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My SuperHandsome Crush

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 1

✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️

Simone pov:
Second day of school and I already have so much homework. Who does that, like seriously.

‘Ooops’ sorry I didn’t even introduce myself….My name is Simone King. I’m 19 years old. I love to read books.

I always lived comfortable. My parents weren’t rich nor poor. So we used to live comfortable. Yes used to live.

They died in an car accident when I was little, thus six years old.

Then I lived with my ‘b***hy aunt Karen and her daughter Bianca’. Ofcourse they are rich and i’m poor to them.

But I don’t let them effect me. When I used to live there, they used me like I was their maid and when I disobated them they beated me.

Amy, my bestfriend saw the blue and purple bruises on my body.

She threatened my ‘aunt and her daughter’. That if I wouldn’t come with her that day. She would inform the police what they did to me.

So now I live with Amy. I don’t know where I would be if she didn’t save me. But i’m glad she did.

Anyway today is the second day of school and i’m already lazy. Not that I don’t want to go. I totally want to go so I get to see my crush.

Haha! I know I know…it’s just a crush. He has been my crush since when I was 15 years old. We went to the same school.

Anyway on my way to school I saw my bestfriend Amy. Waving at me. She’s so sweet. We grew up together and she knew all my secrets. We tell each other everything.

“Hi babay”. Amy greeted me. Just when I was about to say something when I saw my crush

Andrew Knight. The badboy, arrogant, spoiled rich and don’t forget flirty playboy.

Entering the school entrance with his oh so fancy audi r8. Like I said he’s a spoiled rich kid.

Amy shove me a little and had a smirk on her face. She gives me a knowing look. I just rolled my eyes and ignored her. But I love her to death.

“Hey Am Ams”. I greeted her. With a wide smile on my face. I know that she don’t love it when I call her Am Ams.

She playfuly glare at me. But laughed it out. And laughed along with her. We’re kinda weird. People always ask if we are siblings but we always give them the same answer. ‘We’re bestfriends forever’

We went to our locker, the good thing is that her locker is beside mine. Just as I was about to turn I smashed into a wall.

“Were did this wall came from” . I thought. When I look up I saw my freaking crush.
Looking down at me with smirk. And what a bestfriend I had. She laughed her ass out. Rolling my eyes I looked up again.

“Hey babe”. Andrew whispered in my ear. I shivered when he called me babe. Wait! Did he just called me babe. Am I dreaming. I was lost in my own thoughts when he spoke.

“No you’re not dreaming”. He said with a smirk. I looked at him with wide eyes. ‘Did I say it out loud. I thought.

Andrew laughed that sent shivers down my spine and said. “Yes you said it out loud”. Ugh I should stop thinking out loud.

“Nope you shouldn’t stop thinking out loud”. He said. I glared at him. And he just smirked. I looked at his beautiful chocalate brown eyes when suddenly a hand wave in front of me.

“Earth to Simone”. He said. Just like that I snapped out of my trace. I love it when he said my name.

“Don’t call me that”. I said. Showing him that I was not effected by his words. But inside I was squealing. All he did was smirk. Can he even smile for once.

“Don’t call you what babe?”. He whispered. Again the word babe!. Cocky much I thought to myself.

“That”. I said. Rolling my eyes. Why does he have to be so flirty. And so handsome.

“What”. He asked innocenly. I turned to look for Amy but I didn’t find her. What a bestfriend I thought.

“The word babe”. I said. “Don’t call me that”. I continued when he didn’t say anything.

“Just because you’re populair in this school and calls every damn girl babe, doesn’t mean you can do the same with me”. I said

He may be my crush…but whatevs.

The bell rang. Before he could say something I shoved him so I could walk ahead, because he was blocking my way.

Leaving a shocked Andrew there. Because I bet nobody dared to speak like that to him.

Walking to my first period class. I always sit on the back. Because I don’t like attention. I had english the first two periods and it was very boring.

The day went by fast today and Amy wanted to go to the mall. So I didn’t have a choice but to go with her.

“There is a party friday night”. Amy said. “And you’re going” she continued. I’m not a fan of parties. They’re just not my thing.

“But I don’t want go Amy”. I said. I rather sit home, watch netflix and eat popcorn. That’s my thing.

“Nope not happening this time Simone King” she said. Okay I know that she’s my bestie but i’m scared when she’s saying my full name.

“Okay fine”. I said. I know I must experience things and have fun. I wish I was like Amy. Free, don’t care what people say.

“No you-….wait did you say yes”. She asked. Her eyes widened. I nodded while laughing at her. Two hours later of shopping clothes for friday night.

I was so exhausted and i’m hungry. I mean why do we need two hours for only a dress and a pair of shoes.

“Amy lets eat something first before we leave”. I said. She agreed, because she was also hungry.

We were about to go home when we heard a high pitched voice. That we knew was from the hoe, slutty, b***h!…………Oh Ohw. But she was not alone, but with……Andrew?!.

Hope you guys like it?

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Luv y’all 💋


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