His First Love

His first love ( Mine). Episode 26

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Together again

I laid down feeling weak, I have been like this for some days now,
“maybe the stress of what I went through”, I thought
Troy Walked in holding his laptop, he has been working on some stuff for days
“ Hey, you finally awake”. He said
I nodded
“ I got scared you caught a flu, you know you have been sleeping for a long time”.he said with a concerned look
“ yes , I don’t really know what Is wrong, I just feel weak and lazy most of the times”
“It is alright baby, you will be fine”. He assured me..

He continued with his research and I felt bored
“baby”. I called
“Yes”. he answered with looking at me
“Let do something fun”. I suggested
“Like what?”. He asked
“Hmmmmmmh, let go on a date”. I suggested
He remained quiet
“Troy “, I called
“Efua, cant you see I am busy?”. He asked. I have no time for date today maybe next time..

I stared at him, he looked tired. I know he has been trying to look for the kidnappers but I felt he was over stressing his self..
I grab my bag and brought out my books, I need to do some reading also….
I started reading and soon started feeling funny. I felt nauseous …
I ran to the bathroom and puke, this is the third time today
“What is wrong with me”, I muttered to myself.
I guess I am really sick.

I walked to the bedroom and Troy gaze was on me
“What”?I asked him
He said nothing but kept on staring at me
“Since when”. He suddenly asked
“Two days ago”. I replied
“I think I need to go to the hospital”. I said
“Sure”, you really do. He said.

Troy POV

All I wanted is to catch whosever is responsible for Efua kidnap. I had the feelings it was not yet over..
Whosever did it wanted Efua dead, so I decided to keep Efua beside me always ..
I talked to her parent about Efua staying with me until we got a hold of the culprits, they agreed…..

#. #. #

I was happy having her beside me all the time. I noticed she was always feeling lazy and weak and most of all , always sleeping ..
I came to the room trying to round up a research I have been working on and she was already awake..
She was trying to persuade me to go on a date, but I knew it might be dangerous because whoever wanted her dead was still out there. I told her I was busy.
She soon began reading and after sometimes ran to the toilet to puke.. I confirmed my suspicions
“She is pregnant, Efua is pregnant . She is carrying my child….
I just watched her wondering how a girl won’t know her body
“I need to go to a hospital “. She said
“Sure you do”. I replied
Of course she needs to go………

#. #. #. #. #

“Efua”. I called, are you not ready. You will be late for school. I said
It was a Monday morning and as usual she woke up late
“I am ready”. She said coming downstairs
“Fine”. Let’s hurry. I said

I noticed she was quiet on our way to school
“Efua “. I called
“Yes”. She replied
“What are you thinking of”. I asked
“ I don’t want to sleep in class”, I don’t know why I am like this nowadays, weak and lazy “. She said
I stared at her and laughed
“ baby, it is normal in the early stage”. I said
She looked confused
“Early stage of what”.She asked
We will get to the hospital after school , then you will find out yourself….

Efua POV
I was done with the last class for today and surprisingly I was active …
I waved at Betty and philo and headed to Troy office. He wasn’t there and I guessed he was in a meeting….
I decided to take a stroll
I walked to the front of the school and sat down on a pavement listening to music
“Efua”. a voice called
I turned around and guess who was staring back at me.. Tony..
“Tony, where have you been?”. I asked him
He chuckled and said
“ I was in a quiet place thinking about my life “. Can I come sit with you . He asked
“Sure”. I said
“I am sorry for everything, he began. I was a player then and I knew I toyed with your feelings but when you broke up with me, I knew I lost a jewel. I was jealous when you started dating the lecturer, I knew he was better than me in everything.
He was in tears
“No, everyone is unique in their own way. I said
He looked at me and smiled
“ I went far away and i come to realise I really did love you and your happiness is what really matters to me”.
I nodded and was really surprised with how much Tony has changed
“ I know how much you love Troy and I am ready to let you go “. He continued
I hope I can get a girl who will love me also
“You will be surprised someone already has”. I said smiling
Un hun hmmm”. Someone cleared his throat behind us and when I turned back I met Troy gaze
“ when did you get here”. I asked
“ not quite long “. He said
“ you heard everything right?”. I asked
He nodded and smiled
“Hey”. He greeted Tony
“Hey”. Tony greeted
“ I am glad you are alright, dad had been worried”. He said
Make sure you go home now. He continued
Tony nodded his head, turned to give me a small smile and left…
“ will you take him as your younger brother?”. I asked
“Time will tell”. He replied
We walked towards his car and were soon on our way to the hospital..

#. #. #. #

“What”, I am pregnant. I exclaimed staring at the result paper
I looked at Troy , he just stared blankly. He was not surprised..
“ is he angry?”. I thought to myself
“Troy”. I am pregnant. I repeated
“ I heard”. He said
“What will happen now”. I asked
He stared at me and chuckled
“Of course, you will give birth to my princess”. He said and I felt relieved
“Troy”, I called. Is anything the matter?. I asked
He look directly at me
“Check the result, it says you are a month gone. Efua I almost lost you and out child, I almost did”. He said and broke down in tears
“You are the first person I called mine”. He continued. I was just imagining how my life would have been without you”. He continued
“I will find that idiot and makes sure he/ she pays for it, I will protect you and my Princess “. He promised
“Your Princess “. I asked. “How do you know it will be a girl”.
He smiled and said
“ because I want a girl just as beautiful as you”.
He kissed me and I felt happy
I am carrying Troy’s child, I will be a mother…………..

Unknown POV

I watched Efua and Troy coming out from the hospital holding hands happily . I was seriously angry
“Why are they laughing?”. I asked myself
I need to find out

I came out and walked towards the hospital..
I headed to the head doctor office without greeting any body
“ Good evening”. I greeted
He looked at me in surprise
“ what do I owe this visit “. He asked
“Nothing bro”. I replied
You might be surprised I am familiar with the doctor .
He is my brother, yes , my brother…
“ I want to do general checkup “. I replied
“Oh!. He said
“Health is wealth, I said. Even Troy Adams believes that, I saw him with his girlfriend leave the hospital happily…
“Yes, they must be happy. His girlfriend is pregnant “. He said smiling
“Pregnant “. I said gasping
“Yes, and about that they want it to be secret for now, you know because he is a popular figure”. I told you because you
are family..
I nodded absentmindedly
“Let me go prepare the room for your checkup”. He said and left
I can’t lose it all, I can’t . I do get what I want, why is it hard to get this one…………
“I have to look for a plan”. I said to myself standing up
I met my brother when I came out of his office
“Where are you going”. He asked
“I need to do somethings”. I replied. I will be back
He nodded
I cant lose, I can’t lose. I kept on muttering to myself………………

Aww! Efua is pregnant
Who is this witch again

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