Just A Friend

Just a Friend – Episode 25

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Just A Friend
Written By Author Bella
Chapter Twenty Five
Kierra’s Pov
The whole rest room was soaked with water with foam and I looked so dirty with liquid soap trailing down my hair in a nut shell it would take me nearly two hours to clean it all up and Xander’s game would begin in thirty minutes oh God what do I do what do I do

The rest room is one problem my hair is another I’m a mess right now I’m pretty sure they’ve ruined my hair forever and my clothes is a done deal that’s for sure though I could manage those at least until I’ve shown my support towards him

“I could clean the rest room up in an hour top but that’s still doesn’t give me enough time to change my clothes as well as wash my hair…I thought as I grabbed my cleaning items

“I can’t believe I broke number 4 I let them get to me how could I be so stupid as to think they wouldn’t try to get back at me….I thought as I cleaned the rest room as fast as I could


By the time everywhere could sparkle I had just ten minutes left till Xander practice ends so I decided to quickly wash my hair in the cubicle before heading to my locker to grab a change of clothes

Tine was really really running out I had just 7 minutes now till Xander’s game ends

I was gonna make it… I screamed as I headed for the door twisting the knob but to no avail

“No no no please no… I screamed hitting the door

“Noo no no no this can’t be happening let me out… I screamed twisting the knob as it was locked from the outside

“They locked me in… I said to myself as I slumped to the ground once again

“And Xander’s game is ending ….I thought as a tear dropped from my eyes as I instinctively wiped it off

“Let… Me…. Out… I screamed banging the door but it was of no use since the whole school was made sound proof so teachers wouldn’t disturb others while teaching


“Tick tock tick tock ..I kept repeating as it was barely 4 minutes till the game ends

Xander’s practice game was almost over now just four minutes left and I was still stuck in the God damn rest room. With no means of getting out I might as well just give up now Xander would think I did this on purpose

“Miss Leah aren’t you done yet.. Principal Bradford said walking in twisting the knob

“Umm yes yes sir… I said standing up as he walked in staring at me confuse

“How did you lock the door from the outside

“I didn’t sir… I said truthfully

“Well that’s strange anyways the place looks great and I’m sure you’ve learnt your lesson moss Leah you’re one of our best students it pains me to even have to punish you

“I know sir… I said bending my head thinking of ways to punish them

“I really hope you would never think if hurting another human being… He said as I nodded my head

“No no no sir of course not.. I added smiling

“Am gonna hurt them so badly… I thought tightening my fists smirking inwardly

“You con go go now forget about the rest of the cleaning for the week all you need to do is wish the boys restroom tomorrow since you’re probably tired

“OMG thank you sir… I said smiling totally forgetting that I had the boys rest room to wash

“Just don’t let it happen again

“Yes sir… I said walking out smiling as it hit me that Xander’s game was almost over


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the football court smiling as I dusted myself trying to make myself presentable enough since there was no time to have a change of clothes but At least my hair looked good enough

The door was in sight as I quickened my footsteps grinning only for the door to be opened from the other side as the football team ran in cheering and sweating which could only mean….

“Nooo I missed it… I thought sadly as I waited for him to walk through since he was captain he would probably come last

They kept whistling and laughing as they ran past me but I really didn’t care about all that the only thing on my mind was how much I had hurt xander right now because I broke my promise to him

I waited for a while but there was still no sign of Xander I was about walking away when I heard voices and it sounded like Freya and….Xander???

“Thanks for today… Xander said as I hid behind a table where the footballs are kept as they walked in

“It’s nothing Xander I wasn’t here all this while I’m not leaving you now..she said smiling as my heart tore

“Never forget that I’ll always be there for you Xander… She said hugging him tightly as my heart skipped a bit

“Yeah thanks… He said as she raised her head before leaning him to kiss him right in front of my eyes

“Once a play boy always a play boy… I thought as I walked out sadly


“Hey Kierra… Seth said behind me as I walked home silently

“Hey hey wait up… He said grinning running after me while I paid little attention to him

“Want a ride



“Not interested

“Hang out

“Too busy

“Let’s just take a walk

“Sorry I don’t do walks

“Play ground

“Do I look childish to you


“Movies are too boring… I said yawning

“Please don’t do this to us

“Let me stop you there Seth there is no US One date dosent count one party doesn’t count and definitely one stupid kiss doesn’t count

“Now maybe I would have given US a consideration but that kiss was freaking terrible and brother in the hood there is no second chance for a first impression so I spaced you Seth get that I fricking spaced you so now you leave me the hell alone… I said walking away leaving him stunned

“I tried having feelings again that didn’t work so now it’s back to being cold 💀 and this time I wouldn’t stop for any reason staring with those butches who made me cry

“For ever tear I shed today I’ll make sure they feel that exact amount if pain I felt


I guess I was already used to Xander taking me home because I hadn’t even walked for ten minutes yet I felt really really tired and my house wasn’t even in sight at all

I heard a car honk behind me but paid no attention to it and continued moving till it drove past me and that was when I realised it was Xander’s car

He turned off the ignition before opening the passenger door

“Get in… He said firmly as I stared at the door

“Cold Kierra doesn’t care… I thought before walking away acting like he wasn’t referring to me

I could feel the car following me slowly behind as I acted like he wasn’t even there trying to quicken my steps so I won’t have to endure this for much longer

“Get in now… He said driving slowly to match my pace

“No thanks…. I said simply

“Now kierra

“Not intersected Xander go away

“Get in kierra do not make me force you

“Yeah right… I said scoffing

“You leave me no choice then he said turning off the ignition as he stepped out heading towards me

“What part of go away don’t you get Xander Thompson I’ve had enough for today I don’t need your to add anymore so just go away… I tried to say as he cut me off carrying me on his shoulders as I screamed hitting his back but it was of no use since he had twice my strength so getting me in the car was no problem at all

“This is kidnapping Xander let me out… I screamed and he turned on the central lock

“Good at lest you know you’re a kid right… He said as I gasped

“It’s gonna rain soon I really don’t want you to get sick… He added turning on the ignition as I stared at him In shock


“You kissed her… I said starting up a conversation


“Freya you kissed Freya I saw you two

“Well did you see me pushing her off seconds later


“Good then i didn’t kiss her… He said before staring back at the road

“You broke your promise

“I know… I said sadly

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm… You owe me… He said smirking

“You’re not mad

“Why would I be Bes because now you owe me big time and I miss Leah intend to collect maybe not now but there will come a day when you’ll be required to do something and trust me you can’t refuse because you owe me… He added smirking

“What could you possibly ask… I said trying to sound neutral

“Oh nothing you just have to be patient enough to find out… He said as he pulled over

“Bye… He muttered as I walked out

“Yeah bye… I said walking feeling strange because of what he mentioned


“Hey mum… I said walking in

“Baby girl how was school…. She said smiling while wearing an apron

“Oh the same… I said closing the door

“What’s up leach.. Max said climbing down the stairs

“Oh I forget he’s here… I replied groaning

“Why don’t you change and come help me out in the kitchen dear…Mum. said chucking

“OK mum

“OK mum I’ll help out too… Max said grinning

“OMG you want to help out in the kitchen…I said shocked

“Of course I can cook I’ll totally help out… He said

“Wait you’re serious

“I am… Max added

“You know what that means right…I said staring at me

“Of course dear

“I’ll get the bucketS of water…She added

“I’ll put the fire department on speed dial…I said running off as dad waled in

“Hey hey hey what’s going on…Dad said as I stomped in my tracks

“Max is going to cook that’s what

“OMG jeez honey you know what I just remembered I have this meeting to attend I’ll be back in…umm….

“How long does it take for the fire department to put out a fire dear

“One hour tops…I said grinning

“I’ll be back in one hours honey then you can pick out a new house… Dad said grinning

“OMG thanks love… Mum. Said smiling

Hello fire department I’m here to report a potential fire…I said really picking up my phone

“Of course I’ll. Give you my address it’s…. I said as max grabbed my phone

“Hey am trying to save lives here…

“Seriously guys I can cook you know…Max said groaning folding his arms

“Yeah we knowwwwwww but it’s better to be save than sorry … We chorused as he chuckled heading for the kitchen

“Hey lil Sis after dinner we seriously need to talk… Max said firmly

“But firstly now chief max to the rescue… He said running in grabbing an apron

“Max max max wait I just mopped….mum. tried to warm but it was too late as he fell on his butt while we all laughed really hard as my mind wondered off to what he might want to tell me later on
To be continued

All right reserved

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  1. Don't go back to being cold Kierra,I think it's high time you let Xander know what the enemies have been doing instead of keeping it to yourself

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