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Africa the mother of continents

How great art thou

In all splendor and majesty

The home of abundant natural resources

Diamond, gold , copper

And many world wonders


Thou art blessed with riches

Yet your sons and daughters

Live in poverty and great suffering

Sleeping without food in their stomachs

While hoping that tomorrow will be great than today


Sixty years ago we United

And fought our way out of colonialism

Overthrew those our white masters

With full hopes that once we were free from the whiteman slavery,

Once we had those with our own skins in the governments

Things could be better and we could attain greatness.


Oh yes! We became free

Yes we had our own skin in governments

But our own people became like those we had chased away

Our own people became greedy and power hungry

Started stealing from us accumulating wealth for themselves even when the majority suffered.


We had thought once free from colonialism we could attain greatness

But greatness is not coming at the rate we had expected

For those that we democratically elected to form governments became dictators once in power

Changing and manipulating our Constitutions to prolong their stay in power.


Our own people began hurting us

Ordering for our massacre whenever we stood up to point out their wrong doings

We had thought after colonialism we could be free from dictatorship but no, we were not

Dictatorship was disguised in Democracy, “the rule of the people for the people to the people”


Look around you Africa and tell me

Is this you see, “the rule of the people for the people to the people”

Is this the Africa our freedom fighters fought so strongly to establish, losing their lives in the process or things just went wrong along the way?


After half a century plus of freedom,

Are you happy of the things that has been done to you Africa?

We chased those who oppressed us but alas! Our own people became the oppressors.


Sons and daughters of Africa look around and tell me,

Is this the Africa we all want…???



This piece will be continued in the next few days but I want to hear your views, is this you are seeing the version of Africa you want or there is something more.?

Are you happy with the general leadership of the Africa countries?

Hit the comment box and share your views with us on the version of Africa you want and the together we can write the next part of this poem, “THE AFRICA WE WANT PART TWO”


Much love and peace, #africaunite


All rights reserved

Copyright © Danny Hakalima 2021

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  1. No, this is not d africa we want, we want africa that we live in peace not in fear, where our leaders care for our needs, provide social amenities, employment opportunities and have human feelings.

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