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ANCIENT PROPHECY (a life lived before birth)

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“the end of days is come,
who shall stand to defend humanity?”

Seven thousand years ago, just after the Wars of Extinctions, there lived powerful gifted in Mandali-which in the Creational Tongue is translated, ” Home of the gifted.” These gifted, who were known then as Guardians Of Life, commanded great magical powers and had sworn their lives to protecting the Fountains Of Life, a holy site entrusted to them by the Supreme One Himself.

Peace reigned. The world forgot about its past losses and humanity enjoyed the joy of freedom until one day when JAN SAHR an influential gifted became power hungry and ambitioned to set up a monarch in Mandali to rule the gifted, an act that the Supreme One forbade when He first founded Mandali.

To aid his ambitious quest, JAN SAHR did the unimaginable, he used great magic to break through the barriers into the fountains of life and drunk of the LIVING WATERS and he became like the gods, immortal.

Before the Council of Guardians could take any action against the rebellious JAN SAHR and his followers, the most powerful gifted,Grand Guardian, VAN MOHR was murdered. His death has remained a mystry to this day.
VAN MOHR was the only one with the power required to fight the rebels.

His murder silenced most gifted as they could not bring themselves to fight the rebel gifted who had become immortal. Hundreds of the Guardians were murdered in cold blood and hundreds also abandoned their duties and joined forces with the rebels and together they ushered the world into the dawn of a new age, an age of tyrrancy and misery. The lives of humanity were put on a balance.

One night, a couple of dozen gifted, who refused to abandon their duties of protecting the fountains of life and were awaiting executions in the morning managed to escape.
They used great magic to hide their identities and together they journeyed to the far east into the Virgin Lands and in the mountains there founded a city HAKAM- which in the Creational Tongue is translated,’’ City of the lost.’’

It has been two and a half thousand years now since the SAHR REBELLION and the rebel gifted has continued destroying the world and has even demanded worship from the humans.

The actions of JAN SAHR has created a way for the return of the banished gods, evil gods, who wanted to blot man out of existence during the Wars Of Extinction.

It was the banishment of these gods by THE SLAYER that ended the wars.

Now these evil gods are about to return with a single purpose, wipe mankind off the face of the earth.

Will mankind survive what is to come? Will they be able to defeat the banished gods? Or this might just be the end of human life on earth.

The lives of humanity has been put on a balance and unless the Slayer learns how to fight what is to come, human life shall be wiped out of the face of the earth.


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This will be a long ride, don’t forget to invite your friends who love epic fantasy stories so we can ride together.

© Danny Hakalima 2021

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