Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Chapter 14

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Truly Yours

Chapter 14

[I’m Sorry baby ]



So there you have it,my nest friend already know about my relationship with Cole and that the only person in this earth planet apart from me and Cole who knows we are dating.

And she support me about it,she isn’t like some jealous b***h of a best friend and that I am so glad.


I haven’t seen Cole,I guess he didn’t come after all must be busy with college stuff,I walk down the hallway to history class I like history fine but am not in the mood for-

“Whoa!”I yelled as someone pull me into a room…probably an empty class room,I turn around to yell at the person but I came face to face with Cole.

He chuckles seeing the expression on my face forgetting the anger I jump on him wrapping my legs around his waist,he chuckle and kissed me,I really do miss kissing him but then I pull away before it goes any depper,we are in school class could be over and anyone can walk in on us.

“Kitten why did you stop I missed you”Cole wines trying to kiss me again,I push him back lightly then glare playfully at him.

“Where have you been all day? I thought you weren’t coming”

“How could I not see my kitten now kitten let me kiss you”He begged.


I giggled it actually cute when he begs,I also want to kiss him but not right now and not right here.

“Be serious Cole did you skip classes so you can come here”

“Sure”He nuzzle my neck,I couldn’t help it I arch back to allow him better access.

“That not cool…..Cole”I moan when he suck on my earlobes,I pull away from him.

“You’re getting to carried away”I giggled.

“Guess you’re right”He gave my ass a little pat.

“I will see you around but I have to be in class”I frowned a little.

“But…you’re ten minutes late”

“I will make up a smart excuse…don’t worry about me babe”I kiss him slightly before walking out of the class room then move to history class.

Mrs.Dollop saw me she just glare at me and made no comment,and I gladly took my seat.


“Hey”Molly hissed,it was pep class and I wonder why she’s tryna talk to me like seriously we are never on talking terms she’s just another b***h who wouldn’t stay away from my Cole.

Yes My Cole I got the man already losers! I wish I could yell that out.

“Yes”Not rudely mind you…it just in normal voice like the one you used when someone abruptly want to talk to you…someone like Molly.

“You know everyone’s talking about Cole’s new girl”She asked.

“Will you please go straight to the point? I got a lot of things to do and talking to you isn’t one of them”I told her.

“Chill but wait are you jealous? Of course you will everyone knows you got the hots for Cole”She taunted.

Okay even though am the girl on question but that honestly offensive.

“Why will I be jealous? And mind you I got no hots for Cole he is my brother friend and nothing more”I reported.

Something much more…I blush inwardly am one lucky girl.

“Whatever! Since you’re much closer to Cole…you need to find out who the girl is and once you do tell us…if you win I hope we break em up,we split the money and probably I could get a nightstand with him”She winked at me.

“Gosh you’re sick”I groan and walk away.

This people are really trying to break Cole and I……


“What on earth is keeping Blake”I groan as I got in the back seat,Cole turn around to look at me from the driver’s seat.

“Kitten what wrong? You don’t look happy”He asked.

How am I going to tell him that? Nothing was his fault…but geez being so hot sometimes is trouble and I wished Cole turn ugly.

“Am okay”I force a smile.

“Geez I think am going to fake being in relationship to get all this attention you’re getting…even the college girls are going crazy”Blake laughed sitting at the other side on the front seat.

“What are you talking about”I ask Blake.

“It just that girls are finding it hard to believe and they are making bets about the first person to sleep with Cole in other to make him dump his girlfriend….like I said your relationship don’t last long Cole”Blake explained.

“Blake I think you forgot your jacket”Cole told him.

“sh*t yes!”Blake yelled and hurried back is inside the school.

“Am sorry babe I thought if everyone knew I was taken then they would stay away from me”

“I guess we need this trust stronger than ever”I wispred quietly.

“Trust me kitten”Cole pleaded and turn away from me when Blake burst into the car.

To be honest am a little scared I mean very scared what if….

No no I wont think about it.


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  1. This is what happens when you keep things as serious as being in a relationship away from people that are suppose to know. Sorry Ella, you just have to bear it till you both decide to make it official

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