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Truly Yours

Chapter 01

Happy Birthday



“Happy birthday Ella!”Everyone yelled as I walk into the room which was reserved and prepared for my 18th birthday,and plus have been looking forward to this day like forever! And most importantly am a big girl and it my final year in high school.

“I can’t believe Kitten is 18″Cole said stopping in front of me,I couldn’t help but to blush.

Cole is my brother best friend ever since childhood,Cole is super hot,brown long hair,dreamy blue eyes and those pink lips almost red as berry and those abs and six packs…all the girls in high school are falling over for him but Cole is in college he happens to get a part time job at my school as the girl basketball coach.

Plus am head over heel in love with him ever since I was 12 but Cole sees me as a little girl who wouldn’t leave his tail each time he comes to our house.

But now I am 18 but Cole is still calling me Kitten what the hell is wrong with him? Can’t he see am head over heel in love with him? Of course I knew..Cole knows am in love with him but he won’t budge saying am too small for him but he is just 20 years old very annoying.

“Don’t call me Kitten…am 18 now Cole”I scolded him,glaring at him with my own brown eyes.

“Yes! Yes!! I bet all the high school boys will be seeking you out by tomorrow good luck”He winked at him and walk away.

My brother Blake smile and seeing him and pointed towards a girl,they both shared a grin and approached her.

My brother and Cole are stupid players! They both let any guy come close to me,acting all protective of me Cole own is even worse treating me like a kid I just want him to grab me and kiss me senselessly but no that never happened.

I groan in frustration and went ahead to grab a drink good for me am 18 now…a guy approach me who I guess is one of my brother’s friend since I didn’t recognize his face.

“Ella happy birthday! You’re a big girl now”He was checking me out,I know that which made my skin pinch and claws.

I look over at Cole and saw him glaring both at me and the guy and I hissed out to him and an idea entered my head I decided to flirt with the guy back just to piss Cole off.

“And those lips….I could die for”The guy said bringing his face closer to mine ready to kiss me,I felt sick in my stomach but I didn’t push him away but before his lips could meet mine I felt a cold breeze blow then open my eyes.

I gasp as I saw Cole push him against the wall punching him hard.

“How dare you try to touch her!”Cole yell angrily,have never seen him this angry.

Blake glare at me and told Cole to take me inside my room while he continue to beat the guy,luckily for me this isn’t a parent attendance party.

“Kitten listen to me and let go” Cole groan in frustration.

I stood there stubbornly.

“You don’t tell me what to do!”I particularly yelled at him.

“Damn you!”He carried me over his shoulder and out and match upstairs to my room.

I kick,yelled,fight,struggle but Cole didn’t let me go,he drop me in my room and close the door behind us then put me down.

“What were you thinking flirting with that guy like that!”He yell good he was pissed which made me happy and satisfy.

“I am eighteen okay? it my life and am a big girl”I poke a finger against his chest.

Cole groan and push me against the wall before I could even sense what was coming,his warm lips close over mine.

Wow I breathed kissing him back immediately my very first kiss and I was glad it was with Cole.

He push me higher against the wall kissing me deeply,I whimper softly into his mouth while he used the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth.

Using his tongue to massage my mouth making me moan breathlessly,I clasp my hand through his hair,tugging at his hair making him groan into my mouth the sound alone was enough to make me wet.

I was dripping wet in my pants all I want—

Abruptly Cole pull away leaving me confused and daze.

“Cole…”I protest wanting his lips back against mine but he put some distance between us.

“Damn!”He groan and walk out of the door cursing under his breath.

Cole kissed me!

He kissed me!

I couldn’t help but to jump happily.

My very first kiss was with Cole…I wanted more.




What was I thinking kissing Kitten like that? I didn’t mean to kiss her and seeing her flirting with that guy drive me mad.

I couldn’t believe she was so innocent,she’d let that stupid Alex of a guy kiss her,Alex is a D*** and I don’t want him anywhere near Kitten.

Ever since I saw Ella for the first time when they move into our neighborhood,I was six then and I liked her immediately.

She was just four then but all the same I was her brother friend and we got along but when Ella was 12 years she started having a crush on me hanging around me each time I come over their house or anything.

I don’t want to hurt her or want her hurting me since am in love with her.

Blake doesn’t want me any where near her but seeing I was acting like a big brother to her, Blake finally thought I had gotten over my feelings for his sister.

And the kissing tonight shouldn’t have happened and if Blake find out am sure he was going to kick my ass.

I look around the house for Blake only to find him at the kitchen making out with Jennifer who seems not to care she was getting f**ked in a kitchen at a party.

She’s such a slut,already f**k her once or twice.

“Cole baby…while don’t you join us”She moan trying to pull me closer to her.

I chuckle and step back “No thanks am good”I winked at Blake and left the kitchen.

I will just hang around and pray Blake doesn’t get wasted enough for a huge mess to be created around here.

And we are going to ve doing much cleaning around here since tomorrow is Saturday.

I look up as Kitten walk down the stairs,her cheeks was still flush.

God she was beautiful,long dark hair,brown eyes,pink rosy lips and she have curves in all the right places.

I just wanted to kiss her anyway but seeing she was walking towards me I quickly hurried away putting as much distance between us.


Written by: Ahthoress Dammy

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