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Follow me to a land of beauty
and happiness,
a place where the grass is green
and the sky is blue,
where the heat of the sun will never
burn your skin
and the moon will brighten our night.

Follow me to a land with beautiful flowers
and roses grow without thorns,
a place where steams are flowing with water
and the land is golden,
where i will love you unconditionally
and live happily ever after.

Follow me to a land in the middle
of the vast ocean,
a place where our love shall grow and mature,
where we shall together sleep on the sand
with our faces up
watching the stars appear.

Follow me to a land in the middle of nowhere,
a place where paradise was hidden
and the secret entrance only found in love,
where you shall bath milky water
and you skin shall soften
like a new born babe.

Together we shall walk by the ocean
watching the sun go by,
and we shall forever live free and happy
in the joy only found in love,
and i will be there
loving you FOR LIFE.


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