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Gentle Tiger – Episode 15

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Gentle Tiger

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 15

Young hee’s pov


I stared at Yoo nah for minutes and she did hers too.

“Tell me what that teacher said was a lie ” I asked blinking my eyes.

“Yeah, plan b failed. See let’s take a break now ” Yoo nah said and I nodded.

She’s gonna participate in that contest. gosh! Am such a failure!

Ara’s pov

Two days later…..

It was the last day at the camp, I woke up from my mattress. My head was spinning like hell.

I remembered how I spilled milk on one of the junior’s shirt. But today I feel light and good.

I turned to see Soo bin still sleeping. I walked out of the tent to see the sky.

I heard that the contest has been postponed till next Monday.

Thank God! At least I will have time to rehearse.

Everyone has been packing their bags to get ready.

“See her, is like she’s still mad “🚺

“Am sure she was drugged “🚺

“She look calm to today but tomorrow phew crazy! “🚺

The last words made me stop and faced them.

“What are you saying? Am not mad! ” I yell and moved forward but they ran back.

Gosh! What have I done?

4 hours later…

We were inside the plane easy to take off. Everyone has been avoiding I and Soo bin, only Ha rin was the one who sit beside us.

“Am not mad binnie, why are they running from us? ” I asked.

“Don’t know too, maybe it because of what happened in the camp. You how crazy we behave there.

I wasn’t crazy like this, I can’t even control my self.

I feel dizzy, everything was doubled. God! This is getting out of hands ” She replied.

“Senior Ara, are you sure you weren’t drugged? ” Ha rin asked.

“Drugged? How? When? Hmm….. I was thinking of that too. ” I said.

“Anybody that did this, I will make sure he/she pay for this ” Binnie growled.

The plane took off and soon it landed after 3 hours.

We took the school bus, and it stopped right at school. Some had come down on the way.

I hail a taxi and it took me home.

“ baby girl is here! ” I heard my mom squeaked as she came down to hug me.

“Sis, how’s the camp? ” My brother asked.

“It fine, brother.”

“My lady welcome ” The ear- problem- woman greeted.

I don’t want her trouble.

“Yeah.. ” I faced mom. “Mom am hungry ”

“Ohh… Come in, MI Ho take your sister’s bag inside ” Mom said and gestures me to the dinning room.

I ate and retired to bed..
Tomorrow is Thursday.

I don’t feel like going to school but I have to.

I log in on the school website but no new updates. I sighed and before I knew it I was sleeping.

Tae’s pov

“They had to postpone the contest? ” Seo asked.

“Yes, for no reason but I think that’s good ” I said and remove my snickers.

“Hmm.. Good? How? ”

“We will have time to rehearse well. ”

“That sounds good, I still can’t forget what happened in the camp ” Seo said and smiled.

“Gosh! I can’t believe you still remember that incident even when they almost beat your life out ”

He gave me a dead glare and I chuckled.

Soo Bin’s pov

I got home and went straight to my mom’s room, she was sleeping.

I turned back and walk to my room and got my dress changed.

“Soo bin? Is that you? ” I heard my mother’s voice.

“Yes mom, am back ” I replied as I walk to her room.

She cried immediately I entered, ” What’s it mom? Why are you crying again? ” I asked worriedly.

“Your.. Father.. Came here ” she answered and my eyes nearly popped out of my socket.

“What?! How did he know we are leaving here?”

“I don’t know, he came alone. He didn’t even say anything. I tried talking to him but he ignored me ”

” You mean you saw him around here? And he left like that? “I asked and she nodded.

What the hell is he doing here? How did he know this place? I thought he had left the country with his stupid wife and son.

“It okay mom, don’t panic. Have you eaten? ”

“Yes I have. ” I stood up and lay her on the bed well.

I walk to the kitchen to prepare food for myself.

Ara’s pov

Next morning…..

I got to school with Soo bin, and walk to class. Everyone stared at us like we’ve grown two heads.

The lesson began and soon it was break.

I got to the cafeteria and sat beside Ha rin with Soo bin in front.

Ha rin had been going with pleading to be my friend. Wait? I thought the rich don’t play with the poor.

I smiled at that thought. “Thanks for paying my camp fee, senior Ara. You are God sent ” Ha rin said thankfully.

“It okay, forget it and let’s eat ” I said.

We began eating and I stop when coffee was poured on my salad unexpectedly.

What the f**k!

First I thought it was Tae or one of his brothers but it was the crayfish of the school.

“Hi, Pumpkin ” Young hee said and she waved her hands across my face.

“You know Young Hee, I wanted to ask how she paid for the camp fee and even her ugly friend.

Wait! Or did they do the job? ” Yoo nah said and giggled at her words.

“Oh you mean prostitution? I think so too ” Young hee replied and they both laugh.

I felt angry immediately, “Don’t you dare call us prostitutes again else you will regret it ” I snarled.

“Else what? You know have been thinking why that principal had to admit you into this school,

or did you bribe him with those things under your uniform? ” She said and I gave her the hardest slap she will never forget.

“You don’t know me right? Am sure if you know who I am, you will surely scream your lung out” I answered.

“Who are you? A girl with no future? Am sure your parents can’t even feed themselves not to talk of you. You this slummer ”

“Don’t you dare call me names ”
“Ara it okay, calm down ” Binnie said trying to calm me down but I can’t.

She has been stepping on my toes since I step into this school but have been too gentle. f**k!

“You slapped me? ” She asked and I nodded.

“Yes, I did and if you don’t watch your mouth, I will do that again ” I yell.

“Hey! Everyone she’s mad again! Stay away from her and her friend don’t let them bite you. ” Yoo nah said and the students began pointing.

“She has started again ”

“She wasn’t shouting like this in the camp ”

“Don’t let her bite you”

“Please guys, we aren’t mad okay. We didn’t know what came over us at the camp to make us behave that way. ” Binnie said trying to shut everyone up.

Soo bin moved closer to them but they stepped back almost crushing on themselves.

“She’s mad look at how they look like, mad dogs ” A students yell and I turned to her.

“f**k you! ” I cried.

“Am not mad, tell them we are not mad. Tell them ” I cried.

“So you can cry like this, fool and you are claiming super power ” Young hee spat and scoff.

I wanted to grab her hair and punch her damn mouth but I was held back. Not from Soo bin. Not from Ha rin but Tae!

” Tae, leave me let me punch the daylight out of her ” I said angrily but he held me tight.

“Calm down! You are causing a scene ” He said calmly but I could sense anger in those words.

“okay, tell them I and Soo bin are not mad! Tell them, see I don’t know what control me at the camp.

Tell them please ” I said almost bursting into fresh tears.

“Fine, I will tell them ” He replied but I wasn’t satisfied.

“They are mocking me and Soo bin, we aren’t mad! ” I yell this time and I could tell he was frustrated.

He wanted to drag me out of the scene but I stood still.

“Am not going anywhere until you tell them am not mad okay? ”

“Ara, calm down you are getting on his nerves” Soo bin said, looking deep into my eyes.

“No, they won’t believe us, until Tae tell them something. You know they worship him like gods. Tae tell them please. ” I faced Tae with pleading eyes.

“Just calm down…. ” I interrupt him.

He should just tell them right now. I don’t need to calm down. Am gonna run mad real if he doesn’t tell them.

I hate it when they say am mad, if they call me crazy it fine by me but mad.

“Tell them…Soo bin tell him to do what I ask for.. Tell h…..” I was shouting and shaking my head when I suddenly stood still.

My eyes went wide.

My lips! I gasped when I realized Tae’s lips was the one on mine own lips.

Whaaaatt? He kissed me?

What did I do to deserve a kiss from him? My first kiss has been taken!

I wanted to push him away but I couldn’t. My hands had become still.

The kiss was just few seconds, he look up at me and sighed.

“Calm down, calm down, calm down and listen to me ” He said and continued.

“Am sorry, but you are frustrating the hell out of me. You didn’t even want to hear what I was going to say ” He said finally.

I touched my lips with my hands and turned to Soo bin, she shrugged and smiled then a wink followed.

For real?

All the students were with their phones. Oh don’t tell they videoed us kissing.

“OMG! Tae kissed her”

“Pinch me, am sleeping ”

“He was supposed to kiss me ”

“Tae should I bring my lips too so you can kiss them ”

“He even apologized! First time!

“Awwn, so lovely. Send me the video after school hours ”

He said I was frustrating him? I wanted to slap him for the kiss but I couldn’t. I just can’t.

Part of me love the kiss, part of me hate the kiss.

I couldn’t look at him. “Am sorry okay? I need to go now ” He rushed his words and left immediately.

“You!! Don’t you dare take Tae away from me. I can’t believe he kissed your ugly lips. Prostitute! “She yelled almost crying.

I removed her wig and slapped her bald head then a hot slap on her face that sent her staggered.

“Fool! Don’t dare me!” I growled and walk out of the cafeteria.

Many thoughts filled my mind. He kissed me. Why? Was he that frustrated? Gosh!


He said calm down but she didn’t answer and he was really frustrated that he had to shut her up with a kiss. Which kind of frustration is that?


Story by Uche Lawrence…

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  1. You are not listening, so he needs to do that to calm you down, and I guess it worked. Though it doesn't go down well with Young hee

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