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Blind Celebrity – Episode 4

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Written by divine purpose

“Then I won’t help you up” She said and folded her arms
“You are gonna regret this when I get up” Xavier said and tried to stand up on his own but he fell again

The door opened and a maid entered with broom and other cleaning equipment
On seeing Xavier on the floor, he ran to him and helped him up

“Anika is that you?” Xavier asked and the girl nod
“Yes,I came to clean your room” She said and looked at Camila
“You must be the new manager, Hi” she said and smiled

“Anika, you will have to clean my room later, get out, I want to be alone” Xavier said and Camila scoffed
“I was about to leave” She said and walked out while the maid followed her
“Did you get into a fight with Master?” the maid asked and Camila looked at her for a while before saying something
She was quite pretty and has a beautiful smile
She had a blonde hair and a blonde eyebrow too
It fit her perfectly

“What’s your name?” She asked
“I’m Anita” the maid said and Camila arched her brow
“Anita? But I just heard that jerk calling you Anika and you replied” She said and Anita smiled
“Master is like that, seems like you have a lot to know about him” Anita said and Camila leaned forward “Really? Then tell me about him? I want to know everything about him 100%”

“Actually…… Master is a unique type” Anita began and Camila nod
“Master is an arrogant one, he never listen to anyone, he complains a lot too, When you breath, Master complains you breath too much, When you laugh,he says you laugh too much, when you cry, you get a ear full from him, If we put on a mini skirt like yours” She pointed at the skirt Camila was wearing

“He says we are seducing him, He isn’t saying anything right now because he can’t see”

“Geez….He’s really a unique type, From his attitude, seems like anyone would have wanted to make him go blind” Camila said “What of his parent?” She asked and Anita continued

“When he was young, His mother was a victim of Domestic violence”
“Domestic violence?”

“Yeah, His father was a drunkard, So every night, he drinks and beat his mother to a pulp”

“Yeah? When he was 10 years, His father drank again and started beating his mother, Master called the cops and his father was arrested”

“That’s great, What sort of man beat his wife” Camila said, impressed by the end of the story

“That’s not the end” Anita said
“What? That’s not the end?”

“His father had a sly Lawyer, The Lawyer helped him out of jail, You must have heard of his name, he’s Tyler James” Anita said and Camila arched her brow

“Tyler James, isn’t that the name of an American Rapper” Camila said

“No, Tyler James is Drake’s father” Anita said and Camila looked at her , surprised

“Drake? I heard they hate each other so much, is that the reason?” She asked and Anita nod
“You seems to know a lot about Xavier” Camila said and Anita smiled

“Yes, I was the first maid he had when he became a star”

“Oh….Really? Then how old are you?”
“I’m 23” Anita said and Camila nod
“I see, I’m going to school, You can take care of him Till I come back” Camila said and turned to the direction of her room

“School? Are you still in high school?” Anita asked

“Yeah” she replied and walked to her room to dress up


Drake walked inside the company and went to the Ceo’s office

“You wanted to see me?” He said and sat down
“Drake” The CEO called and looked at me

“What is it?”

“There are rumours going everywhere that you made Xavier loose his eye sight”

“So?” Drake smirked “are you saying you believe those rumours” He added and the CEO sighed

“It’s not that I believe them but…..we all saw how the stage lights were getting brighter that day, and it was just after you had a fight with Xavier” the CEO explained and Drake scoffed

“So you are saying I was behind it” he said

The CEO leaned forward and gave him a long stare

“Drake, if you can’t tell anyone then tell me, I promise to clear the rumours, We want you to release Xavier’s album instead of him but all the producers kept rejecting us because of this rumour, they said they won’t produce the song”

“CEO, you are painting me the bad guy right now, I’m Drake, Even if I hate Xavier, I won’t stoop so low and make him blind”


“I know nothing about it” he said and stood up “and…..I have no interest in releasing Xavier’s album” he said and turned to leave

“Then who would do it, Xavier can’t because of his present situation”

“Get another Rapper, I’m not interested” he said and walked out angrily

He walked inside the car and his manager started the engine

“Drake, are you okay?” His manager, tony asked

“Yeah, Manager, do you also believe I made Xavier loose his eye sight?” He asked but Manager didn’t say anything

“Why aren’t you saying anything” Drake yelled at him

“Actually…… I was forced to believe it since you guys fight a lot…..”

“Are you kidding me right now? Do I have to hold a press conference and tell everyone I didn’t do it? You guys are really driving me crazy” He yelled and looked outside when he saw Camila dressed in a school uniform
She was coming out of a school

“Ugh? She’s still in high school?” He said “Manager, can you stop the car?”


The car stopped and Drake rolled down the glass

“Hey, Wallet thief” He called and Camila sighed

“Why is he here?” She murmured and looked at him

“What is it?”
“Get in, I will take you home” He said but Camila declined

“No thanks”

“Are you serious?” He said in a scary tone
Camila turned and saw him with a deadly look

“Sure thanks, you can drive me home” She said and entered the car

“Now that I look at you more closely, You look ugly in your school uniform” Drake said and Camila scoffed

“Once I return your wallet you will be good as dead” she thought to herself

They drove to Xavier’s house and Camila came down
“Thanks for the ride” She grumbled, one would easily know she didn’t mean it

“You are welcome, and….. I should have my Wallet the next time we meet” Drake said and winked at her before driving away

“I’m really gonna kill him once I return his wallet” She sighed and walked inside

“I’m back” She announced and walked to Xavier’s room but she was surprised by what she saw

Anita was seated and Xavier’s head was placed on her lap, She was caressing his hair

It was like they were romancing or something🙄

“What are you guys doing?” Camila said, looking at them with disgust


Anita and Xavier romancing🤔🤔

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