the world because he’s Rich” Camila smirked and checked her phone again

It suddenly started to rain


Xavier opened the window of his room when he noticed it was Raining

“Master, I will be going back to the maid’s quarter, is there anything you want me to do before leaving” Anita said and Xavier took his phone

” Dial my manager’s number, it’s raining heavily, if something bad happens to her, I will be sued” Xavier said and Anita dialed Camilla’s number
She handed back the phone to Xavier before leaving but Camila wasn’t picking up

“Is she kidding me?” Xavier sighed with frustration as he dialed her number again but she wasn’t picking up

He heard someone ringing the doorbell as he used his walking stick to trace his steps

He opened the door and Camila entered, obviously drunk

She was wet and reeking of alcohol

“Did you drink?” Xavier asked and plunged his nose

“No, I didn’t” Camila said drunkenly and threw herself at him

“You as***ole, Let’s go and have our bath” she said and Xavier threw her away
“What are you saying” he said and dusted his cloth

“I’m feeling Nauseous” Camila said and Xavier arched his brow

“Don’t throw up here, get to your room before throwing up” he said and Camila hugged him
“Get away, you are so wet” Xavier said trying to pull her away


Camila end up throwing up at Xavier’s face😈👽😭😭


Let’s talk about you as Xavier😂 what will you do🤨

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