His First Love

His first love (Mine) Episode 29

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Efua POV
I stared at my self in the mirror and I looked beautiful. Troy dad invited us to a dinner party..
“Efua, we going to be late “. Troy called
“ I am coming “. I shouted
I checked myself out again
I was putting on a silver long gown and a silver heels
I grabbed my purse and rush downstairs
“ you look beautiful “. Troy said immediately he sighted me
I blushed
“You look handsome”, I told him
“ I am always handsome “. He boasted
“Oh yeah “. I replied rolling my eyes
He was really looking hot with his all black outfit
“Come on, let us go “. He said as we headed out..

*. *. *. *

The Denmark’s mansion was really huge but not as huge as Troy’s
There were lot of people and I guessed they were all dignitaries
We walked towards Troy dad
“ hi dad”. Troy greeted him and gave him a side hug
His dad looked at me and smiled
“I can see why my son thinks of nothing but you “. He said playfully
“Hi”. I greeted
He drew me to himself and gave me a warm embrace
“Enjoy the party dear”. He said and walked off to greet his guests..

I looked around and my gaze landed on Tony,
I turned to look at Troy but he was not behind me , I glanced around and sighted him with some guys laughing …
I guess they must be his college friends…
I walked towards Tony and he smiled at me when he saw me
“Helo Efua , you are looking beautiful as usual. He said eyeing me
“I can see my brother is really taking care of you”. He said
I smiled happy that he accepted Troy as his brother…
“Sure I am taking care of her”. I heard Troy replied behind me
How did he get here? I wondered
“Hey, he greeted Tony
Hey bro. Tony greeted back
They remained quiet for a while and then Troy chuckled
“Come here bro”. He said
And they hugged
I looked at them happily, glad that they finally got along …..
A beautiful lady walked towards us and Troy eyes widened immediately he saw her
“You are”. He asked
“Roxanne”. She said
“Wow”, Roxanne what are you doing here?”. Troy asked
“I came here with my dad”. She said pointing at a man on white
“Oh, you mean the ceo of Adnard company is your dad”
She nodded
I stared at them confused when Troy turned to me
“This is Roxanne the lady that was used as an exchange doing the kidnap. He said
“Oh, I exclaimed
“ I am sorry for what you have to go through “. I said to her
“Oh, it is nothing”. I am glad you are
alive. She said smiling
She turned to Tony who was staring at her all through…..
“And you must be Troy’s brother”. She said. You both look alike
Tony nodded still staring at her
It was obvious he was attracted to her
“We need to go see dad”. Troy said
He used it as an excuse to give them space so they can talk
I laughed at soon we were out of sight
“They are so into each other “. I blurted out
Troy nodded and laughed………

It was really late when we got back home, the party was so much fun and we had a lot to eat..
I came out from the shower and joined Troy who was already on the bed, I laid beside him and he cuddled me
“ you make my life complete”. He said
“ same here”. I said
I love you Efua
I love you too
We stayed like that till we both fell asleep……..

Troy PoV
I sat down in the office the next day at school doing some research when I heard a knock
“Come in”. I said and smiled when Mira walked in
“Hey”. I greeted
“Hi”. She replied
I studied at her face , she was looking worried
“ what is it?”. I asked her
She remained quiet and walked towards me
I stared at her wondering what she was up to
“ what if I tell you I am ready to give you all of myself, will you leave your so called girlfriend and come to me”. She asked
I stared at her in shock
“Mira”. I called. What are you saying “
She started removing her top trying to seduce me
“ I am the ex president daughter, I can give you the world “. She said
“ what has come over you?”. I asked her
“ I know you love me”. She continued but you were probably shy or feeling inferior that is why I let go of my pride and come to you”. She said smacking her lips
“ Mira, you are my friend”. I said to her
“f**k friendship”. She yelled like a crazy woman
“I will give you my body. She said and wanted to take her top completely when I caught her hands
“ stop this rubbish, I said. You are behaving like a whore”
“ A whore”. She muttered
“Yes, a whore”. I repeated
“ let me get something straight to you “. I continued. I can never ever love you , I feel nothing for you . How can you say I feel inferior, you are nothing near my taste….. I said to her , I was really angry
“ is it because of that slut Efua “. She said
She released the beast in me without realising . I gritted my teeth in anger
“She is a woman you can never be”. I told her. How can you compare yourself to her?.you are pathetic Mira and that is why no man will ever fight over you ….I said to her
“What?”. She said
“I can never ever love you Mira”. I replied her
She looked at me and I could see hatred In her eyes and stormed out of my office
“God save you I don’t meet women, if not I could have beat the hell out of you”. I muttered to myself
“What the hell……..

*. *. *

Hmmm this Mira of a lady is something else
One more episode to go
Pls I need your comments. It encourages me ……


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