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Gentle Tiger – Episode 12

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Gentle Tiger

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 12

Seo’s pov

Tae took his leave without glancing back.

I turned to Ara and Soo bin ” Hey girls, I hope you are alright? ” I said, directing my question to Ara especially.

“We are alright we need to go now ” Soo bin said and dragged Ara’s arm.

Hmm.. Really? If I didn’t get Ara and gonna get her damn friend. I smiled.

“Okay, take care of your self or should I follow you? ” I asked.

“No.. No you don’t follow us ” She stuttered while Ara hasn’t say anything yet.

“Ara, are you sure you are alright? ” I said, moving forward and touching her forehead.

“Am fine, binnie please let’s go ” She finally said and they both walked out of the garden.

I took two steps when my phone rang, I saw the caller “Jae ”

“Hey, what up bro? ” I said.

“Am fine, where are you? Wait! Don’t tell me you are banging another girl here in the camp ” He gasped.

“Hell no, am not. ”

“Hmm… Playboy, so tell me have you gotten another chick? ” He asked and I smiled.

“Nope, but soon and they are gonna be two chick to warm my bed ” I grinned.

“Oh oh… Here come the playboy of our time. Now come back we got gist for you ”

“Fine, is Tae there? ”

“No.. Oh he just came in now. I gotta go, got plenty things to do ” He answered and line went dead.

I sighed and walked out of the garden. The female turned to me and began drooling.

I smiled at them and they almost fainted. Gosh!

I got to the tent and entered, Tae, Jae and Rhee sat round a table discussing.

“I get have missed something ” I said.

“Of course not, come sit. ” I sat down beside Rhee .

“Now let’s start…. The four winners, that is the music queen and king, and dancing queen and king will be taken to London to contest for the coming world music and dance contest.

The London contest will choose which country that won in this coming contest and if we win, we will become trainees in AM industry in Korea and WILL Music Entertainment in London . For 6 months. ” He explained and Jae signed deeply.

“So you mean three months in London and three months in Korean? ” Jae asked.

“Exactly, both the dancers too ”

“Wow! That great. I guess we have to wait for you for good three months in London before we all decide to be a trainee in AM industry “Rhee grinned widely.

“Fool, have you forgotten we are trainees in AM industry already? ” I said, and hit him in the head.

Ara’s father was the owner of the country. He got many companies and industries here and there.

“Ouch! Stop! I totally forgotten. Am gonna miss Tae when he’s gone. ” Rhee answered, sniffling.

“Like we aren’t gonna miss him too, stop been childish or should I go call Ha rin for you? “Jae said, jokingly.

“Hell no! You know how much I hate that foolish girl. She’s not even my type.

I hate that girl with big lip, big head, big eyes every thing about her is big. ” Rhee yelled and stamped his feet on the ground.

” Who is this girl? ” Tae asked, interested in the talk.

“Fine! Jae.. ” He glared at Jae and continued.

“I met her at the dancing room in the school, we talked and talked and talked and talked…..”

“You just talked alone? What the heck? ” I said, smiling mischievously.

“And we kissed, that’s all. No string attached ” He said finally.

“Wow! You kissed? Oh brother is in love ” I joked.

“Am not in love. You know I can’t be in love now after what that daughter of a b***h did to me. Am still heartbroken you know ” He smiled, though sadly.

” Heartbroken? You know you aren’t the heartbroken here, what of our big bro here Seo ” Tae said, wiggling his brow.

“Tae don’t let me remember those bad memories again ” I replied sadly.

Arrggh! He made me remember again.

Flashback 🕠☄️💨

“Lia, why? Why? Why didn’t you tell me you had cancer of the brain? And it in the Final stage ” I yelled, and cried the more.

I love Lia so much that I can do anything for her.

“Baby am sorry, I don’t want you to leave alone. I don’t want you to worry so much about me “She cried too, holding my hand.

I faced her, she was on the hospital bed. Her face was pale and dry, her body skinny, her hair which was full and attractive had been cut off.

“You know how much I care about you, you should have said the truth.

I would do anything within my power to save you. I love you Lia ” I whimpered, taking her hands softly.

I cleaned her tears that was dropping uncontrollably from her eyes, “Don’t worry Lia, please stay strong for me okay? I will make sure you get cure okay? Am gonna tell dad about this. He will surely do something ” I reassured her and she nodded.

“Thanks Seo, I love you so much ” She said and I only nodded.

“I need to go, I will come back tomorrow to pay for the surgery okay? Stay strong ”

“I will ” Her voice was weak.

I peeked her on her lips and walked out of the ward with tears in my eyes.

Next morning..

I got to the hospital with Tae and the money dad gave to me for the surgery.

The truth is Tae’s father isn’t my real father. He took me from the slum.

He saved me from a fire accident which took my parents lives.

He took care of me like his own son, his wife never maltreat me.
I will forever be grateful to them.

It was then I knew that Tae and I have same birth year. Same age. And now we are 19 years.

I really love Tae the most though I love Jae and Rhee but Tae is no 1.

I walked the ward briskly, if only I knew that would be the last day am gonna set my eyes on her.

She’s an orphan like me too. No parents.

“Lia! Am here ” I called.

She turned her head and smiled weakly. Her face was more paler than yesterday.

“Lia, are you okay? ” I asked panicking.

“Seo, I just want to thank you for all you have been doing to me. You are the best companion I ever had. You still love me even in my condition. Thank you ” She said, holding my hand tightly to her paled face.

“Talk no more Lia, talk no more, am here for you. See Tae and I had come to pay for the surgery. You gonna be fine ” I assured though I was afraid.

What and why is she saying all this? I don’t want to lose her. Never.

I turned to go, so the doctor could complete their treatment on her. I had told them to start the treatment since yesterday but the bas***d doctor didn’t even touch her

I pray nothing happen to her, else he’s going to pay.

Lia held my hand and nodded her head negatively.

“It like the end has come, the doctor in charge abandoned me here saying until the surgery bill is paid before he can do anything.

He’s just changing drips but didn’t even tried to check on me whether am feeling worse or better “She said, in tears.

“What?! ” Tae and I said in unison.

“The doctor will surely pay for this ” Tae stated angrily but my anger was more than his.

Lia coughed “Am sorry about this Seo, I had to use one of the nurses phone to call and tell you the truth but I think it too late now ” Her words made me scared.

“What are you trying to say? See you not gonna die, am here with you ” I said, rubbing her cheek.

She smiled and coughed again, she kept coughing repeatedly and immediately Tae pressed the emergency bell in the room.

The doctor came in, but she had stopped coughing, her eyes were closed.

The doctor checked on her and nodded his head negatively.

“Don’t tell me it what am thinking ” I asked.

“Am sorry mister but she’s dead, it like she hasn’t been given treatment since she was admitted here. ” The doctor said.

“Nooooooo!!! Lia wake up, your love is here! Wake up please ” I cried so much, shooking her body.

“Where the hell is the doctor in charge?” I heard Tae asking the doctor.

“I will take you there ”

The doctor came and took me away from Lia, I was shocked to the bone. No she’s not dead. She can’t just leave here.

The doctor covered the bed sheet over her whole body.

I wanted to fight the doctor for doing that but Tae held me.

“Let’s go to the doctor’s office ” The doctor said.

That doctor will surely pay for this. Ahhhh! Lia!! Lia!! Lia!!

She died in my hands!

We got to the doctor’s office, I didn’t wait for Tae to knock on the door.

I barged in and fool was even screwing a woman.

He stopped what he was doing and faced me with a surprise smile.

“You bas***d! You killed my woman and you are here enjoying! ” I yelled and held his collar tight.

I pushed him to the wall and punched his face hard.

“Seo stop! ” Tae said.

“Don’t tell me to stop! This bas***d is gonna pay for what he did to my love ” I punched till he was bleeding in his nose and lips.

I didn’t even care if he was older than me.

I finally released him but that not the end. I felt bittered and helpless.

Lia! Am gonna miss her, miss her smile, miss her lovely face, miss her lips. Miss everything about her.

We shared everything together. She was my first kiss, first sex, first girlfriend, first crush. She’s just my first for crying out loud.

Now she’s gone. Why me? Huh? Why me?

I walked out of the hospital angrily but am still coming for that bas***d.

“It gonna be fine Seo,everything is going to be fine ” Tae consoled.

I cried on Tae’s shoulder as the driver drove us home.

Long story cut short, I sent the doctor to jail for one year with all the connections I had without dad’s help.

It should be life imprisonment but I only pitied his family but still…

He’s still in prison till now just two months for him to be released.

Lia was later buried but I wasn’t there. I can’t watch her been buried, I won’t be able to control myself.

Being a playboy isn’t my idea, but I know there’s no other girl I would love than Lia.

No girl like her.

I became cold-hearted the day Lia was buried.

Only me and Rhee once had a girlfriend but not anymore.

I once asked why Tae and Jae didn’t have a girlfriend but they do give me this answer “Am not ready yet ” or ” I haven’t found my type ” and so on.

“Seo? Seo?” I jolted awake from my thoughts.

“What? ” I asked.

“Am sorry, for letting you remember those memories ” Tae apologized.

“It okay bro, let’s continue our discussion ” I smiled, and he nodded.

Am really good in forgetting bad memories, so time to forget this.

I focused on Tae as he speak ” We gonna be having the contest tomorrow morning till 2pm.”

Am really a good dancer and a singer too like my brothers here.

“Hmm… Tae, can I partake in the dance contest too ?” I asked.

He stared at me amused “Of course you can ” He smiled and continued his talking.


so Seo went through all this sha I pity him. It really heartbroken. Let’s drop a heart for Lia.


Story by Uche Lawrence 💕
Love y’all.

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